How is radiculitis treated?

Spine is not in vain considered the center of the body. It is in it that the spinal cord is located. He is responsible for the whole organism. Radiculitis is a lesion of the roots of the spinal nerves, which is accompanied by severe pain. At the same time, the quality of human life deteriorates sharply. That is why it is important to begin treatment of radiculitis as soon as possible.

Osteochondrosis is often the cause of the development of sciatica. In intervertebral discs, salts are deposited, then they lose their elasticity. Next, compression of the spinal roots occurs. Deforming spondylarthrosis and herniated intervertebral discs can also lead to radiculitis.

The type of radiculitis depends on the spine. So, distinguish cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral sciatica. There is a disease of numbness, pain, a violation of sensitivity and muscle weakness. In a neglected case, a person can get difficulty in moving.

Therefore, it is important to begin treatment of radiculitis when the first symptoms appear. When you go to a doctor, a person is sent to an MRI, and then a therapy is prescribed. It is aimed at the removal of pain and muscle spasm. But it is worth considering that this leads only to the relief of the condition, but does not cure it. Therefore it is important to take care of your health constantly.

For medical treatment of lumbar radiculitis, muscle relaxants are used. These substances contribute to muscle relaxation. Unofficially they are called narcotic analgesics. Therefore in pharmacies they are released only by prescription. But today doctors are less likely to prescribe them, because they have a lot of side effects.

Therefore, the available analgesics can be used in the treatment of lumbar radiculitis. They will help not only to alleviate your condition, but also to remove inflammation and reduce puffiness.

Doctors who are treating radiculitis sometimes recommend injections with cortisone. Enter them into the vertebral discs and articulations of the vertebrae. They successfully treat the disease, but some experts consider them dangerous. Also, point injections from a mixture of glycerin, dextrose and water can be prescribed. This allows you to increase the speed of recovery of connective tissue and activate blood circulation.

In addition, radiculitis can be treated with antidepressants. They help to calm down and relax, improve sleep. But therapy should not be limited to taking medications only. It is the change in lifestyle that protects a person from the aggravation of the disease.

Treatment of radiculitis in the home is a small complex of activities. During seizures, sleep on a hard mattress. Try to avoid hypothermia at this time. You can make compresses of mustard powder and take a bath with him( but before that it is advisable to consult a doctor).This will contribute to the warming up and the removal of the pain syndrome. It is important to engage under the guidance of a specialist in physiotherapy and go to physiotherapy. To non-traditional types of treatment can be attributed hirudotherapy. The benefit of this method is that leeches help get rid of blood stagnation.