Useful properties of black currant and contraindications: composition and treatment

Black currant is the best gift of the summer garden. Black berries contain incredible reserves of nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. However, it also happens that a person is forced to refuse a delicious treat because of certain diseases. Today we will talk about the useful properties of black currant and contraindications to its use. It should be noted that this is one of the few garden berries that is used simultaneously in the food, pharmaceutical, alcoholic and canning industries. useful properties of black currant and contraindications

Chemical Composition

In a nutshell it can not be described, but we need to understand this in detail if you want to know the useful properties of black currant and contraindications to its use. This is a real pantry of health, so in summer you need to eat this berry as often as possible, and also harvest it for the winter in the form of fruit drinks, and also in the freezing. Berries contain ascorbic acid and carotene, vitamins P, a sufficiently large number of flavones, anthocyanins, catechins, leucoanthocyanins. This berries can be safely consumed during a diet, since only 64 calories make up the calorie content of the black currant. The composition includes a whole collection of vitamins, alpha-tocopherol, riboflavin, calciferol, pyridoxine.

When investigating the properties of black currant, it was found that it contains a specific vitamin that the ball is named J, it is believed that it protects against pneumonia. However, this is not the end of our list. In addition to the listed vitamins, berries include lemon, salicylic, tartaric and malic acids, as well as natural sugars. Very rich in currants in pectin. It is through this that it produces a gorgeous jelly. Useful properties of black currant and contraindications is very important to know each of us, because this is the most valuable source of vitamins and minerals. Among the latter, berries contain cobalt and copper, iodine and iron, and manganese. black currant useful properties and contraindications

Berries or leaves

This is an amazing plant that is entirely medicinal. In addition to berries, the medicinal properties of the leaves, not only fresh, but also dried. Therefore, prepare them for future use and add in the winter in tea and fruit drinks. All the useful properties of black currant and contraindications when using leaves are almost identical to berries. Green leaves contain a large amount of ascorbic acid, phenolic compounds, phytoncides and essential oils. black currant leaves useful properties and contraindications

Therapeutic properties of

The composition and properties of black currant are determined by its chemical composition. Saturating the body with so many micronutrients, minerals and vitamins, this amazing berry will help to cope with a variety of diseases and serves as an excellent preventive agent. The richest composition of delicious berries affects almost all organs and increases immunity. In medicinal preparations used as berries, and leaves, and in most cases in the second nutrients contains even more. You can replenish the daily norm of vitamin C by eating only 20 berries.

Biological properties of

First and foremost, it is a natural multivitamin complex, as well as a source of the most important microelements. That is, before you, inexpensive, available today throughout the year( in winter in a frozen form) means to increase the endurance of the body and its resistance to infections. Delicious berries and decoction of leaves contribute to the strengthening of capillaries, stimulate blood circulation, increase the secretion of gastric juice. The leaves of this amazing plant have diuretic and diaphoretic properties. High content of pectin substances contributes to the binding and removal of toxins, radionuclides and heavy metal salts from the body.

Modern studies have shown that the broth from the leaves of black currant stimulates the work of the adrenal glands, so it can be used even with hormonal therapy. leaves of black currant useful properties and contraindications composition

Use of berries for medical purposes

We already know why black currant is useful, now let's see what diseases it can help cure. It is very useful in ARVI, thanks to the currant can quickly alleviate the condition of the patient and accelerate the recovery even after surgery. Potassium, contained in the black currant, removes salt from the body. This, in turn, helps with diseases of the cardiovascular system and kidneys. Essential oils, presented in the composition, help with heart and kidney diseases. Black currant stimulates the body, improves tone and stabilizes the work of organs. This berry is very useful in diseases of the heart and blood vessels, as well as with eye disease. It contains a lot of sugar, but black currant is not contraindicated for people suffering from diabetes. Small berries very successfully stimulate the digestive tract, stomach and intestines, and also remove colic. black currant useful properties contraindications

Treatment with leaves

Not only the berry should be kept in mind, all black currants are useful."Leaves: useful properties and contraindications" is a separate topic for the whole scientific treatise. We will try to tell you just the basics so that you have an idea of ​​how to approach such phytotherapy. Brewing leaves, you can quickly get rid of diseases of the respiratory system and atherosclerosis. This simple recipe will be an excellent prevention and remedy for Alzheimer's disease. That is, it is especially useful for the elderly, as it helps to support their intellectual abilities.

What other cases can black currant leaves help? Useful properties and contraindications, the composition you must necessarily study before treatment, since phytotherapy can also harm at too high a dosage. With the help of currants very well cure rash and skin diseases. In addition, the regular use of a small number of berries or tinctures of the leaves of black currant removes toxins and mercury, lead and cobalt, and also salts from the body. And the currant can be used for the preparation of spicy meat dishes and delicious desserts, so the range of use is very wide. caloric value of blackcurrant composition


As we have already mentioned, any medicine in large doses is a poison, it is true for such a useful berry as a black currant. Useful properties, treatment, contraindications to the use of this berry should be known to everyone who is attentive to their health. So, first of all, you need to remember that you should not consume too many berries, that is, you need to observe the norm. Otherwise, an allergic reaction and diarrhea may develop. We have already said that it is enough to consume about 20 berries per day, this is enough to provide the body with vitamin C and other useful substances.

It is not recommended to use currants with thrombophlebitis and a tendency to form blood clots due to the high content of vitamin K. People with gastritis and ulcers, as well as high acidity, should also refrain from using these berries. If you have recently suffered a heart attack or stroke, then for you the juice of black currant is strictly contraindicated. Doctors recommend to give up the currant and during pregnancy because of the high risk of developing an allergic reaction in the baby.

As you have already noticed, most contraindications refer to berries, and leaves are not said a word. Indeed, they are completely safe, and they can be treated as long as they please. And how tasty in the winter is a strong tea with the aroma of black currant. why is black currant useful?

Recipes for you

This is both a first aid kit and a cookbook for a young housewife, but it is absolutely useful to everyone. It is possible to prepare juice of fresh berries in a season. It increases the secretion of gastric juice, and therefore is very useful in gastritis with high acidity. Juice and fresh berries are very widely used in anemia of various origins, in the postoperative period, after severe and debilitating illnesses to restore strength and increase immunity. For treatment, you need to consume 50-100 ml three times a day.

In winter, you and dried berries will very much help you. This drug is great for treating hypertension. Take the broth three times a day for 50 ml. Decoction of dried berries is an excellent diaphoretic for catarrhal diseases. In addition, it helps with diarrhea, can be used as a diuretic for various edemas. In these cases, take 1 tablespoon three times a day. The broth is prepared in the proportion of 2-3 spoons of dried berries per 1 glass of water. On a slow fire, it is boiled for 10 minutes, and then it is infused under a closed lid.

Leaf infusion is an excellent remedy for diseases caused by metabolic disturbances. Among them is gout and articular rheumatism, osteochondrosis. Very often, this remedy is used in the presence of stones in the bladder, and with a delay in urination.

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Do you know how to make a wonderful vitamin jelly? For these purposes, you can separate juice from berries. We fall asleep with their sugar( for 1 kg of 150 g of granulated sugar) we wait for day and merge juice. The process must be repeated 2 more times, but the sugar rate should be reduced to 100 g at a time. Now it only remains to pour the juice into glassware and put it in the refrigerator. We told you what the black currant is, useful properties and contraindications described in sufficient detail so that you do not forget about such a wonderful gift of the summer garden.