Treatment of Hemorrhoids by Folk Remedies

Hemorrhoids are present in every person. The disease occurs when venous blood stagnates in them - then they go down and begin to bulge. This can be caused by straining or prolonged sedentary work. Hemorrhoids is considered a very undesirable disease, because it often worsens not only the affected part of the body, but also the body as a whole. Traditional medicine involves two methods of treatment: immediate surgical intervention or surgery after candle treatment. However, there are also folk remedies for hemorrhoids, which help to avoid surgery and its long unpleasant consequences.

This disease can affect almost anyone, so it is advisable to be aware of the causes of hemorrhoids and its symptoms. Hemorrhoids can result in a sedentary lifestyle, excessive consumption of salty, smoked, spicy and spicy foods, obesity, constipation, lifting of heavy things, pelvic inflammation, weightlifting, and many other factors. Symptoms of hemorrhoids are: itching and burning in the anus, discharge of blood during bowel movement, sensation of foreign body in the anus.

How is hemorrhoids treated with folk remedies? To date, there are many options. An effective remedy is a tincture of nettle and chamomile( the so-called antihemorrhoids) - it is taken 4 times a day, one glass. Popular is also the popular treatment of hemorrhoids with the help of a mountaineer pochechuynogo: it is even more effective in severe form of the disease than the above tincture. Treatment of hemorrhoids by folk remedies also includes various recipes based on yarrow and raw potatoes( these methods well help a neglected, multi-year illness).An excellent way to treat is also candied honey. He is given a candle shape, then frozen in the freezer and inserted into the anus. Yes, this method delivers certain unpleasant sensations, but it is very effective: for several sessions of the disease the disease passes for good and for a long time. The painful sensation is also very good for reducing simple cold water, but it is impossible to cure it, of course.

The most ancient treatment of hemorrhoids by folk remedies is a method in which red ashberry is used. His recipes are few, and they are all very effective. Effective also methods of treatment with alum and medical leeches;the latter, however, causes painful sensations. Also, the treatment of hemorrhoids by folk remedies occurs with the help of milk, onions and aspen leaves. All these methods are full of information on the Internet. There is also an ancient Caucasian method of getting rid of hemorrhoids, the recipe of which can also be found on the World Wide Web. There are also several recipes for folk ointment, which are positively responded to by the people who used it.

A patient with hemorrhoids should remember some important points of treatment:
a) avoid hard food, which can form constipation;
b) do not drink alcohol, as well as salty and spicy foods;C) should beware of colds;D) avoid walking and standing;E) Do not sit on cold surfaces, especially on metal.

All folk remedies for hemorrhoids are good, but with significant bleeding it is better to consult a doctor, since the treatment of this disease requires that it be treated with all seriousness.

If the bleeding does not stop, there is only one option - contact a doctor. It is better to be safe and stop the development of the disease at the first stage, rather than undergoing a long and tedious course of treatment.