What are the causes of white discharge and itching in women?

According to medical data, more than 70% of women aged 18 to 40 complain of white discharge of different consistencies. The variety of causes of diseases that cause such symptoms can be misleading and confuse the representatives of the weaker sex. Often, white allocation and itching in women indicate the presence of inflammatory and infectious diseases. It is not necessary to postpone the problem in a long box - it is better to prevent the existing pathology at an early stage.

A healthy woman has a clear, odorless, transparent color that does not cause discomfort and unpleasant sensations. Changing the smell, color and consistency is a serious reason to call a gynecologist. Often, white allocation and itching in women speak of an inflammatory process. Beli can be cheesy and purulent, and this is accompanied by a fetid smell.

Often the cause of such signs are injuries of the crotch, frequent syringing with antibacterial solutions and long-term use of contraceptives with the addition of chemicals. The presence of a cap on the cervix can provoke copious discharge. Some venereal diseases cause similar symptoms. Before self-medication, you need to identify the true cause. In the framework of this article, we will try to give an exhaustive answer to the question of why there are thick white discharge and itching.

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The most common diseases in which burning is observed, microcracks on the mucosa, itching, painful urination and abundant cheesy discharge, it's candidiasis and bacterial vaginosis. Thrush( candidiasis) occurs as a result of increased growth of yeast-like fungi. There is an opinion that women with gastrointestinal disorders, excessive weight, weakened immunity, diabetes mellitus are subject to pathology.

If untimely treatment of the disease goes into a chronic stage. In this form, a pronounced clinical picture is absent in a number of cases. Occasionally, tingling, pain and burning during sexual intercourse and menstruation can be disturbing. White discharge and itching in women are observed in bacterial vaginosis. There is an infectious syndrome as a result of a decrease in the lactoflora of the intestine or a violation of the hormonal background.

Many sexually transmitted diseases cause white discharge in women. Itching and burning occurs with mycoplasmosis, ureaplasmosis, trichomoniasis, herpes and chlamydia. With genital herpes, the course of the disease is characterized by wave-like relapses. Exacerbation begins with a burning of the genitals, severe itching, rashes and whitecaps. It is not possible to completely cure this ailment, it is necessary to constantly maintain the body's defenses against repeated relapses, and to ease the symptoms, ointments, creams and aerosols are used.

Another disease with characteristic manifestations, transmitted through sexual contact, is trichomoniasis. It manifests as colpitis( inflammation of the vagina) and cervicitis( inflammation of the cervix).The clinical picture is as follows: redness, vaginal white discharge and itching in women with an unpleasant odor. Patients complain of painful urination.

Therapy includes antimicrobials and immunomodulators. Treatment depends on the stage of pathology. Diseases of the reproductive and urinary system, as well as oncological formations are characterized by similar manifestations. Remember that regular examination and timely therapy are the key to a quick and favorable recovery. Be vigilant: avoid indiscriminate intimate relationships, do not use someone else's personal hygiene products and eat right.