Compression fracture of the spine, symptoms, causes and treatment

Every person feels pain differently because of such a trauma as a compression fracture of the spine. Most often, such a fracture occurs after a person falls from a height and lands on the buttocks, back or straight legs. The vertebra( in some cases, several vertebrae) is displaced, most often in the thoracic region, sometimes in the lumbar region.

A person does not always feel pain. Sharp pain that occurs immediately after a stroke, then pass. It is possible that a person, having experienced the first pain, then continues to lead an ordinary life in her absence, walks and sits, works. Pain recalls itself when people sit behind the wheel of a car or ride a bicycle. In the rest, the body behaves as if there was no fracture.

But the compression fracture of the spine can remind itself of months and even years later. At the site of damage can form a callus, then degenerative changes occur and pain returns.

Symptoms and types of fractures

Complicated fracture can not help but mention strong pains. In severe cases, even immobility occurs, the lower part of the trunk loses sensitivity. Uncomplicated fracture is dangerous because symptoms do not appear immediately. What are the symptoms of compression fracture of the spine? Below are listed the most characteristic of them.

* Severe and severe pain during the stroke.
* Breathing for a few seconds like "intercepts" at the moment when the blow occurs.
* Difficult to turn and bend.
* It's hard to sit or walk.
* Even a small load causes pain.
* Appearance of kyphosis( stoop).There is a curvature of the spine.
* Numbness of limbs and their weakness.
* Shingles in the lumbar region.

What causes can lead to an issue such as a compression fracture of the spine? The most common cause is injury, professional or household. Then the disease is osteoporosis, when an awkward movement leads to a fall, at home or on the street, resulting in a person getting fractures. Such injuries affect older people. Severe cases of vertebral fractures can be triggered by thyroid diseases that weaken the bones of the body, and tumors, most often oncological, afflicting the vertebrae.

Causes of traumatic spine injury

Part of the spinal column is called its body. It is there, in the body of the vertebrae, that damage and displacement occur due to the impact. The spinous parts of the vertebra can seriously injure the spinal cord in the event that a compression fracture of the spine occurs, squeezing or completely interrupting it. In the thoracic region, damage to the spinal cord occurs very rarely. Most often, immobility occurs when the spinal cord breaks in the lumbar region, if neuralgic changes disrupt the work of organs below the fracture site.

Consequences of compression fracture of the spine, first aid and folk remedies

As a result of a trauma, a concussion of the spinal cord and his bruise may occur. The spinal cord can be squeezed or damaged by small fragments. The consequence of a trauma is a stroke in the spinal cord or damage to small vessels and, consequently, numerous hemorrhages. Contusion, compression, concussion or hemorrhage is characterized by spinal shock immediately after the injury, temporary delays in urination and defecation that pass. Recovering occurs through the use of conservative treatment.

If you witness a person's fall from a height, you must carefully place the patient on a hard surface on your back, place a folded blanket, a small pillow, or a platen of clothes under your knees. Then you need to immediately call an ambulance or take the victim to the hospital.

Treatment is carried out only in a hospital. During the recovery period, it is necessary to do therapeutic gymnastics, which helps in the most severe cases of spinal injuries, adhere to a diet containing more magnesium and calcium. You need to eat more nuts, green vegetables, milk and dairy products, bread with bran, make infusions of dogrose, yarrow, nettle. You can use in the course of treatment mummy, mixing with pink oil and rubbing into the place of damage.