How to treat adenoids in a child without surgery

Often parents stop paying attention to regular colds, a persistent runny nose and even snoring during sleep. And in vain! Such "trifles" can cause serious problems with children's health.

What are adenoids?

In the body of each person there are cells responsible for immunity and help to recognize malicious viruses that come from outside. These include tonsils located in the nasal cavity, pharynx and in the mouth. Tonsils are a combination of lymphoid tissue that is part of the immune system.

Adenoids are enlarged nasopharyngeal tonsils located behind the nose. It is impossible to see them at home, becauseneed special equipment. Inflammation of the nasopharyngeal tonsils is called an adenoid. Adenoids are a very unpredictable disease that can occur both in 2 years and in 14 years. It is worth noting, before treating the adenoids in a child, you need to consult a doctor.

Reasons for the appearance of adenoids

Adenoids are absolutely in all children. During illness, they increase, and after recovery, the lymphoid tissue comes to normal. But, if the child, not having time to recover, again falls ill, tonsils do not have time to decrease. In each case, the lymphoid tissue grows, blocks the nasopharynx, and as a result, the airflow entering the child's body decreases. Thus, adenoids appear.

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Signs of formation of adenoids

  1. With the advent of adenoids, the child begins to breathe more and more often, especially at night;
  2. Snoring occurs during sleep;
  3. Speech becomes illegible, nasal;
  4. During a conversation, he constantly asks;
  5. In some cases, there is no rhinitis, but nasal breathing is still difficult;
  6. Also, a protracted, poorly treatable runny nose is possible. What can lead to adenoids?

    One of the most important problems is shortness of breath. The child can not breathe through the nose, because his mouth is constantly open. In some cases, adenoids provoke attacks of suffocation.

    Children of early age take a long time to speak. In addition, adenoids cause a decrease in hearing. The enlarged lymphoid tissue blocks the opening of the auditory tubes.

    The disease causes regular otitis media, laryngitis and even bronchitis. Which, of course, negatively affects children's health.

    Difficulty breathing makes you constantly breathe with your mouth open, which causes the lower jaw to hang down, and results in a smoothing of the nasolabial folds, and that in turn provokes an incorrect formation of the face. As a result, the upper jaw lengthens, and as it were squeezed from the sides. There is an abnormal growth of teeth, an incorrect bite is formed.

    Treatment of adenoids without surgery

    How to cure adenoids without surgery? Is it possible? Perhaps, but not in all cases. Initially, it should be noted that there are several degrees of development of adenoids.

    I degree. Inflamed tonsils cover 30% of the nasopharyngeal opening. As a result, the baby breathes normally with the nose during the day, and nasal breathing becomes difficult during sleep, snoring occurs.

    II degree. Tonsils cover 60% of the nasopharyngeal opening. Children develop snoring, nasal. It is difficult to breathe not only at night, but also during the day.

    III degree. Up to 90% of the nasopharyngeal opening is closed. Children breathe around the clock only with their mouths. Hearing impairment is possible.

    Before treating adenoids without surgery, you need to know the extent of the disease. Adenoids of I and II stages are amenable to treatment, but the presence of grade III requires surgical intervention.

    Quite often, parents ask the question: "How to treat adenoids in a child?".So, this disease requires regular treatment. This may take a year, and maybe two. During treatment it is necessary to constantly monitor the ENT - doctor and control the condition of adenoids.

    We offer you several ways to treat adenoiditis.

    The first, with which it is necessary to begin treatment exclusively of the II degree, is instillation of vasoconstrictive drops( naphthysine, sanorin, etc.).They contribute to a decrease in the volume of tonsils, which has a positive effect on the subsequent washing. It is recommended to use drops for up to 5 days. The procedure is more convenient to do lying. While tilting the child's head, alternately to the right and left, enter the medicine.

    Rinsing of the nose. How to treat adenoids in a child with this method? Many parents use a small syringe. But still, in the beginning of treatment it is recommended to use a special washing kit( "Dolphin"), which you can buy at the pharmacy. It includes not only the composition of plant components, but also a special device that facilitates the procedure. With the help of washing effectively releases the nasal cavity from the accumulated adenoid secretion. Later, after Dolphin, solutions prepared at home can be used.

    Washing with sea salt.

    Sea salt, unlike cookery, is a bactericide that perfectly kills microbes. At 1 tbsp.warm water will need 1 tsp.salt. After stirring, the solution is ready for use.

    Washing with soda.

    Soda is an excellent vasoconstrictor. The principle of the solution is the same. At 1 tbsp.1 teaspoon of warm water is needed.soda. The resulting solution is mixed.

    And the last, stage of daily treatment. There are several important points here. If you apply vasoconstrictive drops before washing, then after the procedure it is recommended to dig in the nose with sea buckthorn oil or special "Vital".If you started to rinse your nose without additional treatment, it is recommended to alternate the following drugs - drops in the nose "Protargol", sea buckthorn oil and "Vital".

    Number of washes per day - 3 times. Duration of treatment - 10 days. Periodicity - every next month. In addition, additional homeopathic preparations, such as Job-Baby, are needed.

    Now you know how to treat adenoids in a child. Remember, only correct and regular procedures contribute to a positive result. Take care of your baby and give him free breath and good health.