How to defeat kidney stones: treatment with folk remedies

In violation of metabolic processes in the body, kidney stones are formed. Treatment with folk remedies allows you to restore your health without the help of medication. The cause of the formation of stones are infections, injuries of the spine, urethra or tubular bones, as well as a lack of vitamins and hereditary factors. Kidney stones: treatment with folk remedies With concretions it is often possible to cope with the help of broths and infusions of medicinal herbs. So, how to forget what are kidney stones?

Folk treatment of acute attacks of urolithiasis

Try to make a tasty and useful infusion of raisins. A couple tablespoons of white dried grapes pour warm boiled water( you need six hundred milliliters).Leave it for the night, and in the morning drink three tables of the resulting infusion and eat all the raisins. For the course of treatment you need to use a kilogram of dried fruits in this way, so you can eventually defeat kidney stones.

Treatment with folk remedies also involves the following method. Take twenty grams of barberry barberry and dried oregano, thirty grams of celandine grass and mix. Spoon a tablespoon of the mixture with a glass of boiling water, insist half an hour and filter. Drink a glass three times a day.

root of dog rose kidney stones

Similarly, you can use licorice roots naked, the leaves and roots of dioecious nettle or the root of the dog rose. Kidney stones no longer cause such acute pain after such treatment. Another effective infusion: take twenty-five grams of roots of buckthorn, dried dandelion and St. John's wort, thirty grams of horsetail and three-color violets. Take a tablespoon of the resulting herbal collection and pour boiling water, insist half an hour and drink three times a day.

How to break stones in the kidneys?

Treatment with folk remedies also involves ways to destroy stones without surgical or medication. For example, try to take a gram of carrot seeds three times a day. kidney stones folk treatment Drink a decoction or infusion of field horsetail, but be careful - with inflammatory processes it should not be used. Correctly dosed, it dissolves well the kidney stones. Treating folk remedies with the help of wormwood will help to get them out as soon as possible. Drink nine grams of wormwood juice. It also has a good diuretic effect. Use madder dyeing - it helps with the most chronic and difficultly soluble stones in the bladder and kidneys.

Another effective tool - sporish. I'll have to use decoctions and infusions from three months to six months. Take a tablespoon of herbs and pour a glass of boiling water, heat on a water bath for a quarter of an hour and insist an hour. A third of the glass should be drunk three times a day. The optimum result can be achieved by using melt water for decoctions. The same applies to broths and infusions of bearberry - this herb has an excellent diuretic and stone-destroying effect. Finally, resort to the help of a proven product - fresh horseradish juice. A teaspoon of this liquid, taken three times a day, will help restore the lost health to the kidneys.