"Sulsen" - paste from hair loss. Feedback on application

Beautiful hair - the desire of many women. Men also want to look dignified and have a healthy scalp. Increasingly in recent years, consumers have been using the Sulsen drug. Pasta from hair loss reviews has both good and negative. The medication was invented a long time ago. Currently, it is the oldest of all such drugs. This article will tell you about how to use "Sulsen"( paste from hair loss).Reviews about this tool will be presented to your attention below.

sulsen paste from hair loss reviews

What is it?

"Sulsen" products are pasta, shampoo and soap. These funds have appropriate application. They help to improve the scalp and enhance hair growth. Also, the manufacturer promises to normalize the microflora of the head and restore the work of the sebaceous glands.

What they say about the preparation "Sulsen"( paste from hair loss) reviews, you can find out more. This kind of medicine will be presented to your attention.

What is in the composition?

"Sulsen" paste contains the following components: cetyl alcohol, water, stearyl alcohol, ceteareth sodium sulfate, ceteareth sodium phosphate, glycerin, selenium disulphide, perfume, cinnamic acid and citric acid. The substance is produced in a tube with a volume of 40 and 75 milliliters. The paste has a creamy consistency. The color of the preparation is yellowish orange. Also, the substance has a light aroma that does not cause disgust, as in many similar formulations.

The paste may contain 1 or 2 percent of selenium disulphide, the active substance. For what this division is envisaged, you will learn a little later. To begin with, it is worth mentioning in which cases it is necessary to use the paste "Sulsen".

paste sulsenum from fatty hair reviews

Comments of physicians on indications and information from instruction

Annotation informs consumers that the drug is used exclusively externally. Use of the paste is indicated for those who suffer from increased fatness of the scalp. Also, the composition is prescribed for seborrhea, scaling and dryness of the dermis, increased hair loss. Often the drug is used for preventive purposes.

Doctors also report that the paste "Sulsen"( photo of the drug is presented in your attention in the article) can be used for other purposes. The composition can help in the fight against skin problems and other pathologies.

Method of using

paste So, you got the paste "Sulsen".How to apply it correctly? The instruction informs on the following method of use.

Wash your head thoroughly with a suitable shampoo. In case of severe problems, use a sulsenic cleanser. Then squeeze the hair and apply evenly to the roots of the paste. Rub softly on the dermis and wait 10-15 minutes. It is worth paying special attention to problem areas. Often, defects have a zonal character.

After the specified time, it is necessary to wash off the preparation with warm water. Rinse the hair thoroughly. After manipulation, it is not recommended to use additional balms and products for radical hair styling.

SulSena paste for face

Does the pasta have contraindications?

Paste "Sulsen" against dandruff and other problems is not used for individual intolerance of components. Otherwise, there may be an allergic reaction or aggravation of the pathology. Also, the medicine is not assigned to future mothers. This prohibition is due to the fact that the manufacturer did not test the safety of the composition on pregnant women.

About the preparation "Sulsen"( paste from hair loss) reviews are negative in most cases due to the fact that patients do not take into account these contraindications. More on these views will be discussed further.

What does the manufacturer say about the effect of the drug?

Paste is preferably used simultaneously with a shampoo of the same brand. This remedy has a health-improving effect on the scalp. The work of the sebaceous glands is normalized, the increased fat content disappears. The drug cleans the dermis from toxins that can destroy hair follicles. As a result, the hair is filled with oxygen and grows.

Also the manufacturer informs that the composition of "Sulsen" prevents the development of dandruff and peeling. After a few weeks of regular use, the curls become strong, shiny, they are less dirty and look great.

sulsen paste against dandruff

What are the reviews about the composition?

The paste "Sulsen" from fatty hair reviews has different. Some consumers were satisfied with the drug and use it regularly. Their opponents report that this compound is completely ineffective and unable to cope with problems.

What do experts think about this? Trichologists and dermatologists say that negative reviews about the drug are caused by disregard for contraindications. Thus, in some patients who are hypersensitive to the components of the drug, an allergic reaction has occurred. If there is an incorrect application, there is no effect. Also, more serious problems, for example hormonal pathology or hereditary alopecia, can not be eliminated with the help of the above-described drug. Consider what kind of feedback about the application has "Sulsen"( paste).


If you are faced with the fact that the scalp becomes fat, then the above described remedy will help to cope with the problem. It is worth saying that with seborrhea often there is dandruff. However, it is not caused by peeling of dry skin. This difference must be taken into account. How to apply the paste "Sulsen" from the fat content of hair? Comments from consumers and experts say that you need to use the compound twice a week. The drug is administered every time you wash your hair. In this case, the effect of treatment will be higher if you simultaneously get a shampoo or soap of the same brand.

Apply paste on clean, damp hair, gently rubbing with fingertips. Rinse the drug with cool water, as a hot liquid increases the production of sebum.

Sulcene paste Photo

Dry dandruff

If you encounter a dry scalp that is highly flaky, you need to apply a paste with a concentration of 1%.After washing the hair, squeeze the hair and apply to the entire surface of the head of the drug. Wait a few minutes and rinse. Customer feedback reports that the paste has a rather pleasant smell. After such a procedure, the head of hair is easily combed and acquires a pleasant aroma.

You need to repeat the manipulation once a week. It is allowed to use additional medications that moisturize the scalp and eliminate the peeling. However, they can be applied directly after the application of the Sulsen paste. Otherwise, the drug may not show its effectiveness. As a result, you will remain unhappy with his work and refuse to continue to use it.

Hearing loss

"Sulsen" paste is used against hair loss. Consumer feedback reports that after a few weeks, the curls become shiny and strong. With each combing, fewer hairs fall out.

Doctors say that with diffuse hair loss the drug should be applied to the entire area. Consumers also report that at the very beginning of treatment, hair loss can be increased. However, in a few months everything has changed radically. You can apply the drug several times a week. It is recommended that the simultaneous filling of the body with useful vitamins and microelements from the inside. Unfortunately, the manufacturer of the drug "Sulsen" does not supply such complexes yet. However, this may well be feasible in the future.

Sulcene paste against hair loss

Alternative way to use

Paste "Sulsen" for the face is used quite often by consumers. However, the instruction does not provide for this. It is worth noting that many cosmeticians advise this simple tool to their clients. The drug is not recommended for people with sensitive and dry facial skin, as it can cause irritation.

If you suffer from increased production of sebum and fat, then this medication will save you. If during the day you constantly have to powder the fatty shine, then "Sulsena" will be your salvation. From the described preparation it is possible to do or make masks or to use means for washing. Consumers report that in a week's time the result is obvious. The pores are cleansed, the greasy shine disappears, the skin will acquire a healthy appearance and natural color.

Face Mask

How to make a face mask from Sulsen paste? Consumers say that you need to take a small amount of medicine and mix it with an additional natural ingredient. If you have very oily skin, then take egg white. With a fading dermis, use a spoonful of cognac. If in addition to fat content on the skin there are problem areas in the form of acne or pigmentation spots, then add the flesh of the cucumber.

Do not apply the mass more than once a week. Keep the formulation on the skin for ten minutes, then rinse. Do not forget to use a tonic.

sulsen paste

Composition for washing

To obtain a skin cleansing composition, it is necessary to use additional ingredients. Reviews of cosmeticians on this application of "Sulsen" paste inform that 200 ml of chamomile broth should be added to three tablespoons of the original product. The resulting substance is thoroughly mixed and poured into bottles with a dispenser. Two doses of medication are enough for evening washing.

Be sure to apply a moisturizer suitable for the skin type after the procedure. If you were dissatisfied with the result for several days, then you should apply the mask further. It is likely that you do not have enough portion of the Sulsen preparation.

Price of the drug

Positive feedback indicates a fairly affordable price of the drug. So, one tube of toothpaste will cost you no more than 100 rubles. In some pharmacy chains in Russia, the cost of the drug is from 50 to 80 rubles. The contents of one package will be enough for 2-3 applications, depending on the problem and length of hair. If the drug is used for the face, then the tube is enough for a longer period. Store the product in normal conditions, at room temperature.

sulphure cream

Instead of concluding

Now you have learned what pasta "Sulsen" is and how it should be used in this or that scenario. Before using the formulation, you should always consult with your doctor. In some situations, medication may be prescribed during pregnancy, despite the fact that this condition is indicated in contraindications. After all, it is during this period that women notice increased separation of sebaceous fat and deterioration of hair. Remember that without consulting a specialist, you can not use a medication during pregnancy.

Use the "Sulsen" paste as indicated in the instructions. I wish you health and beauty to your hair!