How to treat herpes on the body and face

Before asking the question - how to treat herpes, it is necessary to find out in detail what kind of illness it is, whether it is so dangerous and how it can be infected at all. Herpes is understood as the most common disease that appears from herpes simplex. Almost 90% of the world's population suffers from this disease. As the source of infection is an ordinary person who has on the epithelium of the mucous membrane herpes. Herpes can be transmitted sexually, the virus can live even in nerve cells. The herpes virus multiplies instantly, and another person can infect with the help of:

- air, when people simply communicate with each other;

- by exchanging and using other people's hygiene and everyday items, in this case a person who uses a towel, fork or a handkerchief from a patient becomes infected with herpes;

- Herpes can be followed in the maternal fetus during labor, for example.

How to treat herpes? There are several ways - traditional medicine and medical methods. But before treating this disease, we will consider ways of prevention. In this case, you can not use someone else's personal hygiene items, do not change your sexual partner, avoid contact with a person who already has herpes.

So, how to treat herpes from the point of view of traditional medicine. There are several ways to get rid of this infection:

- grease the affected areas with fir oil, repeat this procedure every 2 hours;

- lubricate the area affected by earwax during the day several times;

- camphor oil also helps, they need to lubricate the vial several times a day;

- you can put ice in napkins, but only if the bubble has not yet formed, but you already feel a burning sensation;

- propolis infusion of alcohol is the most proven action, it can answer the question - how to treat herpes on the body and face, this tincture can be bought at the pharmacy. Immediately after the person has felt the first symptoms, namely - itching, pain or a feeling of bursting, it is necessary to moisten the cotton wool in propolis and apply it to the lesion site. Keep it until until you feel easy burning and warmth. Herpes then does not appear at all;

- how to treat herpes - you can use the tablets "Aksikover", if you have symptoms, you need to drink 2 or 3 tablets, and then - following the instructions;

- Valocordin can also save a person from this disease.

How to treat herpes on the face and body, there are many methods, but each person's body works in its own way. Immunity for everyone is different, so does the work of all organs go differently. That is why, for some people, the best medicine will lubricate the affected area with lemon, while for others, the adoption of tablets will be an ideal option. But in all cases it is necessary to increase your immunity. To do this, you must take herbs that are capable of giving the body an antiviral effect. Such herbs can be - chamomile, eucalyptus, plantain and calendula. When and how to treat herpes - when the first signs of this disease appear. Symptoms of cold sores are burning, itchy areas of the body or area of ​​the face. In general, herpes occurs on the corners of the lips, in this case the lips begin to itch, the person experiences itching and burning. If the time does not take action, then on the lips formed a bubble, which begins intensive growth. Such a sore causes an unattractive feeling, the area of ​​the lips becomes red and swollen. You can apply toothpaste on the spot for the night, it dries the herpes and causes a decrease. Having chosen a suitable medicine for yourself, you should still consult with your doctor to avoid more serious consequences.