Celery root for weight loss

Celery is a plant that has long been known for its excellent qualities and miraculous properties. In addition, it is also very fragrant and perfectly enriches the taste of a variety of dishes. The root of celery, the use of which is simply invaluable, is distinguished by the presence of essential oils and no less valuable nutrients. Dishes that are prepared with its addition, are distinguished by a special, barely perceptible and unmatched aroma. The root of celery for weight loss has been used for a long time because of its miraculous properties. And first of all it is caused by its negative caloric content.

If you want to lose excess pounds accumulated over the winter or just maintain the weight you need, then celery will be valuable to you: stems, root, and greens. But I would like to focus on celery, as a root for weight loss.

What is so useful celery root for weight loss? Why is it chosen as the main component of dietary dishes? The root of celery, whose use is no longer in doubt, can last much longer than the rest of its parts. At the same time, he does not lose those qualities that are so important for dietary nutrition. In principle, it is in the rootstock that there is the largest number of useful elements, and not only for losing weight. The root of celery, the use of which is quite universal, is very valuable in the preparation of ordinary food( salads, second and first courses).

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Celery root is useful as an adjuvant in the treatment of many diseases. It is recommended to add to food for diseases of the bladder, stomach, kidneys, liver, rheumatism, diabetes, physical and mental fatigue, weakening of potency and neuroses. Especially valuable is the raw celery root for weight loss. Adding to your daily diet of 20 ml of celery juice( can be combined with other natural vegetable juices), you thereby help the body in reducing body weight.

The root of celery promotes deep cleansing of the body from toxins and toxins due to its mild laxative and diuretic action. With its regular use, the metabolism is normalized, the condition of the hair and skin improves, and the youth of the organism is prolonged. And all this is due to the rich mineral and vitamin composition. The root of the celery contains magnesium, zinc, iron, calcium, phosphorus and potassium salts. And also provitamin A, riboflavin, thiamine, vitamins K, PP, E, essential oil, nicotinic and ascorbic acids, fiber. Agree, a good set for your body.

The celery root, the use of which should be made regular, allows you to maintain a sense of satiety for a long time due to the large amount of fiber. In this case, he is very low-calorie: in 100 g of celery root contains only 21 kilocalories. The celery root is useful for both women and men.

How to use the celery root for weight loss? The root itself is tasty and useful as a side dish, a salad, an additive to the main dish and as the basis of a soup for weight loss. In principle, it is possible to squeeze out the juice from the root. Adding a little honey to the juice and drinking it before eating, you will not only eat less, since it will partially quench your hunger, but also improve digestion, raise immunity and normalize metabolism. A day is enough to drink 20 ml of freshly squeezed juice before eating.

Celery root for weight loss is widely used in dietary soup. For a week of diet, including lean soup of celery, carrots, cabbage and onions, you can lose 7-8 kg.

Celery is a great addition to vegetables, cereals and meat. It is especially good to eat with heavy food, as it promotes its rapid digestion. With the root of celery, your weight loss will not be an unpleasant process. The main thing is to follow the measure in everything and not to go to extremes.