Hemorrhoids: what to do before a visit to a doctor?

Hemorrhoids - this is quite a serious problem, causing a lot of painful sensations. But sometimes the hemorrhoidal nodes can heal, which significantly exacerbates the situation. To avoid complications and reduce pain, you need to follow proven and uncomplicated principles of treatment.

Causes of bleeding

In most cases, hemorrhoids begin to heal with injuries of the mucous membrane of the hemorrhoids, which is sufficiently vulnerable. Such violations can be caused by too long sitting in the toilet. The state of the mucosa is affected by constipation, during which the emptying of the rectum becomes problematic and stale feces cause damage.

hemorrhoids what to do

Crown hemorrhoids sometimes due to impaired circulation in the veins of the small pelvis, leading to thinning of the vascular wall. With this condition, the risk of cracking and micro-erosion is large enough. Do not discount the diarrhea, which can have a significant effect on the condition of hemorrhoids.

One of the most unpleasant options is the bursting hemorrhoidal knot, which is actually an open wound. For the reason that the place where the gap is located, can come into contact with the feces, there is a risk of infection. As a result, certain complications may arise: sepsis, fistula growth and suppuration.

The rest after the rupture of the wound must be treated with special means.


If it's hemorrhoids, what to do to neutralize this problem, it's important to know. But it is also worth studying the symptoms to quickly determine the fact of deterioration.

First of all, in such a state there is a foreign body sensation in the anal canal. Itching may also appear in the anus. On the toilet paper or underwear after the act of defecation there are traces of blood. Often, when you have to deal with bleeding from the hemorrhoids, the blood is also visible on the stool.

Similar manifestations of the patient, as a rule, observe every time you visit the toilet. If the disease is in a serious stage, then posthemorrhagic anemia may develop. In most cases, it is compensated. This means no serious pain when the hemorrhoids are coughing. What to do in this situation, it is not difficult to determine: if there are no strong pain sensations, but there are traces of blood, then you need to see a doctor and apply folk techniques. To lead a normal lifestyle without trying to influence the problem is not worth it, since the risk of significant deterioration is too great.

hemorrhoids what to do

Along with this it is important to note that hemorrhoids without accompanying painful feelings are not so common, in most cases patients feel strong discomfort, weakness and dizziness. The skin becomes pale.

Weak and severe bleeding

Quite often for various people, the question becomes urgent: "What causes hemorrhoids, what to do?" But it is worth knowing that bleeding can be not only moderate but also profuse. It appears mainly with thrombosis of the hemorrhoidal node with concomitant necrotic complications. Strong bleeding develops quite sharply. If you do not have time to consult a doctor in such a situation, there is even a risk of death.

Moreover, hemorrhoids with heavy bleeding can cause the development of diseases such as anal fissure, rectal fistula and acute paraproctitis.

It should be noted and the fact that not always bleeding from the intestine is a consequence of hemorrhoids. Sometimes the following diseases lead to such a problem: tumors, polyps, Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. Therefore it is important to pass professional diagnostics.

What should I do with hemorrhoids

A visit to a doctor is a key condition for a positive outcome if hemorrhoids are hemorrhoids. What to do before a medical examination is also important to know. The first action that is worth doing is to wash yourself after the defecation is completed. For this, it is better to use cold water. This will lead to a reduction in the smooth muscles of the perineum and vessels. The consequence of such a reduction is the reduction of hemorrhoids.

You can also use a variety of trays and ointments. But if the bleeding does not stop, then you need to see a doctor.

Sometimes patients are faced with such a problem as a bursted knot, which is why hemorrhoids are very tight. What to do in such a situation, it is extremely important to know, since the right reaction will help to avoid tangible complications.

hemorrhoids what to do at home

Once it was documented that the hemorrhoidal bump had burst, you need to clean the damaged area and attach a napkin or gauze with hydrogen peroxide to it.

It is necessary to apply ice to the damaged area, this will reduce the swelling. As for cold baths, it is not necessary to drop completely into them - only the pelvis is immersed in water( maximum for 3-4 minutes).The procedure is recommended to be repeated 4-5 times during the day. It would be superfluous to add to the bath a decoction of chamomile, sage, oak bark and calendula. If bleeding occurs, you need to wash yourself after every visit to the toilet using cold water and herbal decoctions.

Using candles

There are certain drugs that can be used at home. We are talking about candles that have certain differences:

  1. Containing bismuth and tannins. The essence of their impact is reduced to an astringent effect.
  2. Candles based on phenylephrine. Relevant due to vasoconstrictor properties. Propellant based on propolis, which have a healing effect.
  3. Candles, the main component of which is hemostatic. Their properties can be defined as hemostatic.

This is one of the topical answers to the question: "Crovits an internal hemorrhoids, what to do?"

strongly hemorrhoids what to do

Attention deserve and candles with adrenaline. Their use is most relevant in the case when the blood does not stop within 2-3 hours after damage to the hemorrhoidal node.

If the internal hemorrhoids burst, the best option is a candle with propolis. As for medicines, with prolonged bleeding, the use of "Analgin", "Nurofen", "Diclofenac" is indicated.

How to work on bleeding at external nodes

If there is no possibility to quickly get an appointment with a doctor with external bleeding, it is worth using some folk techniques.

First of all, you need to pay attention to raw potatoes. In this case, the juice from this vegetable is used to make compresses, microclysters, tampons. If desired, you can make potato candles. They quickly stop bleeding and relieve swelling. Procedures with the use of potatoes must be carried out within 10 days.

For patients who are interested in information on what to do, if hemorrhoids are external, you should pay attention to decoction of horsetail. To make it, you have to find 6 tablespoons of this plant and 0.5 liters of boiling water. Cook it should be about 5 minutes, and then use the broth outside( lotions, baths).Internal use is allowed. This is a fairly effective way to neutralize bleeding.

hemorrhoids during pregnancy what to do

If there are traces of blood in the external hemorrhoids, then do not forget about the baths from the bark of chestnut and birch. Use them need for 7 days.

How to work on internal hemorrhoids

If internal hemorrhoids are coughing up, what to do before you get to see a doctor, again, folk medicine may suggest.

To begin with, you need to take a broomstick infusion. It significantly contributes to stopping both internal and external bleeding. This infusion helps to reduce vascular permeability and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

In the framework of the topic "Hemorrhoids crooked: what to do at home" it is worth paying attention to the bark and hazel leaves.

what to do if hemorrhoid is external

They are actively used as a vasoconstrictor, hemostatic and bacteriostatic agent. To prepare the infusion it will take 1 teaspoon leaves, which need to be filled with a glass of boiling water, then insist 10 minutes. The finished product should be drunk as tea. If you have to use the bark, then boil it for 3 minutes, then she insists.

Crown hemorrhoids during pregnancy - what to do

First and foremost, it is worth consulting with a doctor about the use of specific drugs, as some drugs can affect the baby's condition, and is far from positive.

Otherwise, the principle remains the same: different candles, ointments, creams are used. In some cases, it is necessary to adjust the nutrition to improve the process of bowel evacuation. To initially exclude the possibility of hemorrhoids, you need to remove from the diet salty, smoked, pickled and spicy dishes.

When the question arises: "What should I do if hemorrhoids hemorrhoid, what should I do?" - folk remedies will be a good answer. To begin with, you can stay on a cane of broth, rowan juice and infusion from the bone. But it is important to make sure that the pregnant woman does not have allergies to these berries.

Crocodile hemorrhoids what to do

In this case, it is better to abandon such a popular method of stopping bleeding, as a bath from hemorrhoids. Their use is associated with the risk of infection in the genitals.


Thus, there are many techniques by which you can effectively affect the hemorrhoids before the doctor will conduct a full-fledged inspection. But to ignore the participation of a doctor is not necessary, because in some situations his help is needed.