Varicocele of the left testicle: photo, causes, operation, treatment with folk remedies without surgery

Varicocele is an exclusively male disease, but many members of the stronger sex have never even heard of it. And yet this pathology is considered quite common, and it is diagnosed in 15% of the male population of the planet. Usually, the disease is diagnosed during the search for the causes of male infertility, since in 40% of cases it interferes with the conceiving of the first child and in 80% of the second one. In general, the development of varicocele left testis( photos of this disease are present in the reference books on andrology).

varicocele of left testicle

What is varicocele?

This disease is a varicose veins of the testicles and spermatic cord, as a result of which blood flow is disturbed in these organs. Venous blood, instead of entering the inferior vena cava or renal vein, begins to drop into the testicles, and there stagnation occurs. After a while, the blood begins to accumulate in the place of expansion, the venous valves and walls can not cope with this. There are problems. Most often there is a varicocele of the left testicle, because there is a connection of the renal and seminal veins.

Why varicocele causes infertility?

varicocele of left testicle photo

As is known, the liquid can not practically shrink, so the pressure produced by the back current of the blood begins to be transmitted in all directions. After a while, as a result of high pressure, the veins begin to stretch and increase in size. The strength of their walls can be different, and depending on the strength of venous pressure, the stretching reaches various degrees. The network of veins surrounding the testicle begins to increase greatly, because of what it seems to be immersed in the sponge from the vessels. The scrotum constantly overheats, and the cooling of the testicles stops. To sperm normally produced, you need a lower temperature, which is no longer. Therefore, varicocele is considered the main factor infertility in men.

Causes varicocele

If you focus on statistics, then in 92% of cases there is varicocele left testis. The reasons for this are due to the anatomical features of the structure of the blood vessel network in the scrotum. The vein of the right testicle empties into the inferior hollow, and the left testicle enters the renal vein, which is often pinched between the superior mesenteric artery and the aorta. This leads to difficulty in venous outflow in this direction. It was also found that the left testicular vein valve is damaged more often than the valves of the right vessel.

Varicocele and left cyst cyst

The causes of varicocele left testis are:

  • weakness of the vessel walls, congenital valve insufficiency, varicosity in the medical history;
  • excessive pressure that occurs in the small pelvis due to the development of oncopathology, with diarrhea, constipation, etc.

How is varicocele diagnosed?

Diagnoses this pathology androlog. First the doctor interrogates the patient to identify all the accompanying diseases, after which the patient gives all the required tests. If there is a suspicion of varicocele, then ultrasound of the abdominal cavity and Doppler ultrasound are prescribed. Such procedures are performed when the patient is standing or lying. If the doctor is experienced, then it will not be difficult for him to determine the varicocele by probing the cord of the seminal fluid.

how to treat varicocele on left testicle

This disease is also diagnosed using a Valsalva test. The patient needs to strain the press, and the doctor at palpation determines the enlarged veins in the diseased organ.

Varicocele and left testis cyst

This disease is often accompanied by a complication such as a testicle cyst. It interferes with the progress of spermatozoa, puts pressure on the adnexa receptors, resulting in neuroreceptor disorders of sexual function. It is deleted by an operative way.

Treatment of varicocele

How to treat varicocele on the left testicle? The only effective method of treatment is the operation. Since this disease is not classified as dangerous, there is no direct indication for surgical intervention. This is necessary only in the following cases:

  • persistent pain in the testicle;
  • to eliminate the defect in the scrotum, giving it an aesthetic appearance;
  • treatment of male infertility.

At the same time, many specialists are inclined to the common opinion that if varicocele is detected in children and adolescents, the operation must necessarily be done to eliminate potential infertility.

varicocele left testicles cause

To date, an operative way of treating this disease is presented in four ways:

  • open operation( according to Ivanissevich);
  • endoscopic operation;
  • operation from the mini-access;
  • microsurgical testicular revascularization.

Open operation

Such a surgical procedure is performed quite often if a varicocele of the left testicle is diagnosed. Operation on Ivanissevich is carried out as follows: in the ileum region a cut is made. After the skin and subcutaneous tissue are cut, cut a layer of muscles and tendons, find in the depth of the vein of the testicle and bandage it. The essence of the operation consists in the isolation of the veins of the left testicle slightly above the inner ring of the inguinal canal.

Operation from the mini-access

In the area of ​​the external inguinal ring, a small incision is made, while retreating from the base of the penis by one centimeter. As soon as the skin and subcutaneous tissue are cut, a seed cord is found and the vein is ligated. Subsequently, the blood from the testicles begins to flow through the superficial veins.

Endoscopic operation

This technology of treatment of varicocele left testis is a real breakthrough in surgery. Instead of a cut, punctures of five millimeters are made. The first puncture is performed in the navel area, a miniature television camera is inserted through it, which is connected to a video monitor. On his screen, the surgeon can see everything needed in the operation area.

Two more punctures are made and scissors and miniature clips are inserted through them. With the help of these tools, the veins of the testicle and the artery from the peritoneum are isolated. Then, on the veins of the testicle, the surgeon applies titanium braces or binds them with a surgical thread. The operation lasts about thirty minutes.

Microsurgical testis revascularization

The operation helps to restore normal blood supply to the testicle. In this case, his vein is transplanted into the epigastric vein, which allows to restore the normal outflow of blood from the testicle.

Why can pain occur after surgery?

After the operation has been performed, the patient must stay in the hospital for some time. This is necessary to avoid the occurrence of complications, although it happens quite rarely due to modern methods of treatment varicocele. In 90% of the cases, the pain that may be troubling after the operation goes pretty quickly.

In 10% of cases after surgery varicocele has a left testicle hurting the course of the spermatic cord. This may be because of an early postoperative complication - lymphostasis of the left half of the scrotum. It is due to ligation of the lymphatic vessels. In this case, you need to see a doctor again.

Is it possible to cure varicocele without surgery?

Often men ask the question: if a varicocele of the left testicle is found, treatment without surgery is a dream or a reality? Most doctors hold the opinion that only surgical intervention helps to eliminate this disease and no medications can cure it. However, the operation only eliminates the consequences that have occurred. Therefore, many believe that with varicocele left testicle treatment of folk remedies and the implementation of special exercises bring a tangible result. But conservative methods of treatment are possible only with varicocele of the first stage. Disease of the second and third degree requires only surgical treatment.

varikotsele left testicle treatment folk remedies

Thus, with varicocele of the left testicle, the following exercises are effective:

  • Easy massage of testicles. It is necessary to lie on a sofa or raise the pelvis slightly, this allows a preliminary outflow of venous blood. During massage, the force of pressure should be such that pain does not arise.
  • Slightly rise on the socks off the floor and quickly descend to the floor. Such an exercise is done 30 times twice a day. If painful sensations arise, the activity should be stopped.
  • It is necessary to stand upright, legs to bring together. Hands slowly lowered, touching the floor with their fingers. Then they slowly rise to their toes. Taking a deep breath, they concentrate all their attention on the navel. Belly muscles should be strained below the waist. Then abruptly rise on the heels, relax and exhale.

No less effective in treating varicocele left testis folk remedies:

  • Fresh leaves and silvery wormwood heads are ground and add to them one tablespoon of sour cream or milk. All is well mixed, spread in gauze and put on a problem place. Do this for 5 days, then break for 3 days, after which they all repeat.
  • Mix in equal proportions chamomile, chestnut flowers, willow bark, raspberry root and medicinal rue. Fill these ingredients with 0.5 liters of water and cook for 15 minutes. The compound should be infused for 24 hours, and take it inside in the morning and in the evening for 150 g.
  • Take three large apples, boil and insist for three hours. Capacity in this case should be wrapped. After that, apples are kneaded into a slurry and filtered through a strainer. The resulting mixture should be drunk three times a day for 50 g until the condition improves.

Prevention of varicocele

To prevent this disease, preventive measures are taken, which are aimed at observing simple rules that help to avoid blood congestion in the inguinal region. You should regularly perform warm-up if the work is sedentary or you have to stand for a long time in one place. It is recommended to do exercises daily with leg exercises. Very useful are jogging in the mornings, daily long walks on foot. If there is such an opportunity, then you should swim as much as possible in the pool or open water.

varicocele left testis treatment

It is also best not to drink or smoke, eat properly, adding raw vegetables and fruits to your diet, and not gaining excess weight. When performing physical exercises, it is undesirable to allow the eggs to overheat due to tight underwear.

However, such a disease, if these recommendations are followed, can still arise if there is a genetic predisposition. Therefore, preventive measures also include regular examinations with an andrologist.

Prevention of varicocele in a teenage boy should be dealt with by his parents, caring to timely detect this disease. They are obliged to explain to him the need for medical examination and timely treatment to avoid possible infertility in the future.

Can pregnancy occur after a varicocele surgery?

This disease is considered quite specific, and many men are slow to seek help, postponing a visit to the doctor until the last. But they are very concerned about whether they will be able to have children after the operation. With timely treatment and treatment, the chances for this are very high.


Thus, the varicocele of the left testicle, whose photo helps to better understand this problem, is not considered a sentence for men who dream of having children. If you turn in time to the doctor and get rid of such an unpleasant disease, then the forecast in this case will be very favorable.