Strong cough in the child. Causes and Treatment

A strong cough in a child is not a rare situation at this time. Five percent of parents in our country face this problem every day. To begin with it is worth noting that a strong cough in a child usually begins suddenly. In general, such symptoms represent a special reaction of a small organism to the action of various bacteria in its airways. Probably, every person today knows that coughing is a special reflex. With the help of it, a person easily gets rid of sputum, dust and much more. As a result, the person again breathes perfectly.

A strong cough in a child is almost always accompanied by some changes. First and foremost, in the case of babies, the cough has the ability to descend rather quickly into the bronchi first and then directly into the main respiratory organs of the person - the lungs. It is for this reason that a strong cough in a child must necessarily be treated. And treatment is very different from the methods and means that are used in the case of adult disease.

If you are a parent, you must have come across a situation where a child has a violent cough at night. This is often how your child starts to hurt. In the afternoon, this kind of symptoms rarely occur. In any case, they should serve as a signal for you that your child has caught a cold. To confirm this, measure his body temperature. If your baby develops an infection, the temperature will be increased. A common cough is often accompanied by its rise to thirty-seven and eight degrees. Do not be afraid. This indicates that the child's body is currently fighting bacteria. To knock down a similar temperature is not necessary. Let everything go its course. Because antipyretic drugs simply simply minimize the activity of defense mechanisms.

If a child has a severe dry cough, and the temperature is above thirty-eight degrees, it is worthwhile to consult a specialist. The causes of such symptoms may be bronchitis, rhinitis, tracheitis and many other inflammatory processes. These are very serious diseases. First you need to find out what exactly is the cause in your particular case. Determine this can only children's doctor. The specialist will listen to the baby. Based on tests and examinations, a doctor can exclude such serious diseases as tuberculosis and pneumonia.

Specialists subdivide cough into several main types. It can be unproductive or productive, short-term or episodic, persistent or paroxysmal, chronic or acute. In this case, each of all these types requires special treatment and approach. That's why you should not do self-medication, it's very dangerous for the health and life of your little child.

In conclusion, it should be recalled that not every type of cough requires medical treatment. Some sputum is possible to liquefy with abundant warm drink, for example. This will facilitate her exit from the bronchi and lungs and improve the breathing of the child. However, this method is suitable only for those situations when no inflammatory process in the airways is simply not observed. In addition, dry cough is treated in stages. For example, the baby is given some expectorant medications for a while. After this, you can start taking special blocking cough medications. Thus, to get rid of a child's cough, you can only contact your local pediatrician for help. Protect your health and the health of your children.