Compaction in the mammary gland: how to behave correctly?

As practice shows, compaction in the mammary gland can appear both in men and in women. But where it often happens with the fair sex. Indeed, breast cancer, lipomas and cysts in extremely rare cases occur in men, but for ladies, unfortunately, this is a real danger. Therefore, it is worth knowing about how to behave, having found the hardening in the mammary gland.

compaction in the mammary gland

It happens that no special measures are taken and the compaction in the mammary gland becomes noticeable with the naked eye. In this case, it should be as closely as possible to inspect, remember( or record) the date of detection. If there is no opportunity to go to the doctor immediately, then maybe it's worth taking a picture of the place where the seal was seen. In some cases, this can help the doctor correctly diagnose.

But in most cases, the compaction in the mammary gland for a long time does not manifest itself. And in order to find it in time, you need to regularly make an independent examination of your chest. After all, who, if not the woman herself, knows best the characteristics of her body?

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hardening in the mammary gland

It is best to carry out the "research" lying on your back, putting one hand behind your head. This position allows you to fully assess the condition of the breast. Do not press or tighten the mammary gland! Movements should be soft and unhurried, going around in a circle. It is necessary to start probing from the armpit. The reason for concern is not only small hardening in the bottom of each of the breasts, which do not cause painful sensations.

But the seal in the mammary gland with clearly marked edges, which feels like a rubber ball( or a bag), can be a cyst. A round seal with clearly visible boundaries may indicate fibroadenoma. But the node in the mammary gland( in the area of ​​the nipple) often turns into an intraprotective papilloma.

node in the mammary gland

Oncology is what most of all, probably, is afraid of each of the women who have found a tightening in the chest. This formation is usually hard to touch, but painless, has an irregular shape. Can be accompanied by the sensation of some foreign object stuck in the chest.

Separate topic - seals in the breast of lactating women. As a rule, their compaction proves to be substantially swollen and hot. The overall body temperature may also increase. This phenomenon can be evidence of milk stagnation and as soon as it is expressed, the compaction will disappear.

In any case, if you find a seal, do not panic. Equally, like trying to make a diagnosis for yourself. The best way out is to go to a mammalogist( well, or a gynecologist, a surgeon).Only the doctor will tell you the correct list of actions! Appealing for advice and treatment to all sorts of sorcerers is not only a waste of time, but also a real risk of harming yourself! After all, as the statistics say, the majority of neoplasms in the chest are benign. But! If they are treated incorrectly( and folk healers sometimes advise very exotic ways of getting rid of seals) they can grow into something much more serious and unpleasant! So, the main advice is an attentive attitude to yourself and your body, as well as understanding the need for timely treatment to doctors!