Biologically active additive "ProbioLog": instructions for use, indications, reviews

Today even a child knows that problems in the intestines lead to a number of problems. To prevent unpleasant symptoms, it is necessary to take useful microorganisms. A healthy microflora is a pledge of well-being, strong immunity and regular stool. Imbalance of lactobacilli leads to the development of chronic pathologies, so it is important to maintain them in the norm.

The lactic acid products will help to fill the deficit of useful microbes, but this is by no means always a life saver. In this case, the doctor prescribes dietary supplements. According to the therapeutic effect, the Danish preparation "ProbioLog" proved itself well. The instruction for use is written in an accessible language. The article will detail the indications, restrictions on use and dosage.

Acquaintance with food additive

probiologist instructions for use

Just note that BAA is not a drug and is intended to fill the deficit of useful microorganisms. In its composition there are two types of non-pathogenic strains: milk bifidobacteria and acidophilus lactobacilli. They are called to make up for the lack of their own microflora and help the body fight intestinal disturbances.

Important: the preparation is completely safe and natural. It consists of living bacteria that were taken from the intestinal tract of a healthy person. It is manufactured using the special technology "ProbioLog".Instructions for use indicate its high efficiency and immunity to most antibacterial medicines.

Produced in gelatin capsules, in which millions of living bacteria are placed. Due to this shell, all useful microorganisms directly enter the alkaline environment of the intestine, without being exposed to the corrosive effects of gastric juice. The role of lactobacilli is to drive out pathogenic microbes, leading to dysbiosis and other disorders.

When should I take it?

Probiologist reviews of doctors

With a number of problems helps to cure the drug "ProbiLog".The doctors' comments say that dietary supplement is one of the safest probiotics. Experts in a positive manner speak out about the tool. According to doctors, supplementation reduces the manifestation of unpleasant clinical symptoms in lactose intolerance. In addition, the preparation perfectly stimulates intestinal peristalsis, relieves bloating, flatulence, constipation.

The results of numerous studies prove the words of practicing doctors. And "ProbiLog", or rather contained in its composition, the bacteria increase the immune system. They are advisable to use after antibacterial therapy to prevent the emergence of dysbiosis and protect the liver from the negative effects of antibiotics.

There is also scientific evidence that probiotics improve well-being in allergies, purify of toxins and prevent osteoporosis( fragility of bone tissue).However, without the therapist's instructions, it is dangerous to take ProbioLog. Instructions for use indicate a list of contraindications.


Probiologist user manual

Produced in capsules of 30 pcs. It is not recommended for children younger than 7 years of age. It should be noted that the therapy regimen should be prescribed by a doctor taking into account individual characteristics and pathologies. Not addictive even with prolonged use, is derived naturally by "ProbiLog".

Instruction for use informs you that the supplement is consumed continuously, from 10 days to a month. If necessary, treatment is conducted in courses. During this period you should drink 1-3 capsules per day during meals. Usually, improvement occurs in 24 hours.

To whom and when should I stop using dietary supplements?

probiologist instruction on the use of analogues

It is generally accepted that probiotics are suitable for everyone and can not cause harm. However, it must be understood that some people with hypersensitivity are contraindicated. Also, it is not recommended to use the supplement "ProbioLog" during the period of bearing of the child and lactation. Instructions for use( analogues have the same effect) indicates that the remedy should not be prescribed without the knowledge of a specialist. A doctor may prescribe a drug with a similar therapeutic effect, such as Yogurt, Lacto-G, Probiovit, Bifikol, Lineks.

What do people say about "ProbioLog"?

Instructions for use( reviews about the drug positive) will give details of the indications and rules of admission. Now about the opinion of people who have tried it on themselves. After use, digestion has improved significantly, unpleasant symptoms have disappeared, such as diarrhea, constipation, bloating, rumbling in the abdomen, pain.

Significantly helped dietary supplements to cope with dysbiosis. Also, the probiotic perfectly cleanses the digestive tract, reduces the aggression of pathogenic microbes, restores the microflora after using antibiotics.