What to do if your feet freeze

"Frost and sun;a wonderful day! "wrote the greatest Russian poet AS Pushkin. It's a wonderful day, but what can you do if your feet freeze? In severe frosts this is usually the case: boots, warm socks, and forward! One thing is pitiful: it does not always help. To better understand this issue, it is worth paying attention to the reasons for the freezing of the feet.

The leading position is the inconsistency of the form of clothes for certain weather conditions. The way out of this situation is simple: you dress warmly - you save your health and feel comfortable.

If you take good care of your health and are always warmly dressed, the causes of freezing of the limbs can be as follows:

1. Shchitovid's disease, and in particular, a decrease in its function. Also a symptom of thyroid disease may be a decreased body temperature and a slow pulse.

2. Low hemoglobin level in the blood. You can increase it naturally by eating more foods that contain iron( which helps to regulate hemoglobin).

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3. Narrowed vessels.

With the most common reasons figured out: they are not deadly( this is very pleasing).Let's see what to do if your feet freeze?

Refuse from actions that lead to narrowing or disruption of the vessels. These include smoking, drinking alcohol and drugs, squeezing limbs( for example, tight shoes), etc. It is also recommended to massage the limbs daily, make warm baths, take a contrast shower, walk barefoot more often - all this will not give the vessels "stagnate "and you will feel better.

Popular medicine is now popular. To the question "What to do if your feet are cold?" This direction can give us some sensible answers. So, people's methods to combat cold feet.

Method one - an alcohol compress. It is carried out in the following sequence:

- prepare pepper tincture( 2 teaspoons of red pepper and a glass of vodka mix and insist in a dark place for exactly 10 days);

- moisten your feet with tincture, then dry with a towel and put on warm socks. Do it better every evening, before going to bed. In a week you will feel the result, and you will not have to study the Internet any more in search of an answer to the question "What to do if your feet are frozen?"

The second method is a salt bath. To save your feet from permanent freezing, it costs 10 consecutive days to add 1 kilogram of iodized salt to the bath. Iodine through the skin is absorbed into the body, compensating for the deficiency. The thyroid gland improves and, as a result, the legs stop feeling cold.

The third method is to regulate nutrition. For example, some scientists claim that eating fish oil, you can stop chilling. Excellent warms inside the ginger tea, and if you add horseradish and mustard to your food, then the overall immunity will increase.

The fourth method, which will help to answer the question "What should I do if my feet are cold?" - the total hardening of the body. Walk on the snow barefoot, pour cold water. After such activities, there is a sharp release of heat into the body( a natural reaction of the body).Keep this heat as long as possible. This is not only useful, but also very fun, and the first impression will remain with you for life.

If after applying these methods you do not notice any improvement, then consult a doctor. Folk methods are excellent, but the doctor's professional opinion will not replace either alcohol tincture or saline baths.

When frostbite, self-medicate is not a good idea. Even if this is a mild frostbite, pay attention to it. About what to do if frost-bitten feet, on the Internet it is better not to look, but quickly go to a qualified specialist who will prescribe a course of treatment.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Wonderful and sunny days to you.