Let's see why the girls have white selection

Today we will look for a response to a topic familiar to many female figures: "Why do girls have white discharge and do they mean that their owner is sick?"

How healthy allocations look like

No, not all of them in women are signs of any kind,or pathology. After all, to maintain a normal level of moisture in the vagina and prevent its drying out in the female genital secretions( up to 2 ml per day).

For different phases of the cycle, the color of the precipitates is different, and they lack or have a slightly acidic odor. So, for example, abundant white discharge in girls and women appear one week after the end of menstruation. True, it does not last long. With the passage of time, the discharge becomes a small, yellowish mass. In a healthy girl, they are usually liquid or mucous and not accompanied by discomfort.

And in the event that belly begins to bother, bring inconveniences and cause unpleasant sensations, it is necessary to suspect the presence of infection or some irregularities in the work of the body.

Why girls have white discharge can be attributed to the manifestation of the pathology of

In the vaginal environment, there are lactobacilli, which, forming lactic acid, destroy with it the majority of pathogens that enter the external or internal genital organs. But still some amount of pathogenic microbes there is constantly, and any failure in the work of the body can lead to their excessive reproduction and, accordingly, the onset of the inflammatory process in the genitourinary system.

Therefore, when the allocation of white color in girls resemble cottage cheese, begin to be accompanied by itching, burning, swelling and soreness in the genitals and with urination - these symptoms can be safely attributed to the manifestation of the disease. In this case, you should immediately consult a doctor.

How candidiasis of

is manifested Explain why in girls the white secretions take the form of a thick abundant cheesy mass with a pronounced unpleasant odor and are accompanied by severe burning and itching, it is often possible only by the presence in the vagina of the pathological amount of fungus of the genus Candida. He is a constant inhabitant of the mucous membranes of every healthy woman, but with a decrease in immunity begins to multiply intensively, causing thrush( candidiasis).

Allocations are only one of the symptoms of this disease. They are also joined by a strong itch, especially at times when a woman sits, laying a foot on her leg or during sexual intercourse. With candidiasis, the vagina turns red and swells, tiny bubbles appear on the mucous which cause severe burning and pain. By the evening, as a rule, excruciating sensations amplify and can become the reason of a sleeplessness and even a neurosis.

But to make a diagnosis on your own, and even more so to take self-medication is unreasonable, moreover - it is dangerous. Thrush can be turned into a chronic condition that will move to all mucous membranes in the body of a woman, lead to infertility or fetal infection at the time of pregnancy.

Therefore, to find out why the girls have white discharge, delivering discomfort, they need only a doctor! He will conduct the necessary examinations and prescribe the treatment. Be healthy!