FEG for eyelash growth: reviews of doctors

Volumetric long eyelashes - the dream of many women. Unfortunately, not every girl can boast of such a gift of nature. What should the rest do? Of course, the use of mascara or artificial eyelash extension is a proven way to quickly adjust your appearance, but the effect of such a means is temporary, and for the health of the eyes such products of cosmetology are not very useful. How is it safe to achieve the desired result? Manufacturers offer an innovative product in the market of care products - FEG for eyelash growth. Reviews about this serum are different. In this article we will try to understand how effective this tool is, what is the mechanism of its action, and also share the responses of doctors and consumers.

FEG for eyelash growth: reviews

Serum FEG for eyelashes - what is it?

This cosmetic product is manufactured in China. In the domestic market, this product has gained popularity recently. It should be noted that, in addition to high-quality and expensive advertising of this cosmetic novelty, there are practically no verified experimental data about it. Nevertheless, the agent for the growth of eyelashes FEG is in demand. Comments of women who have experienced the effect of this product on themselves, speak of its effectiveness.

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What is FEG?This is a cosmetic for the care of eyelashes, a consistency resembling milk whey, white, almost odorless? Packed it in a plastic bottle of 3 ml. The kit also includes a special nozzle, with which you can conveniently and economically apply the product along the line of eyelash growth.

Means for the growth of eyelashes feg: отзывы

Serum composition

How does serum FEG affect the improvement of the condition of the eyelashes, their growth and strengthening? The manufacturer claims that the positive effect is achieved due to the unique natural composition of the product. Serum consists of such components:

  • amino acids;
  • retinol;
  • stabilizers and preservatives.

Thus, it turns out that solely due to the complex of amino acids and vitamin A, the effect of the FEG agent for the growth of eyelashes is achieved.

Reviews of doctors confirm that these substances do contribute to the growth of hairs. But is it possible to achieve a visible result as quickly as the producer declares in the advertising of the means? Experts can not give an unambiguous answer to this question, since no special studies have been carried out.

Expected effect

According to the manufacturer of the drug, FEG serum promotes:

  • restoration of weak, damaged eyelashes;
  • their strengthening and nutrition;
  • significant increase in length;
  • increase in density;
  • reduction of hair loss;
  • acquisition of a more saturated and darker color shade.

This effect is achieved by daily application of the drug for three months. Is it possible to get this result using the FEG Pro Advanced eyelash activator? The reviews indicate that it is not possible to achieve the desired effect within such a short time, but some positive changes in the state of the eyelashes are still noticed by the consumers after just a week of regular application of the remedy.

feg serum for eyelash growth: reviews


The FEG product is not a medicinal product. Therefore, you can apply it to anyone who wants to improve the appearance of eyelashes. Including cosmetologists recommend using this tool for people who:

  • weak structure of cilia from nature( they are light, thin, rare);
  • hairs have been damaged by the use of colorants or artificial build-up.


Despite the fact that, as indicated in the instructions to the drug manufacturer, do not pinch the eyes of FEG for the growth of eyelashes, reviews of ophthalmologists claim that a remedy with this composition can cause serious allergic reactions and other eye diseases. Therefore, the ingestion of serum on the mucous membrane is unacceptable. Also it is not recommended to use it to people who are prone to allergies and who have any problems with vision.

growth enhancer eyelashes feg: reviews

Instruction for use

Often the lack of effect from the drug, as well as the occurrence of adverse reactions due to improper use of FEG for eyelash growth. The testimonies indicate that the insert to the preparation does not contain a description in Russian, which is why consumers have different difficulties with the proper carrying of the substance.

So, we offer you to familiarize yourself with the step-by-step instructions for using this product:

  1. The first step is to cleanse the skin of the face with the help of special cosmetic products: it is necessary to remove makeup, remove dirt and remnants of cosmetic preparations for eyelids;
  2. If contact lenses are used, they should be removed before applying FOG serum.
  3. Then, unscrew the bottle cap. It is equipped with a special nozzle, which requires the application of serum along the line of growth of cilia. It is important to note that only the upper eyelid should be treated, and following in the direction from the inner corner of the eye to the outer one. As a result of blinking, the required amount of money will fall on the lower cilia.
  4. In the end, it is necessary to get wet with the place of application of the preparation with a cotton swab to remove excess substances.
  5. It is recommended to use FEG before bedtime - then all the useful components of the serum can be well absorbed into the roots of the eyelashes and effectively affect them.
  6. Use the product daily for three to six months.
  7. Should I take a break after applying the FEG eyelash growth agent for a long time? The reviews point out that when the use of the remedy ceases, the effect quickly disappears. This is due to the fact that the "life cycle" of a person's eyelashes is on the average 30-80 days. That is, after the specified time, the hair naturally falls out, and in its place a new hair grows.
  8. It should be noted that the open vial can not be stored for more than 6 months, since all the useful substances that make up the serum will lose their qualities by this time.

FEG for eyelash growth: reviews of doctors

Reviews of specialists

Is FEG Serum effective for eyelash growth effective? The experts' testimonies testify that it is impossible to achieve the expressed effect with its help. This drug, of course, will benefit the eyelashes, strengthening their structure due to a complex of amino acids and vitamins. But to increase the length of hairs by two times with the help of such substances it is impossible.

Normally, a person's eyelashes in the upper eyelid grow 150-250 pieces in each row and do not exceed 12 mm in length. On the bottom - 75-100 pieces of 6-8 mm. The hair bulb is at a depth of 2 mm. Given all these factors, we can conclude that the serum can only "improve" the eyelashes, "feed" the beneficial substances roots. But to increase the number of bulbs laid by nature or to reach unnatural length for human hair with the help of amino acids and vitamins is not possible.

activator of eyelash growth feg pro advanced: reviews

Feedback from consumers

Despite the skeptical attitude of doctors towards such a tool as FEG for the growth of eyelashes, consumer feedback points to the high effectiveness of such a drug. Women who use serum, note a significant lengthening of the eyelashes, after just a few weeks of regular use of the drug. Also seen increase in volume, strengthening and darkening of hairs.

In addition, positive reviews indicate the convenience of using serum at home. For this, there is no need to purchase any additional tools or have professional skills. Apply the product with a convenient nozzle-spatula-the eyelashes will be able to each.

But there are also negative opinions: either the effect was insignificant or absent after long-term use of the drug, or FEG caused adverse reactions( most often allergic complications).

FEG for eyelash growth: reviews of ophthalmologists

The cost of the drug

Attracts consumers not only high-quality advertising of this tool, but also an affordable price. So, the bottle of the drug FEG costs only about 600 rubles. According to the manufacturer, a standard package( 3 ml) is enough for 2 months of daily use.

Thus, it is difficult to draw a conclusion about how effective FEG is for the growth of eyelashes. Reviews about this drug are ambiguous, sometimes controversial. In order to determine the safety and effectiveness of such a tool, special laboratory and experimental studies are required. Therefore, it is worth buying such a cosmetic for home use - this decision should be taken individually, after consultation with a doctor.