Treatment with kerosene: reviews. Aviation kerosene: treatment

In non-traditional medicine, it has been used for a long time and successfully used to treat many kerosene diseases. It should be said that such treatment was recognized among patients and surprised doctors. Kerosene really helps to get rid of many pathologies. However, there is an opposite opinion. Some doctors completely reject this therapy and even consider it dangerous to health.

treatment of kerosene

Everyone decides for himself whether to include kerosene in his treatment or not. But before resorting to this method of therapy, weigh all the pros and cons.

Useful properties

Kerosene is a colorless, flammable, slightly oily liquid. It has a sharp odor. This is the raw material obtained after oil refining. Kerosene is designed for technical purposes. It is widely used in everyday life. In addition, kerosene is often used in non-traditional medicine.

Treatment with this substance is quite effective, because the liquid has many useful properties for the human body.

Among them:

  • blunting pain;
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  • vasodilation;
  • antiparasitic effect;
  • decontaminating effect;
  • drying;
  • anti-inflammatory effect;
  • stimulation of the internal glands;
  • improved exchange.

Given the above characteristics, healers recommend using kerosene to cleanse, strengthen and even rejuvenate the body. Often used substance for the prevention of a variety of ailments.


Before considering ways of treating various ailments, let us dwell on the possible harm of this product.

Initially, it should be noted that the official medicine did not recognize this treatment. Kerosene can not only provide a beneficial effect. In some cases, it can cause harm, provoking severe irritation, burns or severe poisoning.

In addition, be sure to consider contraindications. Use of kerosene is prohibited for people suffering from:

  • kidney disease;
  • by allergies;
  • bleeding;
  • is a liver disease.

It is not recommended to apply kerosene treatment to children. Such methods can provoke different kinds of intoxication in the crumbs.

How to clean kerosene

You can buy this product at any hardware store or outlet. However, such kerosene is not suitable for ingestion. It must be cleaned.

aviation kerosene treatment

Remember, if you purchased aviation kerosene, the treatment with this liquid is exclusively external. This remedy is categorically contraindicated to use inside.

Now consider how to clean kerosene. There are 2 methods:

  1. Take and pour the liquid into the bottle( 0.5 L).Enter into it salt - 3 tbsp.l.(Extra is recommended).Filter through the bandage. Pour it into a clean bottle. Now take the pan. In the container on the bottom should put a wooden stand. Top with a bottle of kerosene. Pour cold water into the container. Bring to a boil. Now it should be heated for another 1.5 hours. Do not cover the lid! After boiling again filter kerosene through hygroscopic cotton wool.
  2. The procedure is best performed in rubber gloves to protect your hands from burns. In a 3-liter jar pour kerosene - 1 liter. To the liquid, add 1 liter of water( 60-70 C).About 2-3 minutes stir the solution, periodically removing the lid. This will eliminate the excess pressure. Give the agent time to stand. Since kerosene is much lighter than ordinary water, it will rise upward. You will notice when the liquid stratifies. Now gently drain the kerosene layer. On the border flakes are formed. Try not to get into the cleared remedy.

The drug "Todikamp"

Who owns the idea of ​​combining kerosene and walnuts - impossible to say. But Mikhail Todik, a Moldovan scientist, was famous for this means. The tincture was called "Todikamp".It even began to be officially released in Volgograd.

The tool has been slightly improved. May pollen and honey were added to the main components. The new tincture "Todikamp-ideal" began to possess improved properties.

In the course of the studies it was found that the agent has such effects:

  • antioxidant;
  • antiparasitic;
  • is an anti-inflammatory;
  • wound-healing;
  • painkillers;
  • is bactericidal.

In addition, the agent increases immunity, improves hemopoiesis.

You can make tinctures on kerosene at home. It is used for a variety of ailments. And this is a fairly effective treatment.

treatment with purified kerosene

Kerosene is used purified. To eliminate an unpleasant odor, it is also possible to filter the liquid through activated charcoal or river sand. Walnuts need to be taken young, inside of which there is still a dairy pulp.

Preparation of tincture:

  1. Take 10 walnuts. Pass them through the meat grinder.
  2. Pour the component with kerosene - 3 tbsp.
  3. For 10-14 days, persist the remedy in a dark place.
  4. Then transfer to light and leave the "medicine" for 26-30 days. In general, the drug should be infused for 40 days.
  5. Profil the drug through gauze.

If you want to make a reminder like "Todikamp-ideal", then in kerosene you should add:

  • of May pollen - 0.1-0.5 parts;
  • quality propolis - 0.5-1 part.

This tincture is perfectly preserved. Its useful properties are not lost. But it is best to use the remedy for 3 years.

Cancer treatment

To combat oncology, you can apply the above tincture.

Traditional healers recommend the following treatment of cancer with kerosene:

  1. The tincture of walnuts on kerosene should be taken courses. It is best to use the remedy, according to the lunar calendar( 29 days).Begin during the new moon and eat until the next new moon.
  2. Dosage depends on the age of the patient and the severity of his illness. On the average, it is recommended to use 1 tsp-1 tbsp. You can start treatment with 1 tsp, gradually increasing the dose. After 2 weeks you should reach 1 tablespoon.
  3. Take the tincture before meals, for 20 minutes. Use the medication three times a day. Do not drink it with water.
  4. After the course( 29 days), take a break until the next new moon. Then the treatment is resumed. With oncology, it is recommended to conduct 2 more such courses. Thus, the duration of therapy lasts about six months.


Technique Paula Kerner

The name Paula Kerner, a resident of Austria, is well known. The woman had intestinal cancer. She underwent one operation. And it was too late to do the second one. Cancer progressed, metastasized. Paulo was discharged home as hopeless. And when the doctors predicted her no more than 2 days of life, the woman remembered the story of a Yugoslav soldier about the treatment with kerosene. The patient decided to test the drug on herself. After a couple of hours, her health improved. On the third day she was able to get out of bed herself. A week later, her appetite returned.

Today Paula Kerner widely practices her own technique. She healed more than 20 000 patients. Its methodology is recognized in many countries.

Paula Kerner recommends:

  1. Patients with severe lesions should take 1 tsp.or 1 tablespoon.distilled kerosene. The procedure is performed on an empty stomach, once a day.
  2. Persons with hidden pathologies should use a daily slice of sugar, which is applied to 15 drops of kerosene.
  3. For prevention of oncology it is recommended to take 1 tsp in the morning and in the evening.kerosene with tea. The procedure is repeated once every 12 days. The duration of this prophylaxis is 6 weeks. Then it is recommended to do a blood test.

Treatment of angina kerosene

There are several ways to combat the disease.

You can select any method from the following:

  1. Tincture of kerosene with walnuts is recommended to lubricate the throat for 3-5 days. The procedure is carried out three times a day.
  2. To eliminate inflammation and puffiness of the tonsils, it is recommended to apply a little kerosene( purified) to the affected areas of the palate before eating for a week. This event is repeated three times a day. Such treatment of the throat with kerosene is not carried out if the angina is neglected.
  3. Excellent eliminates the unpleasant symptoms of rinsing. For this procedure in 1 tbsp.warm water( not above 25 C) baking baking soda( 0.5 tbsp) and add purified kerosene( 1 tbsp).After thoroughly stirring, the solution is ready for rinsing. It is recommended to use the remedy for 5-7 days. Within a day, gargle 4-12 times.

throat treatment with kerosene

Struggle against sinusitis

Healers recommend the use of kerosene for sinusitis, frontal and even runny nose.

Folk treatment is as follows:

  1. Lubrication. If there was a runny nose, then eliminate the ailment will help lubricating the soles of the feet with kerosene.
  2. Wraps. With sinusitis, the benefit will come from such an event. It is necessary to wipe the body with kerosene. Top with paper wrap( preferably in 2 layers).Wear warm clothes. This wrap is recommended to be kept on the body for 2-3 days.
  3. Tampons. Take the cotton swabs. Dampen them in kerosene. Insert in each nostril one stick, minutes to 2-3.The procedure should be performed before bedtime. Repeat the event every other day. The duration of such treatment is 4-5 days.

How to treat bronchitis

This disease is also well treated with kerosene.

The following methods are recommended:

  1. Take half a glass of port. Dissolve honey in it( 1 teaspoon).Grind the peeled garlic head. Prepare kerosene( 40-50 ml).For the night, rub garlic on your feet and warm them with woolen socks. The area of ​​the breast is mashed with kerosene. Pull warm underwear. Drink a cooked port with honey. Such an exercise should be repeated daily until complete healing.
  2. To combat the disease you need to take inside the medicinal potion. It should be understood that such treatment is carried out with purified kerosene. The course of therapy is 40 days. For 20 days it is necessary to drink 100 grams of milk a day at night, adding kerosene to it. Start with 1 drop. Each day, the dose should be increased. Thus, the next day in 100 grams of milk is added already 2 drops of kerosene. After 20 days, the dosage starts to decrease. On the 40th day you should drink milk with 1 drop of kerosene.

kerosene treatment reviews

Treatment of rheumatism

Aviation kerosene can be used to treat this pathology. Treatment involves the external application of the drug.

The following methods are effective:

  1. Compress kerosene-soap. He will ease the condition of the patient for colds, rheumatism, colitis. It will take a piece of linen fabric( without synthetic fibers, of course).Dampen it in kerosene and squeeze. Lather one side with household soap until a shiny surface is formed. Lay the compress on the affected area. The soap side should be on top. Cover with oilcloth, lay a layer of cotton wool and fix with a bandage. Compress should be on the sick site 30 minutes - 2 hours.
  2. Baths. They perfectly eliminate inflammation. Pour kerosene into the bucket or basin. Dip the damaged joints into the fluid. It should be kept for about 20 minutes. It is recommended not to increase the time of the procedure, as it is possible to get a burn. After this procedure, apply cream to the skin.

treatment of cancer with kerosene

Opinion of patients

How do patients characterize the treatment with kerosene? The testimonies of people who have experienced such therapy show that an amazing remedy helps in the treatment of many diseases. Often, patients share their amazing stories of curing the last stages of cancer. A vivid confirmation of this is Paula Kerner.

However, do not forget that even such an effective tool can harm the body. Therefore, during therapy, all the instructions of the medicine men should be strictly observed and the recommended dosages should be observed.