Monastery collection of Father George: reviews, composition, recipe

Traditional medicine of the 21st century saves lives, relieves people of many diseases. But sometimes she is powerless. In addition, there are a lot of people who, for various reasons, are wary and suspicious of modern medicines, antibiotics, and operations. It is they who resort to the help of folk remedies in getting rid of various ailments. No wonder Hippocrates said that the doctor treats illnesses, but only nature heals.

Traditional or folk ways of

Before, folk healers knew all the plants, every blade of grass, every leaf. They collected all this and created healing potions. Motherwort was given for insomnia, chamomile was used for sore throat, and mint appeared to be a miracle remedy for heartburn. Now, with the development of medicine, still no one manages to cure completely oncology, diabetes or hypertension with synthetic or any other preparations. And eminent experts increasingly agree that herbs are sometimes much more effective than potions and tablets. The monastery collection of Father George in this perspective has become that saving instrument, which helps out with many ailments.

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"A miracle marvelous and wonderfully wonderful"

The monastery collection of Father George passed a lot of clinical trials in late 2014.In the experiments and tests, 1000 patients with various diagnoses participated. Within a month, they prescription used this remedy in the form of a decoction. And the results obtained amazed not only the subjects themselves, but also the doctors. The monastery collection of Father George was very enthusiastic and positive. Regardless of the disease and its severity, it was possible to observe a positive effect on all patients without exception. Someone got rid of all the ailments completely( retreating even "formidable" diabetes), someone just had a promising dynamic. The conclusion can be made only one: the monastery collection of Father George is as effective as the strongest chemical preparations. But its main difference from them is complete safety and harmlessness.

The monastery collection of Father George: the recipe from the depths of the centuries

The first mention of this miracle means is related to the history of Ancient Rus. It was then, in the northern monasteries, and began to use such a collection to get rid of a variety of ailments. Even seriously ill people got to their feet after using it. The recipe, unfortunately, was forgotten for many years, but revived only in the late 20th century. And this mankind is obliged to Archimandrite George. It is about the rector of the Holy Spirit of Timashevsky Monastery( Krasnodar Territory).This is the most famous herbalist of the Kuban, to which thousands of people have sought help and cure. Father George long ago collects old recipes, he creates them himself and successfully uses those who come to him in moments of desperation to heal. But do not forget about the main thing: the monastery collection of Father George is unable to help without faith. Arichmandrite believes that humility, repentance and confession are also necessary. Herbs that are collected around the monastery, help only in conjunction with prayer.

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Monastery collection of Father George( 16 herbs): basic actions of

What can this tool do? What happens in the body after it is taken?

  • Improve the patient's condition, regardless of what the diagnosis is.
  • Blood purification.
  • Improved metabolism.
  • Normalization of all internal organs.
  • Increased immunity, recovery of forces in the post-operation period.
  • Stimulation of the liver.
  • Activation of enzyme systems.
  • Cleansing of toxins and carcinogens.
  • Strengthening of blood vessels, heart.
  • Stabilization of blood pressure.
  • The disappearance of the effects of stress.
  • Reduces the harmful effects of toxic drugs after their long use.
  • Supply of the body with vitamins, its renewal.
  • Growth of antitumor activity.

All these facts concerning a medicinal product, like the monastery collection of Father George, the doctors' reviews reliably confirm.

What diseases can you cure

This medication is indicated for problems with the liver, such as cholecystitis, cirrhosis, hemangioma. Proved its positive effects in mastopathy, atherosclerosis, hypertension and just unstable pressure. The monastery collection of Father George from diabetes also helps very well. It is worth buying it also because cough and colds recede after using this drug. Female infertility, problems with the genitourinary system, prostatitis, headaches - all this is able to heal a miracle collection. Happy patients leave rave reviews after using this remedy for respiratory problems. The monastic collection of herbs for father Giorgi for the gastrointestinal tract is also capable of becoming a healing opportunity. Intoxication, poisoning, insomnia, depression, vitamin deficiency are all indications for the use of this remedy. And its use in the diagnosis of "oncology" has already brought more than one positive result to completely desperate patients.

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Composition of the monastery collection

This means gives such results due to the fact that the monastery collection of Father George includes 16 herbs. Their summing effect is superior to the benefit of each element individually. Let's see, what kind of grass is this?

  1. Nettle .Known for its ability to purify the body of toxins. It is useful for metabolism, can increase the level of hemoglobin, and have an anti-inflammatory effect.
  2. Salvia .It is not without reason that it is called a plant antibiotic. The microelements contained in it can be listed for a very long time. This is manganese, and chromium, and magnesium, etc. It is very useful for the digestive tract and heart.
  3. Immortelle .Among his tasks are lowering cholesterol, stimulating the work of hepatocytes, choleretic action.
  4. Rosehip .An excellent tool if you want to improve immunity, saturate the body with vitamins, malic acid, flavonoids, trace elements.
  5. The sequence of .She is able to adjust the processes of hematopoiesis, improve coagulability, slow down the growth of tumors. It is also useful for the work of the adrenal glands.
  6. Bearberry .Antioxidants and flavonoids contained in it, can stop the growth of a malignant tumor. They do not allow the mutated cells to develop.
  7. Yarrow .It is distinguished by an anti-inflammatory effect, a restorative effect.
  8. Wormwood .It is the "partner" of the immortelle, which strengthens its action. It is very useful for the stomach. Excellent analgesia, relieves inflammation, has an antimicrobial effect.
  9. Thyme .It is distinguished by antiseptic properties. It is able to stop the growth of tumors, it is indispensable in the treatment of oncology.
  10. Birch buds. Helps the body resist tumors. Due to its composition( manganese, boron, aluminum), this element is a real salvation for the exhausted organism.
  11. The buckthorn .This is a faithful assistant to the thyroid gland. And all thanks to the huge amount of iodine in the composition.
  12. Lime flowers. The main element here is copper. It helps the production of pituitary hormones, greatly improves the metabolism of cells.
  13. Wheat grass. The right remedy for hypertensives. It does not give rise to new growths, it helps in building kidney cells.
  14. Motherwort .It is famous for its beneficial effect on the central nervous system. It also lowers blood pressure, can relieve pain during kidney colic, and stops the growth of tumors.
  15. Chamomile .He helps with allergies, does not give a cancerous tumor to develop, increases immunity.
  16. Dried flower ( cat's foot).Do not grow cancer cells and harmful microorganisms. Positively affects the work of the gastrointestinal tract and cardiovascular system.

monastic collection of herbs for the father of St. George for the Giant

Brewing Instruction

The monastery collection of Father George, as you can see, can work wonders. And this is confirmed by the experience of many people. It is very important to be able to properly brew it. Follow the instructions and you will get a tasty and healthy drink with herbs and fruits.

  1. It is best to use a small kettle for this. The main thing is to stick to the proportions. One cup of boiling water will need one teaspoon of the product.
  2. Brewing the collection, do not cover it with a lid. It must be infused with free access of oxygen.
  3. You can store the resulting tea in the refrigerator, but not more than 2 days. Attention: it is not necessary to heat it for use. It is better to add a little bit of boiling water.

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How to take the tool

The monastery collection of Father George( 16 herbs) reviews recommend taking under a special scheme. After all, any, even folk remedy, can cause side effects with the wrong dosage. Experts recommend taking the broth up to 4 times a day, a maximum of a tablespoon. The course of treatment, regardless of the diagnosis, should be at least a month. Allowed for three months in particularly difficult cases. Drink the broth best about an hour before eating. You can add a lemon or a spoonful of honey to the taste. If you use this course, then it is undesirable to use other herbs at the same time. And in general the dosage can be different, at each illness it is necessary to consult with doctors separately.

How to store the monastery collection

It is not enough to brew and take a little medicine. The monastery collection of Father George must also be kept in accordance with special requirements. Do not allow exposure to sunlight. Choose to collect a cool, dark place. Storage temperature is allowed in the range of 15 to 20 degrees. After opening the pack, it is worth pouring the contents into a tightly closed container( glass jar, cardboard box, ceramic dishes).Keep the product in polyethylene is strictly prohibited. Has its own storage period of the monastery collection of Father George - this is 2.5 months after the opening.

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Help with oncology

This terrible disease - cancer - can be trapped by anyone. The mechanisms of its occurrence have not been fully studied to the end. Therefore, desperate people by any means seek a miracle remedy that would save lives for them or their loved ones. The monastery collection of Father George from cancer is actively used, and managed to prove itself well in this regard. But not only he can save. Father George himself says that in the presence of such terrible ailments it is necessary first of all to prepare a general confession. That is, a person should confess before a priest, and also receive the Body and Blood of Christ. It is very important during treatment that this remedy does not cease to be observed by a specialist. The number of courses is not limited - the collection must be taken until a cure comes. Do not forget to undergo follow-up examinations( ultrasound, x-ray) to find out what condition the tumor is. Father George also recommends that when brewing add holy water to the finished product( optimally - baptismal).

Where to buy the amazing tool

When a medicine appears that can literally save lives, the thirst for profit is creeping out of the most rotten and dark corners of the human soul. And scammers on the Internet are very numerous. In order not to spend money in vain and not allow to earn greedy people on your mountain, it is necessary to acquire the monastery collection of Father George( 16 grasses) only from the official distributor in Russia. This product is constantly acting stock and discounts. In principle, you can get lucky, and you buy it for only 990 rubles per package.

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After reading reviews of people on the network about this amazing tool, literally imbued with a belief in something bright, joyful and clean. The heart beats with enthusiasm, when you realize how many hopeless patients the monastery collection of Father George helped. From herpes, from diabetes, from cancer, just to improve immunity - no matter what will prompt you to take this wonderful remedy. The main thing is that, most likely, your problem will be solved. This can be said, based on the reviews not only of grateful healed, but also the opinion of doctors.


The most important thing is to believe, to be imbued with this belief to the smallest cell of your body. After all, the power of nature is always on your side. Some may be skeptical and distrustful of this article. Apparently, these people never had terrible health problems, which literally take away hope. But it's enough to just try, it's easy, and will not require any effort from you. And only then you will have the right to judge whether the monastery collection of Father George helps in the healing, or not.