"Otoferonol Gold": instructions for use. Features of ear drops for dogs and cats

Modern ear drops for cats and dogs can be used for various diseases. Due to the fact that this form of the drug is produced in a wide variety, it is possible to select funds for otitis, bacterial infections, infection with mites, and also with the help of the auricles for preventive and hygienic purposes. One such medication is Otoferonol Gold, which is very popular.

Pharmacological action of the drug "Otoferonol Gold"

The instruction for use describes the preparation as an acaricidal agent with anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial action and used for preventive and curative purposes in earwax scars of dogs and cats. It contains deltamethrin, propolis extract, tsikloferon and such auxiliary components as polyethylene oxide and isopropyl alcohol, which help the rapid healing of the epidermis, which damage the ear mites.

Deltamethrin has a pronounced insecticidal contact and intestinal effect. It is used against sarcoptoid mites, which are causative agents of ear scabies in animals.

otoferonol gold user manual

In addition to deltamethrin, tsikloferon is a part of the preparation "Otoferonol Gold".Instructions for use contain information about this active substance. Cycloferon has anti-inflammatory, immunomodulating and antimicrobial action. Extract of propolis has a bactericidal, powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. In addition, it reduces existing inflammations on the skin, promotes stimulation of regeneration of insect-damaged epidermal tissues.

Thanks to the auxiliary components, the wound cleanses and heals faster on the surface of the skin.

Dosage of

Many people are interested in the question of whether the instruction in the application "Otoferon Gold" indicates how many times a day this medicine can be used. According to her, the drug should be used twice a day. Before starting to treat the auricles of the animal, they should be cleaned of the surface crusts with a tampon soaked in this product, then a dropper is injected into each ear with Otophoron Gold.

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The instruction also contains information on what dosage should be used for different animals.

Type of animal Number of drops
cat 3
small breeds of dogs 3
medium breeds of dogs 4
large breeds of dogs 5

To treat the ear surface and ear canal as deep as possible, the auricle should be folded along in half and gently massaged its base. For a week they take a break, after which they repeat the course. Bury the medication immediately in both ears, even if the ear scabies struck only one. For the purpose of prevention, a single treatment is carried out.


otophironol gold instructions for use as often as a day

The application instruction for Opheronol Gold contains information on the contraindications of this medication. It is forbidden to use the drug if the tympanic membrane is damaged. You can not treat animals suffering from infectious diseases or already recovering, as well as pregnant, nursing females and puppies with kittens up to 2 months of age.

Symptoms of overdose in animals have not been identified.

Personal precautions

Safety and personal hygiene practices must be observed. This emphasizes the instructions for use contained within the box with the preparation "Otoferonol Gold".Reviews of pet owners are not advised to smoke, drink and eat any food during work. After the work is finished, hands must be washed with warm water and soap.

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If accidentally the drug gets on the skin or mucous membrane of the eyes, then it must be washed off as soon as possible. Some people may develop an allergic reaction when interacting with this medication. In this case, it is recommended that you seek medical help.


If a domestic pet has picked up an earwash, then it will receive the help of a wonderful preparation "Otoferonol Gold", the instruction for its use describes it extremely effectively, guaranteeing a rapid onset of recovery.