Instructions and references: "Citovir 3"( syrup for children) for the prevention and treatment of ARVI and influenza

Children are the most frequent visitors to polyclinics and hospitals. What is the reason for this? The fact is that the baby's still fragile body is very quickly attacked by various viruses and infections.

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To make the child's immune system stronger and stronger, many parents use immunostimulating drugs. One of them is the "Citovir-3" medication. The price, reviews, instructions for use and the forms of this medication will be provided below.

Description, packaging, composition and forms of

Antiviral "Citovir-3" is produced in different forms. Consider them right now.

  • "Cytovir-3" is a powder intended for preparing an oral aqueous solution for children. It has a white or yellowish color, as well as a characteristic aroma of orange, strawberry or cranberry. The active ingredients of this drug are alpha-tryptophan-glutamyl sodium, bendazole hydrochloride and ascorbic acid. Also contemplated means includes auxiliary elements in the form of fructose and flavor identical to natural( "Orange", "Strawberry" or "Cranberry").In the sale of powder "Citovir-3" from the flu comes in vials( 20 grams), and also includes a metering pipette or measuring cup( spoon), which are placed in packs of cardboard.
  • Gelatin hard capsules No. 3 with orange lid and white casing. Their contents are white or yellow powder without any smell. In its composition, the drug "Citovir-3" includes alpha-tryptophan-glutamyl sodium, bendazole hydrochloride and ascorbic acid. Lactose monohydrate and calcium stearate are used as additional elements. As for the capsule shell, the body consists of 2% titanium dioxide and gelatin, and the cap is made from the dye yellow "sunset sunset", 2% titanium dioxide, dye azorubin and gelatin. You can buy such a tool in contour cells, which are packaged in cardboard packs.

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  • Cytovir-3 syrup for children. This form of the drug can be colorless or have a yellow color. Its active ingredients are alpha-tryptophan-glutamyl sodium, bendazole hydrochloride and ascorbic acid. Also, the composition of the medicament includes sucrose and purified water. In what kind of packaging can the product be purchased? What does the reviews say?"Citovir-3"( syrup for children) is available in 50 ml glass dark vials. In the kit this preparation has a metering device in the form of a measuring cup, spoons or pipettes.

Mechanism of action of the drug

What is the medication under consideration? What does the doctor say about this?"Cytovir 3"( syrup for children) is an immunomodulating drug, as well as a means of immunostimulating and etiotropic therapy. It has an indirect antiviral effect against influenza A and B viruses, as well as other viruses that cause respiratory acute diseases.

According to the instructions, bendazole is able to induce the production of endogenous interferon in the human body. Also, it shows an immunomodulatory effect, that is, it normalizes the immune response.

It should also be noted that enzymes that are produced by inducing interferon in cells of internal organs are able to inhibit the replication of viruses.

Ascorbic acid activates the humoral unit of the immune system, normalizes the permeability of blood vessels and capillaries, reducing inflammatory processes. In addition, this component exhibits antioxidant properties. As you know, it neutralizes the oxygen radicals that accompany inflammation, and also increases the patient's resistance to infections.

As for alpha-tryptophan-glutamyl, it is a synergistic immunomodulatory action of bendazole. This substance is capable of normalizing the T-cell link of the immune system. cytovir 3 for prevention

Kinetic features of

Where does the absorption of the drug in question occur? What does this say about the reviews?"Citovir-3"( syrup for children) when ingested is completely absorbed from the digestive tract.

The biological availability of bendazole is about 80%, ascorbic acid is 70%, and alpha-tryptophan-glutamyl is approximately 15%.

Vitamin C is absorbed mainly from the small intestine. Its association with plasma proteins is 25%, and the maximum concentration is noted after four hours.

This substance quite easily penetrates the placental barrier, into platelets and leukocytes, and then into all tissues of the body. Such gastrointestinal diseases as ulcer, helminthic invasion, intestinal motility disorders and giardiasis, as well as consumption of fresh fruit and vegetable juices, alkaline water, significantly reduce the binding of vitamin C in the intestine.

Metabolized ascorbic acid mainly in the liver. In this case, deoxy-ascorbic, and then oxaloacetic and diketogulonic acids are formed. This substance is excreted by the kidneys, with sweat, through the intestines and breast milk in unchanged form, and also in the form of derivatives.

The products of the biological transformation of bendazole in the blood are two conjugates that are formed during carboethoxylation and methylation of the imino group of the imidazole ring: one-carboethoxy-two-benzylbenzimidazole and one-methyl-two-benzylbenzimidazole. These metabolites are excreted from the body together with urine.

Under the influence of peptidases, alpha-tryptophan-glutamyl is split into L-tryptophan and L-glutamic acid. They are used by the human body for protein synthesis.

Indications for taking

In what cases can a patient be prescribed a Citovir-3 medication? For the prevention and comprehensive treatment of influenza and ARVI this drug is used:

  • for children over six years and adults in the form of capsules;
  • kids from one year in the form of a solution for ingestion and syrup.

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Contraindications to taking

In what cases is the drug in question not prescribed? What does this report? Citovir-3( syrup for children, capsules and solution) is not used in the following conditions:

  • in children under six years of age( in the form of capsules);
  • for diabetes mellitus( in the form of syrup and oral solution);
  • in children under one year of age( in the form of syrup and oral solution);
  • with hypersensitivity to the elements of the drug;
  • during pregnancy.

With the utmost care, this remedy is recommended during breastfeeding( if the benefit for the mother is higher than the risk for the baby).

"Citovir 3" drug: instruction for use

The dosage of this drug should be selected by a specialist.

How to take Citovir 3?The medicine is consumed inside half an hour before the meal. For the treatment and prevention of adults and children from six years, this drug is prescribed one capsule three times a day. Also it should be noted that the schemes of preventive and therapeutic use of this remedy are absolutely identical.

Medication in the form of oral solution or syrup is prescribed to babies aged 1-3 years in the amount of 2 ml three times a day. For a child of 3-6 years this drug is given by 4 ml with the same multiplicity, children of 6-10 years - 8 ml each, and adolescents from 10 years - 12 ml three times a day.

The preventive course or course of treatment with this drug is four days. If necessary, it is repeated after 3-4 weeks.

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Method of preparation of oral solution

To prepare a solution of "Citovir 3", the price of which is indicated below, about 40 ml of boiled but cooled to room temperature water are added to the vial of powder. After this, the contents of the container are shaken well. In this case, the powder must completely dissolve.

Generally, the volume of the drug after adding water does not exceed 50 ml.

Side effects

What negative effects can occur after taking Citovir-3?Instructions for use asserts that from the side of the cardiovascular system this medicine can cause a short-term decrease in blood pressure. Also sometimes it provokes the appearance of allergic reactions in the form of urticaria. In this case, the use of the drug is stopped, symptomatic treatment is performed and antihistamines are prescribed.

Overdose with

Medication Taking excessive doses of Citovir-3 can cause the following symptoms: sweating, short-term hypotension, nausea, dizziness, headache and fever.

Such conditions are treated symptomatically. However, before this, you should always consult a doctor to decide whether to continue taking the medicine.

Interaction with other drugs

Drug interaction of alpha-tryptophan-glutamyl with other drugs was not revealed.

Bendazol enhances the hypotensive effect of diuretic and antihypertensive agents, and also prevents an increase in OPSS, which is caused by non-selective beta-blockers. It should also be noted that "Fentolamine" enhances the hypotensive properties of bendazole.

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Vitamin C increases the concentration in the blood of tetracyclines and benzylpenicillin. In addition, it improves the absorption of iron in the intestines, and also reduces the effectiveness of indirect anticoagulants and heparin.

Acetylsalicylic acid, fresh juices, oral contraceptives and alkaline water reduce the absorption and absorption of ascorbic acid.

Vitamin C increases the risk of developing crystalluria in the treatment of short-acting sulfanilamides and salicylates, and also slows the excretion of acids by the kidneys, reduces the concentration of oral contraceptives in the blood and increases the excretion of drugs that have an alkaline reaction( including alkaloids).

At simultaneous reception of acid of ascorbic and "Isoprenaline" the chronotropic action of the latter decreases. Also, vitamin C reduces the effectiveness of antipsychotic drugs and tricyclic antidepressants.

Primidone and barbiturates increase the excretion of ascorbic acid along with urine.

Special recommendations

When taking oral solution or syrup, as well as with repeated courses of treatment, it is necessary to monitor blood glucose values.

The medicament in question does not affect the ability of people to engage in hazardous activities and drive vehicles.

Shelf life, terms of sale and storage

The preparation in the form of capsules is dispensed in pharmacies without the doctor's prescription. As for the syrup for children and the powder for the preparation of oral solution, you need to present a medical voucher for their purchase.

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Medication in the form of capsules must be stored at a temperature of not more than 25 degrees. Its shelf life is three years.

The drug in the form of baby syrup should be kept at a temperature of 25 degrees for two years.

Drug in powder form for the preparation of oral solution is stored only in a dry place, where the air temperature does not exceed 25 degrees. The shelf life of this form is three years.

Prepared aqueous solution should be stored in a place protected from light and inaccessible to children at a temperature of 0-8 degrees for not more than ten days.

Analogues and price

The price of children's syrup and powder "Citovir-3" is about 270 rubles, and capsules - about 245-275 rubles.

In some cases, the medication in question is replaced by analogs. They include the following: Alokin Alpha, Arbivir-Health, Anaferon, Arbidol, Immunal, Glutoxim, Kagocel, Lynchy, Lavomax, Orvirem, EchinacinMadaus, Timalin.

It should be specially noted that the price of analogues of the mentioned preparation may be less or close to the cost of the Citovir-3 medication itself.

Which drug helps you better?

Most often, Citovir-3 is compared to Orvire, Kagocel and Anaferon. It should be noted that the mechanisms of action for all of the listed drugs are completely different. However, all of them are immunostimulating. Thanks to such means, the recovery of children and adults comes much faster.

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Medication "Citovir-3": reviews of doctors and patients

Comments of doctors about the drug in question are of a restrained nature. This is due to the fact that most specialists are reluctant to recommend such medications to their patients. According to them, drugs that affect the immune system are poorly understood, so they can not talk about their effectiveness.

As for consumers, their reports about this medication were divided as follows: 70% - positive and 30% - negative. Quite often, patients who used this medication note its convenient form and absence of pronounced "medicinal" taste, especially in children's syrup.

In addition, most of them claim that this medication can be purchased at any pharmacy( according to the prescription, and also without it) at a very reasonable price.