Hepatoprotectors. Reviews "Progepar": analogues, application

Often our liver needs additional support. This is especially necessary for a number of pathologies affecting the cells of this organ, as well as when taking certain medications. Protect the liver will help special medications, which are called hepatoprotectors. Among them is quite popular and gets good reviews "Progepar".What is this preparation and do it have analogues?

Composition and action of

The basis of the drug is cyanocobalamin, inositol, cysteine ​​and choline bitartrate, which have a beneficial effect on the hepatic cells. They increase the recovery ability of hepatocytes, maintaining their viability. As a result of a decrease in the intensity of liver cell death, the synthetic potential of fibroblasts is reduced - the processes of cirrhosis and sclerosis are slowed down, that is, the replacement of the parenchyma with a functionally inactive connective tissue. This is the prevention of chronic liver failure. Additionally, the blood circulation of the liver improves, which prevents hypoxia and necrosis due to this. This effect is given by the preparation "Progepar".The application should be controlled by a physician.

When is the drug prescribed?

"Progepar" is necessary for diseases and conditions, when there is damage to the liver parenchyma or there is an increased load on the organ. Among the factors that require the use of hepatoprotectors, we can distinguish:

  • liver cirrhosis( to slow the course of the disease);
  • hepatopathy;
  • chronic hepatitis - alcoholic, viral, drug;
  • intoxication with medicinal products;
  • radiation sickness;
  • psoriasis;
  • treatment with cytostatics.

progepar application


As a rule, hepatoprotectors are well tolerated by patients, since they have practically no restrictions to use. Absolute contraindication is hypersensitivity. It can lead to skin rashes, itching, hyperemia( allergic reaction).In addition, the drug is not used in childhood and during pregnancy. These are the features of the medicine "Progepar", the analogs have fewer contraindications.

instruction "Progepar" is accepted enterally, that is inside. The form of release - tablets. As a rule, appoint 1-2 pieces 3 times a day, however, the therapy scheme can be adjusted by the attending physician. Depending on the pathology, the duration of therapy with the drug "Progepar" is determined. The price is 1700-2000 rubles per 100 tablets.

reviews progepar

Reviews "Progepar"

The drug is mandatory for the treatment of liver diseases characterized by the death of hepatocytes. Diagnostic studies of patients taking Progepar for a long time show a slowdown in the processes of sclerosing the liver parenchyma. This helps maintain its function and increase the life expectancy of the patient. It should be noted that the effect is observed only with complex treatment. The choice of therapeutic measures depends on the disease and the individual characteristics of patients.

Those who have been treated with this drug, note its effectiveness. After taking a lot of people, the liver function diagnostics parameters stabilized, the general condition improved. A negative point for most consumers is a high price. This is noted in almost all reviews.

"Progepar" - analogues of

Among the hepatoprotectors, there are other drugs that have a similar mechanism of action with "Progepar".Replacement analogue is allowed only with the permission of a specialist. Drugs that promote liver protection may differ by the active substance, the features of the application, but their main goal is to prevent the death of hepatocytes.


The medicine is of vegetable origin - the active substance is the extract of the milk thistle. This component of the drug affects the metabolism of hepatocytes, stabilizing their membranes( toxins lose access to the cell) and reducing the activity of dystrophic phenomena. The peculiarity is that "Silimar" can be used in childhood. Usually 1-2 tablets are used per day, and the course of such treatment is 1 month. If necessary, repeat therapy. Among the side effects are possible only allergic reactions in the form of skin rashes. Thus, the drug is safer than Progepar, but its effectiveness is slightly lower. In severe pathologies accompanied by intensive sclerosing, it is better to give preference to a stronger medicine. The price of the drug is 100-150 rubles. The drug at the expense of safety receives positive reviews. Progepar has more contraindications.

progepar analogues


The drug additionally has a detoxifying and antioxidant effect. The active substance( ademetionine) affects the synthesis of phospholipids, which are a component of membranes. Among the contraindications is not only hypersensitivity and age to 18 years. The drug is not prescribed if there are any genetic disorders that affect the methionine cycle. A full use of the drug in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy is allowed, since no pathological effect on the fetus has been established. During the rest of the period of gestation, as well as during the lactation period, it is better not to take the drug. Therapy is only possible if there are strong indications. The price is 1500-1700 rubles.

progepar price

Hepatoprotectors are a component of complex therapy for liver diseases. They help protect hepatocytes and stimulate regeneration. The choice of preparation and dosage is carried out by the attending physician. More often doctors appoint, leaning against the given inspections and responses.

Progepar, along with its analogues, performs very important work - it stabilizes the functioning of the liver.