Psychiatric Hospital of Ekaterinburg( Siberian route, 8 km): description, types of assistance, infrastructure

The psychiatric hospital in Yekaterinburg has existed since 1834.The clinic is a state medical institution, where they provide specialized assistance to any citizen of the Russian Federation.


The SBHP SB SOKPB is located at the address - Sibirsky Trakt, 8 km, Yekaterinburg. The psychiatric hospital is the leading specialized medical institution in the Sverdlovsk region. The clinic provides assistance to adults and children. The total number of beds is 2337 seats, distributed over 50 in-patient departments. The main ones are:

  • Psychiatric departments for children.
  • Psychiatric departments for adults.
  • Department of resuscitation and toxic resuscitation.
  • 2 psychiatric departments for the elderly.
  • 2 forensic unit.
  • 11 day hospitals( including for hemodialysis).

The staff consists of highly professional specialists, including doctors, junior and middle medical personnel, medical psychologists, technical personnel.

Siberian tract 8 km Ekaterinburg psychiatric hospital

Medical infrastructure

Many people know that the SSSPB is located at: Siberian tract, 8 km( Ekaterinburg).Psychiatric hospital, provides specialized types of assistance for children and adults.

The clinic has a well-developed infrastructure, which includes:

  • Admission department.
  • Center for acute poisoning( including therapeutic, resuscitative, therapeutic department, toxic chemical laboratory).
  • 9 departments of psychiatry.
  • 2 departments of narcology.
  • Children's mental health center( diagnostic, treatment, consulting department, 4 profile departments).
  • Treatment-diagnostic department( including somatopsihiatrichesky block).
  • Center for Social and Forensic Psychiatry( including 3 forensic departments, forensic psychiatric and psychiatric departments).
  • Organizational and Methodical Department.
  • Diagnostic laboratory.
  • Emergency Service.
  • Cabinet of the KMO.
  • 2 departments - psychiatry UGMA and psychiatry, psychotherapy and narcology FPK and PP.
  • Clinic "Pine Forest" for neurotic patients( department of consultative diagnostics, 3 treatment units, dispensary, emergency department by phone).

The psychiatric hospital( Ekaterinburg, Sibirsky tract, 8 km) includes branches:

  • "Childhood"( consultative diagnostic clinic, 2 treatment departments).
  • "Sysert"( 5 psychotuberculous and medical-diagnostic units).
  • "Iset"( 3 psychiatric departments).
  • 4 psychiatric hospitals in the cities - Pervouralsk, Kamensk-Uralsky, Polevskoy, Krasnoturinsk.

The SBKPB SBKPB( Siberian Route, 8 km, Yekaterinburg) is a psychiatric hospital that provides patients with assistance on MHI policies and on a contract basis.

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How to get to the reception

The leading direction of care in the clinic is psychiatry. Ekaterinburg, Siberian route, 8 km is the address of the hospital's basic institution. Any patient can apply for help directly at the registry, pre-book a ticket by phone or leave a request for an online service.

List of documents required for the first appointment with a doctor:

  • passport;
  • MHI policy.

Admission of children is carried out with the following package of documents:

  • Direction from the attending physician or district psychiatrist.
  • Characteristics of the place of study.
  • Extract from the patient's outpatient card.
  • Results of previous studies and diagnostics.
  • Conclusion of the commission( for children).
  • Act of the Commissariat( for citizens of draft age).

psychiatry екатеринбург siberian tract 8 km

Attention and Professionalism

Not only to people with clinical forms of mental disorder is known the address of the Siberian tract, 8 km, Ekaterinburg. The psychiatric hospital helps children with autism, congenital pathologies of development and other complex diseases. For adults, without pathological changes in the condition, admission is open in the following cases:

  • Consequences of the transferred stress.
  • Alarming conditions for a long time.
  • Long-term stress, feelings of disharmony, mood swings, etc.
  • Violation, changing eating habits.
  • Psychosomatic diseases( stomach ulcers, hypertension, bronchial asthma, etc.).
  • Attacks of panic, anxiety, fear, etc.
  • Insecurity in one's own strength, in life, etc.

The first consultation is free of charge. The specialist, having carried out preliminary diagnostics, appoints the patient treatment that is realized in the inpatient, outpatient departments or in the day care unit. The methods of treatment are individual, group, family psychotherapy. If necessary, a range of medicines is selected.

Patients with mental disorders, alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling addiction can receive treatment in the hospital by agreement, in extreme cases with the consent of relatives. At critical moments, care and hospitalization are the emergency teams.

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It is used in clinic and compulsory therapy for patients with schizophrenia, organic brain diseases, epilepsy, mental retardation, etc. On average, such a patient is in the hospital for about 460 days. In the process of therapy is the removal of acute conditions, stabilization, rehabilitation of the patient and his withdrawal into a state of persistent remission.

Patients are not only provided with specialized psychiatric care, but if necessary, treatment of general practitioners - therapists, ophthalmologists, otolaryngologists, dentists, etc. Diagnostic departments of the main hospital and branches are equipped with the necessary equipment to conduct a full range of medical research.

Useful information

The psychiatric hospital( the main complex) is located in Yekaterinburg, at the address: Sibirsky trakt, 8 km, d. 1.

The reception in the outpatient department is carried out from 08:00 to 16:00.

The stationary department works around the clock.