aloe juice, application in medicine

Agave( Aloe Vera) is one of the favorite and most famous indoor plants in Russia. In appearance - it is unsightly with hooked and very prickly leaves indoor flower. In the prevention and treatment of many diseases, the prescription of the doctor often uses aloe juice, the application of which is possible both internally and externally.

Application for skin lesions: for problems with healing wounds, ulcers, burns, frostbite, warts, boils. To the sore spots, cleaned or cut aloe leaves are simply applied.

Treatment of Aloe Gynecological Juice: Cervical erosion is treated by injecting a tampon moistened with aloe juice or a juice-based emulsion. In the treatment of mastitis, a compress is applied from the flesh of the plant. You can take and pure aloe juice, its use contributes to the rapid resolution of postoperative scars and adhesions, the extract of the glaucoma is injected subcutaneously, the dosage is strictly at the doctor's recommendation.

Dental diseases: widely used for stomatitis, inflammation and bleeding gums, in this situation, rinse with aloe juice. The crushed leaves of the century stand for 1 hour and boil. Also good for caries, toothache can be alleviated by attaching a piece of aloe to the soup.

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Aloe vera is also popular in ophthalmology, its application gives tremendous results in the treatment of eye diseases, in particular conjunctivitis, trachoma, atrophy of the optic nerve and other diseases. It is treated with a sterile preparation of an extract of aloe vera in ampoules, which is injected subcutaneously. With the inflammation of the eyelids, the juice of aloe is also indispensable.

With the help of aloe juice, respiratory organs are treated: with tuberculosis take juice with honey in a 2: 1 ratio on an empty stomach. Bronchitis is treated with a mixture of aloe juice, fat, honey and butter, with inflammation of the lungs - a mixture of aloe juice, honey and cahors. The common cold recedes 3 to 4 days later, if you dig in the aloe juice in your nose every 4 hours. Chronic tonsillitis in children is treated by lubricating the tonsils with juice with honey( 1: 3), it is also effective for laryngitis and angina.

Men are invariably popular with aloe juice, its use has saved from the sexual impotence of many. The preparation is prepared in this way: a plant from which it is possible to prepare a miracle mixture must reach the age of five. The leaves of the century-old begin to have a miraculous power, which makes it possible to strengthen the body and heal the sexual impotence of a man.

To obtain the juice of the century, cut the thickest and fleshy leaves of the plant, rinse them well, twist them through a meat grinder and squeeze them through the gauze. The presence of a small amount of pulp in the juice will not affect the quality of the miracle mixture. How to cook it?

Take dried rose hips and make a powder from them( bite the fruit in a coffee grinder).In equal parts by weight, take the following products: fresh sap of the century, floral honey, goose fat and butter. In enameled dishes it is good to mix the above products, preheat, but do not bring the mixture to a boil. Gradually add the powder from the hips. As a result of your efforts, you will get a miracle mixture with a pleasant color and a bitter taste( bitterness gives juice of the century).Store the mixture in a dark and cool place in a container with a tight lid. Take the mixture as follows - in a glass of hot milk dissolve 1 tablespoon of the mixture and slowly drink it half an hour before meals three times a day. Results appear by the end of the 2nd week. The course of treatment is required to continue until the full restoration of the potency.

Contraindications of preparations with aloe in external use is harmless and has almost no restrictions, but with the use of internal injections one should be cautious and without the doctor's recommendations it is indispensable. People with liver, gall bladder problems, with high blood pressure, suffering from a number of cardiovascular diseases, do not follow the use of aloe.

Doctors categorically advise against taking medications based on aloe epileptics. People suffering from hives from honey should use pure aloe, if it is impossible to treat another( without aloe).And contraindications for women: the period of pregnancy, profuse monthly, uterine bleeding.