Is there an effective remedy for motion sickness in transport?

antiphlogistic Many people have symptoms of a so-called motion sickness. This condition appears as a result of movement on any mode of transport( bus, car, airplane, ship, train).Some experience painful symptoms even in the elevator. Why is this happening and is there an effective cure for motion sickness? We'll figure out.

Causes and manifestations of motion sickness

The main reason for such a phenomenon as motion sickness is a violation of the vestibular apparatus. A painful condition arises from the uncoordinated work of the visual and auditory receptors and the vestibular system. Hearing and sight signal the presence of movement, while physically we remain motionless. The most often cures children at the age of two years, but adults and adults, especially pregnant women and the elderly, are also affected by the movement. Apply folk remedies for motion sickness should you have the following symptoms:

  • severe blanching of the skin;
  • increased salivation and sweating;
  • dizziness and headache;
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  • nausea and vomiting;
  • apathy, drowsiness, lethargy as hidden manifestations of motion sickness.

Anti-motion sickness for children

means for motion sickness for children To prevent a child from getting sick, you should prepare for the trip. First, the child must see the road, and not the chair in front of him, so we fix the child car seat in the middle of the rear seat. Secondly, the child should not be overfed or starved before the road. It should be light food. The best remedy for motion sickness of babies is mint or sour candies. The attention of the child will be switched to taste buds, and unpleasant sensations will recede. It is important to ensure that the child is not hot or stuffy, and you can entertain him, distracting attention. In general, the ideal remedy for motion sickness is a dream.

What should adults do?

Adults also often suffer from movement sickness during travel, which greatly complicates their lives. Before traveling it is important to sleep, do not drink alcohol and smoke as little as possible. Try not to overeat, but not to starve before the trip. If possible, travel at night, when motion sickens less. The most convenient places for problem travelers are in front( bus, train), in the middle( ship, airplane).To be located follows the face in the course of movement.

folk remedies for motion sickness If all of the above precautions do not help, you can use ginger tea - a popular remedy for motion sickness. It is brewed in advance( 10 cm of root per 1 liter of water).You can always carry a dry powder with you and, if necessary, take half a teaspoon, washing down with mineral water. However, it is important to note that ginger is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women, as well as with stones in the gallbladder and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Other popular advice:

  • rhythmically and deeply breathe;
  • close your eyes and take a half-lying position;
  • hold a slice of lemon in your mouth;
  • munching dry green tea brew;
  • chew lightly salted cucumber.

If you know about your propensity for motion sickness, prepare yourself in advance and stock up with the ailments, and then a trip on transport will no longer be a nightmare for you.