What happens if you have paper? Is the paper digested in the stomach

What you do not have to eat for people who decide to enter the Guinness Book of Records! In history, there are many cases when people used stones, metal, glass and other inedible substances . What happens if there is paper Pregnancy , a deficiency of certain substances in the body or a mental disorder attract such addictions. Someone is limited to curiosity, and if is seriously interested in the paper eating experiment, then for this there are detailed answers to the question about what will happen, if has paper.

Composition of paper

Paper consists of wood pulp, it includes filler minerals , dyes. It is clear that none of these substances does not benefit the body. If " is digested in the stomach of " , then the answer is negative.

Cellulose - is a naturally occurring polysaccharide. It is not absorbed by the body, it is not dangerous, but moving around the cecum, it can cause appendicitis. In the process of moving through the intestine unprocessed substance can provoke constipation. Using paper, you need to remember that it swells in the stomach, so you can stop digestion.

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The following components are of great danger for the organism: talcum, gypsum, kaolin, titanium dioxide. One can imagine what will happen if there is paper: under the influence of these elements on the walls of the intestine nausea is possible, and in the long term - gastritis or ulcer.

Doctor's opinion

Experts are sure that a person who consumes paper is deficient in minerals and vitamins, microelements, usually iron and calcium, do not enter his blood. Missing substances can be obtained in a more acceptable way - in the form of bioadditives according to the doctor's advice.

Is it possible to eat paper

The doctor with a high probability will appoint a blood test, investigates the level of hemoglobin, erythrocytes, serum ferritin .

Alternative to cellulose

If the taste of the paper is attractive, why not pay attention to its food alternative? Food pulp is available as part of some BUDs .For example, the products " Tyan SHI " .

There is such an additive in products, more often - in sausages, and it is known under the name E 460. It is not useful, but in this case it becomes possible to change the destructive food addiction to a more civilized one.

The benefits of cellulose

The properties of cellulose are such that it is not digested in the form of a food additive but is sometimes useful:

  • May be useful as food for intestinal bacteria that produce vitamin In and digestive bile acids.
  • The next positive property of cellulose is useful for obesity - speech comes about suppression of hunger. In addition to this, the intestinal peristalsis is activated.
  • Cellulose fibers reduce the risk of heart disease, improve blood properties, absorb and remove cholesterol.
  • The gel-forming cellulose property inhibits the absorption of glucose, which is important for obesity and diabetes.
  • Cellulose in the form of BDA has a beneficial effect on blood circulation of the brain, preventing thrombogenesis , and is useful as a stroke prevention.
  • When food pulp enters the body, the risk of cancer of the large intestine, lacteal and prostate glands is reduced.

Types of paper

The effect on the body of a certain type of paper is different. Let's dwell on the most common variants.

What happens if there is a newspaper? Mercury and lead in paper with ink are very toxic, so there is a danger of death. Resins, dyes, varieties of glue used in the production process are harmful to such an extent that the eaten on a lucky paper from such a sample leads to poisoning. Is the paper digested in the stomach

What happens if you eat paper from a notebook? To bleach written paper, use acid, and the sheets are not always thoroughly washed afterwards. If the paper is poorly cleaned, you can observe how when it is used in the printer, steam rises from it.

Parchment, paper wrapped in food - is colorless, tasteless and relatively safe. If a small amount of it was eaten with pies, then it had no effect on the body.

Is it possible to eat toilet paper? Proceeding from the fact that that produced it with the calculation for interaction with the human body, it must be said, that volume will be limited only by the possibilities of the stomach.

Paper napkins

Paper napkins in composition are close to toilet paper. The wood is ground, steamed, heated, bleached, pressed, dried. Then, using a mixer, mousse is prepared, the foam releases the from moisture, the fibers are compressed on a burning cylinder and removed from its surface. The obtained material acquires softness and a property to absorb moisture. What happens if there is paper in the form of table napkins? They are antibacterial and are not capable of causing allergies. For paper napkins use environmentally friendly paints. In this case, everything is individual, but a more sparing result is likely than with writing paper.

How much paper can you eat?

In the human body, as in many mammals, there are no enzymes that can dissolve cellulose. In the digestive tract of some herbivorous , there are bacteria-symbionts that promote the assimilation of this polysaccharide.

If you wash the paper with water, probably 200 grams can be perceived by the digestive system. But in this strange occupation, individual intolerance or the need for such food will again play its role.

If the child is eating paper

Paper or cardboard in normal form is not dangerous for children. And if the child ate the paper, worry follows about the availability of printing prints on it, when it can cause poisoning, as well as clips and metal parts for the connection. The child ate the paper

What happens if you have paper? Cellulose in its composition will act on the digestive tract as a brush, helping in some cases to cope with constipation. Quite another matter, if the body turned out pages from the magazines: paint and composition can lead to negative consequences.

How does a child form a habit of eating paper? The main reasons:

  • Child at an early age( up to two years) actively learns the world, and the paper for it is also of interest, including color wrappers, drawings, pages with pictures.
  • Teething teeth causes the baby to pull into his mouth everything that is on his way, and paper as well.
  • The kid does not have enough minerals, so his taste preferences change. It is necessary to establish an accurate diagnosis.
  • If there is no shortage of substances in the body, it is likely that the child just likes the effect of dissolving paper in the mouth.

Mental Disorder

Absorption of inedible can be considered a mental disorder. Some cases are related to allotriophagy : a person unconsciously attracts to swallowing objects with a certain property that is dangerous to health.

Paper food dependence is more common in women. Usually it is iron deficiency anemia, and sometimes - neurosis. Neurosis could contribute to stress, psychological trauma. What will happen if there is a newspaper

Other causes include hunger and anorexia. When the supply of nutrients in the body is consumed, and relative to food there is an internal prohibition, there is a tendency to gravitate toward what is in sight. If the trace elements are normal( according to the results of the analysis), it is recommended that you consult a psychiatrist.

If there are no deviations, itself can help itself : for example, every time to shift attention from paper to another object, to imagine the unpleasant properties of the paper in the bright light - as if it is made from something unacceptable for eating. If this indirect method manages to influence the consciousness, then the desire to eat the paper will disappear by itself.

Strange food addictions in the world

A few facts about strange food abnormalities:

  • A resident of the United States has gained worldwide fame through eating feline hair for 15 years.
  • A resident of India used iron in small portions until 2011, and about 6 kg of small items accumulated in the intestine. When surgeons extracted foreign bodies from him, he died.

What happens if you eat paper from a notebook

  • In Serbia, an elderly man ate glass items: bulbs, plates. As the reason for this diet, he indicated the heartburn, which he wanted to get rid of.
  • Jade Sylvester from the UK has a habit of using daily use of a roll of toilet paper from the time of pregnancy. Addiction did not leave her after childbirth. The woman has a favorite varieties of paper. The need arose because of a lack of minerals, but developed into a habit of mental properties.

Doctors who feel need to use paper are advised to include products enriched with minerals in the ration of , try to switch to sea kale, fruits, greens, vegetables, nuts.