Red root - instruction

Red root - this excellent health, great mood and impeccable beauty. Yes, it all characterizes people who take this medicinal plant for medicinal purposes. Even in ancient times healers of the Altai Mountains used a red root, curing many diseases. They proved the miracle of the root with their health and longevity.

The red root has one more name - a penny-pin. It is due to the external similarity of plant leaves with coins. The healing root grows on the summits of the Far Eastern, Altai and Central Asian mountains, near the snow line, near glaciers and snowfields.

Kopeck - grassy fragrant plant, with a look very beautiful, its flowers resemble a butterfly with folded wings pinkish-red. In the place of flowers, convex bristly or, conversely, having a smooth, flattened surface, beans are formed.

This plant is used not only as a healing potion, it is decorated with flower beds, it is fed with cattle, and due to the high sugar content, the kopecks is an excellent medon.

Active substances present in different parts of the red root: flavonoids, amino acids, tannins, coumarin, saponin.

In pharmacies, you can find decoctions and tinctures, cooked on the basis of this plant. But the most common form, in which the most common is the red root - a pill.

Preparations based on this plant are hormonally stimulating, vaso-strengthening and tonic.

Clinical characteristics of

Treatment of tincture and decoction is prescribed for people suffering from such diseases: urogenital disorder( especially men), cancer of various organs, disruption of the cardiac, respiratory and nervous system. In addition, for the treatment of chronic cough, diseases of the stomach and intestines, a red root is also used. Tincture based on this plant in many cases is simply an indispensable tool.

Even in psychological practice the red root has successfully proven itself. It treats people with severe psychoemotional disorders, epileptic seizures. In particular, it is good for those who suffer from depression. After using the drug, a person becomes more active, his mood rises, and an interest in life arises. But it is worth remembering one golden rule - this drug should not be abused, everything is good when everything is in moderation.

In case of a violation of sexual function, men often resort to treatment with decoction from the red root, it really works wonders. In addition to sexual dysfunction, a man gets rid of concomitant urological diseases - prostate adenoma, difficulty urinating, impotence.

The red root of women did not pass by, which suffer from painful menstrual, inflammatory processes of female genital organs and even infertility.

Children and adults with weak immunity are prescribed a root tincture to strengthen the immune system. Treatment should not exceed thirty days.

Contraindications to the use of the drug: high body temperature, chills, hypertension and cardiac arrhythmia. It is not recommended that the remedy be breastfeeding for mothers and for women during pregnancy.

Side effects from the use of tincture: headache, constipation and vomiting.

Method of preparation and use: tincture is prepared from a dry crushed root or fresh crushed raw material.20-30 grams of root are covered in a thermos, then they pour a glass of steep boiling water. After 12 hours, the tincture is ready for use. Drink it several times a day( no more than 1 teaspoon at a time).