'Belosalik' ointment - instructions for use

Hormonal ointments are currently being produced a lot, and it's not easy to choose a good drug.

"Belosalik" ointment - instruction

"Belosalik" ointment refers to the pharmacological group of combined preparations that contain glucocorticosteroids. Non-proprietary international name: betamethasone with salicylic acid. In pharmacies is released on prescription.

Application - external. Active substances( per 1 g): betamethasone dipropionate( 0.64 mg, which is 0.5 mg of the drug) and salicylic acid( 30 mg).Mineral oil and petroleum jelly are used as auxiliary substances.
"Belosalik" ointment is available in tubes with a capacity of 30 grams, packed in cardboard packs. The main active substance of the drug is betamethasone. Stops inflammation, good antiallergen, stops itching. It also has an antiproliferative effect.

"Belosalik" ointment is indicated for use with:

- neurodermatitis;

- psoriasis;

- dysgidrotic, seborrheic and tylotic eczema;

- red flat lichen;

- chronic discoid lupus erythematosus;

- ichthyosis and ichthyotic skin lesions;

- seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp;

- asbestos deprivation;

- red flat hair of the scalp( both in children and adults).

When applied to affected areas, the effect of the ointment is active and rapid. There is a decrease in symptoms such as erythema, edema, lichenification, not to mention subjective sensations( itching, irritation, pain).

Salicylic acid, due to its keratolytic action, cleans affected areas from scales, facilitating the rapid absorption of betamethasone in the skin, and also maintains the acidity level of the skin, preventing bacterial and fungal infections.

Contraindications to the use of the drug "Belosalik"( ointment) are: increased sensitivity to betamethasone, salicylic acid or other components of the ointment. It is not recommended for use with:

- skin tuberculosis;

- cutaneous manifestations of syphilis;

- chicken pox;

- viral infections of the skin, skin reactions after vaccinations;

- open wounds, trophic ulcers;

- eels.

Contraindicated to babies up to 6 months.

Adverse reactions are poorly expressed and are completely reversible. It can occur( but rarely), as with other glucocorticosteroids, itching and redness, burning, atrophic changes, secondary skin infections, etc.
Long-term continuous use( especially in large areas of the skin) of the "Belosalik" ointment is fraught with systematization of side effects,which are associated with suppression of the functions of the adrenal cortex. If hypersensitivity or side effects occur during treatment, then therapy should be stopped and consulted by a doctor.

The interaction of the active ingredient - betamethasone dipropionate - with other medications( in terms of the occurrence of some reactions) is not revealed.

Possible in the application of skin irritation in cases of using ointments with cosmetic and dermatological agents. The same reactions are possible when combined with alcohol-containing products and medical soap drying effect.

For prolonged and continuous use, an overdose is possible( especially in children).Usually occurs on large areas of the skin surface, and also if it is applied to a damaged surface( for example, with scratches, wound marks).

Ointment "Belosalik" is used only for smooth skin. Apply in small quantities to the areas requiring treatment two times a day, rubbing lightly. In some light cases it is enough to apply the ointment once. Continuous treatment course has a duration of three to four weeks. Belosalik, reviews about which are quite good, very popular among the population.