Feeding in 4 months: where to start?

It's no secret that small children require special care and attention. Every mom knows that without exception. This statement is applicable to all areas of life of the baby: from games and development to nutrition, and nutrition is known to be given special attention! Do not disregard the advice of pediatricians, because it is balanced right nutrition can give a small person all the necessary substances for the construction of a growing body.

So, at first, of course, the baby eats only breastmilk milk( if it is available!) - there is a lot of information about the benefits of breast milk and it is actually a storehouse of the most useful components for a child. However, over time, the baby begins to require additional substances in food, which he can get from complementary foods. Consider what constitutes a lure in 4 months. What kind of food does he include? Also we will find out why it is better to start feeding. Infinite set of products makes us to some degree "panic", because we do not exactly know what to give the baby. There is no need to worry - on this account there are many literate books and interesting cognitive articles. Also find out what to do when the child does not want to eat lure. How to behave in this case?

So, the lure in 4 months. How to introduce the baby to new products? First of all, talk to your child's doctor. You do not need to engage in amateur activities and invent something yourself - the pediatrician will fully explain to the parents exactly what products their baby needs. Typically, the lure in 4 months, includes a variety of vegetables, as well as porridge and fruit. Here you should make a reservation and take into account the specifics of your child. So, if the kid has problems with gaining weight - he is often recommended as a complementary meal of porridge. Such porridge for the baby can be prepared independently, and you can buy at the grocery store. The benefit of the range allows. And they are not very expensive. If the baby has some problems with digestion, then doctors advise paying special attention to vegetables and vegetable purees. Some children really like carefully mashed liquid mashed potatoes, cabbage and zucchini. But it happens that some components of puree cause the child to dislike - he begins to be capricious during meals, cry. .. In this case, you can simply reduce the content of this particular component in puree, after consulting with the child's doctor.

As for the fruits that are part of the lure in 4 months, they are, as a rule, like almost all children. They like the pleasant sweet taste of apples, although sometimes overly acidic apples make them pucker during meals. By the way, before you start giving your baby directly fruit mashed potatoes, you can first try to give him fruit juice, diluted with water. But it does not have to be store juice - if it's about apples, you can easily squeeze it yourself!

When introducing the lure, do not try to embrace the immense and give everything at once. This should not be done for the reason that if the baby has an allergy, you will not be able to find out from what specifically it originated. Therefore, introduce one new product a day, usually in the morning, and keep an eye out for any unwanted changes.

In a word, it is obvious that there are a lot of options and opportunities for complementary feeding. It is important to determine what exactly suits your baby and try to stick to this menu. At the same time, the diet should not be monotonous - so make sure that the "table" of the child is constantly updated. Take care of your little miracle, give him joy and attention - and he will certainly repay you the same!