Allochol: instructions for use

Form of the drug "Allochol" - coated biconvex tablets with the color of the surface from yellow-green to orange. With a transverse fault, the nucleus surrounded by a double-layer shell becomes visible. In a contoured honeycomb plate - ten or fifty tablets, the plates are placed in a cardboard box.

Drug Allohol: description, composition

One tablet contains eighty milligrams of dry or condensed bile, in terms of dehydrated matter, dried garlic powder is forty milligrams, nettle leaf is five milligrams, activated carbon is twenty five milligrams, and auxiliarysubstances: potato starch, magnesium oxide, calcium stearate, aerosil, magnesium basic carbonate, povidone, titanium dioxide, talc, beeswax, petroleum jelly.

Pharmacotherapeutic group

Cholagogue preparation.

Pharmacodynamics of "Allochol" preparation describes the instruction as follows:

This preparation improves the function of liver cell secretion, stimulates the synthesis of bile acids, promotes an increase in the osmotic gradient between blood and bile, thus increasing the filtration of electrolytes and water in the bile capillaries,increases the current flow rate of bile along the bile ducts. It also provides prevention of ascending infections and reduces the intensity of inflammation, reduces the likelihood of precipitation of cholesterol and the subsequent formation of stones. And the increased output of bile in the intestinal lumen reflexively increases the motor and secretory activity of the digestive tract, improves the process of emulsification of food fats and, in general, the whole process of digesting it. Garlic, which is part of the drug depresses the processes of fermentation in the lumen of the intestine, thereby reducing flatulence.

Pharmacokinetics of "Allocha"

In the intestine it is easily absorbed and quickly included in the circulation between the liver and duodenum.

For the drug "Allochol" the instruction for use describes such indications for the prescription:

Cholecystitis in chronic form, without complications gallstone disease, violation of motility of gallbladder muscles, condition after its removal, constipation, cholesterosis of uncomplicated gallbladder, bowel hypotonia.

The dosage and the method of taking the drug "Allochol" instructions for use gives these:

For adults - one or two tablets three or four times a day, the course of treatment for three to four weeks. In case of an exacerbation, it is prescribed in the amount of one tablet two or three times a day after meals, with a duration of one to two months. If necessary, this course is repeated two to three times, taking breaks for a period of three months. Children do not prescribe this drug.

Side effects of the drug "Allochol" instructions for use lists the following:

Diarrhea, various allergic reactions, right up to the swelling of Quincke.

Contraindications for the use of this drug, which lists the abstract:

"Allochol" is contraindicated in children, patients who show special sensitivity to certain components of this medication, acute hepatitis, acute and subacute forms of liver dystrophy, obstructive jaundice, acute enterocolitis.

Overdose of the drug:

Acute poisoning "Allochol" is not described.

Application features of "Allocha"

Beginning from the fifth to the eighth day of therapy, there is an improvement in condition( disappearing dyspeptic phenomena, pain in the hypochondrium decreases on the right).With cholelithiasis, the drug should be used with caution, and with a stone size of more than ten millimeters, its administration is prohibited.