Allergies on the hands in the cold: photos, symptoms and treatment

Allergy to the hands in the cold is a fairly rare and completely unexplored phenomenon, the exact causes of which have not yet been clarified. Physicians only know that the hypersensitivity of the human body to cryoglobulin( own protein) is to blame for this disease, which starts to change under the influence of low temperatures. This process causes the so-called cold urticaria.

hand cold allergy This disease is especially active in winter, when the air temperature drops below the zero mark. However, sometimes an allergy on the hands in the cold worries patients in the summer season( with severe hypothermia, after swimming in cool water, etc.).

Definition of

Under cold urticaria is understood as an allergic reaction, manifested in open areas of the body. This is a rash in the form of red spots caused by exposure to low temperature.

Despite the fact that this disease is called an allergy, it has nothing to do with a real allergic reaction. Frost, dampness and cold are physical factors, and not a substance that increases the sensitivity of the body.

Causes of pathology

Doctors believe that an allergy on the hands in the cold is not an independent pathology. This is only one of the symptoms of a somatic disease. The reaction in the form of urticaria is manifested by an organism weakened by the latent and prolonged course of the disease.

As already mentioned above, the culprit of the allergy of the hand skin to cold is a special protein( cryoglobulin), and the trigger mechanism is the low temperature. The whole process is given various predisposing factors in the form of reduced immunity, as well as the presence of parasitic, catarrhal and infectious diseases.

Another reason that a person has an allergy to cold on his hands is a malfunction with the digestive system in the form of cholecystitis, chronic gastritis or ulcers. But experts are sure that besides these and many other chronic ailments can cause the body's reaction to a decrease in the temperature of the environment.

cold allergy on hands photo As for children, they have a cold allergy often becomes an extension of food allergy.

Causes of urticaria

Allergy to cold on the hands( see photo below) has a rather complex mechanism of appearance and development, which modern medicine is not yet able to figure out to the end.

allergy to cold on the hands of the symptoms and treatment

However, there are certain factors that provoke the manifestation of her symptoms. They are:

- contact with cold water, occurring in everyday life while washing dishes or when cleaning, as well as bathing in natural water bodies;
- abrupt transition of a person from a medium with normal temperature conditions into a windy environment with a low air temperature;
- eating too cold food or drinks.

All these factors work only if the human body has weakened immunity.

Symptoms of pathology

Allergy to the hands in the cold is often masked for dermatitis. That is why it is very difficult to distinguish it from this disease. Allergy to cold on the hands( see photo below) begins with a simple scratching of the skin. Then my hands become dry. The skin on them coarsens and becomes covered with small cracks. Then there are rashes on the type of hives. After that, the hands swell.

ointment from an allergy to cold on hands In addition to urticaria with its dense pinkish-red rashes on the skin, blisters can also appear. Their formation is accompanied by an unpleasant sensation of burning and itching. Most often cold allergy on the hands resembles nettle burns, for which, in fact, it got its second name.

The body can also show more intense reactions. This occurs when cold rain or snow falls on the skin surface. In this case, the hands are covered with red swollen bubbles filled with a clear liquid.
All these symptoms become pronounced immediately after the warming of the cooled skin zones. Then gradually they disappear, and after 30-60 minutes the skin becomes clean. In some cases, rashes last for a week, and sometimes even longer.

Also, a person who is predisposed to cold allergy starts to sneeze after exposure to frost. At the same time, he has a runny nose. Such symptoms are associated with a lesion of the mucosa. All this causes the difficulty of respiratory function.

The reaction of the body to a low temperature is sometimes manifested as an allergy to cold on the hands and eyes. In this case, the organs of vision turn red, starting to tear and itch. At the same time, there is a swelling of the zone around the eyes and eyelids. Often it becomes painful for a person to look. He has eyesight and other uncomfortable sensations that intensify in bright daylight.

Cold allergies on the hands are determined and for some additional signs. They include:

- dyspnea;

- headaches;

is a general malaise;

- pressure drops.

Such manifestations bring to the person a great discomfort and contribute to the appearance of irritability in him, and also reduce the working capacity.

Cold urticaria in children

Redness of the baby's handles when going out into the street may well be a natural reaction of the body. To distinguish cold urticaria it is possible only in the event that the child complains of an itch, excruciating it or him in places of an eruption. But in any case, a consultation of an allergist is needed.

Response to cold occurs in children:
- during walks in cold seasons;
- when swimming in the pool;
- in contact with cold water, and also with the use of ice cream.

Cold allergy allergies

Cold urticaria can be:

1. Acute or chronic. This form of pathology begins with intense itching of exposed areas of the skin, sometimes spreading to the entire body. Further, lesions appear in the lesions, which appear as blisters. In acute pathology, certain areas of the skin are covered with intense red rashes, similar to the bite of the nettle. Severe forms of the disease are accompanied by general malaise, pain in the muscles and joints, increased heart rate and severe weakness. Similar exacerbations last for several weeks, and sometimes people can bother the whole cold period.

2. Recurrent .This form is manifested only in autumn, winter and early spring. In other periods, it becomes aggravated by the contact of the skin with cold water.

3. Reflective .This form of allergy is a local or general reaction of the body to the cold. Its manifestations are a rash that occurs in the zone of direct contact with low temperatures.

4. Family .It is a rare form of allergy transmitted to a person by gender. For this pathology is characterized by a patchy-papular rash, accompanied by burning. This reaction occurs 0.5 to 3 hours after exposure to cold. Symptoms of family urticaria are pain in joints and chills, as well as periodic manifestations of fever.

5. Cold erythema. The manifestation of this type of pathology is accompanied by reddening of the skin with pronounced painful sensations on the affected areas.

6. Cold dermatitis. Skin with this form of the disease is strongly flaky and itchy. With aggravation of pathology, edema is also observed.

Test for cold urticaria

All the above symptoms should not be confused with the natural protection of the body from wind and cold, which does not cause a person special discomfort and quickly leave in a warm room. But at the same time, both for the patient and for the doctor, it is important to determine in a timely manner the nature of the reaction to the cold. To do this, you can go through a complex examination, which uses special equipment. But there are also simple ways that are applicable even at home.

allergy to cold on hands and eyes

So, you can put a piece of ice on the elbows for 10-15 minutes. If this causes hives, this indicates a predisposition of the body to cold allergies. But with any doubts, it is better to consult a doctor. After all, to accurately determine the allergy will need a blood test.


What should I do for those who have an allergy to the skin in their arms? Symptoms and treatment are well known to those skilled in the art. However, the answer given by the doctors does not always suit patients. Doctors recommend to completely exclude the effect of allergen, that is frost and cold. And it is almost impossible to do this. But in any case, those who suffer from winter allergies will need to put on the street warm clothes made from natural fabrics and try to avoid hypothermia.

allergy to cold on hands symptoms and treatment reviews

It should also take into account the fact that the degree of sensitivity in each person is an indicator of an individual. Some suffer from an allergic reaction already at minus 8-10 degrees, and others - at minus 24-28.There are people who have reddening on the skin already when washing with cool water. In addition to warnings, there are many tools, the use of which will significantly reduce the consequences of pathology.

Use of

If a person has an allergy to cold on his hands, treatment of this disease will be similar to the removal of a true allergy. From medications, antihistamines such as Claritin, Tavegil and Suprastin are prescribed. It should be borne in mind that some drugs produce a hypnotic effect, and, therefore, they are forbidden to apply before performing work that requires a quick reaction or concentration of attention. In severe cases, a doctor may prescribe some immunosuppressants, as well as plasmapheresis for cleansing blood from glucocorticosteroids, cryoglobulins.

Quite often cold allergy is a manifestation of a chronic infection in sinusitis or bronchitis, tonsillitis or pyelonephritis. To provoke its manifestation can also hurt teeth. In this case, the doctor should be given appropriate drugs to eliminate these ailments.

Predisposition to allergy, including cold, has people with impaired bowel and liver functions. In these cases, to eliminate unpleasant symptoms will allow treatment of the underlying disease.

It should also be remembered that those who have skin allergies( symptoms and treatment of pathology - the subject of our attention) should be under constant medical supervision, as the reaction of the body to each patient is individual.

Use of

ointments When diagnosing a "cold allergy", creams used in the pharmacy network are sometimes used. However, their application will require prior consultation with a specialist.

Than to treat an allergy on a cold on arms or hand? To eliminate unpleasant symptoms, it is worth paying attention to antihistamines for external use. These include an ointment for allergies to cold on the hands of Gystan N, as well as Skin Cap. It is necessary to take into account only the fact that the composition of these drugs is a hormonal substance.

how to cure an allergy to cold on hands With the help of the "La Cree" ointment, allergy to cold on the hands( symptoms) can be effectively eliminated. And treatment reviews in general are characterized as effective. However, the ointment "La Cree" has some contraindications. It can not be used by those patients who are allergic to the herbs contained in it. To some patients from the manifestations of urticaria the usual children's or any fat cream perfectly helps.

When deciding the question "How to cure an allergy to cold on the hands?" Do not forget about the aids that will save the skin from irritation.

Treatment of children

Babies cold allergies are very uncomfortable. The red spots and rash that appear in their hands after a winter walk are itchy and may even become inflamed. Such a child is less likely to be taken out in cold weather to walk, and when visiting a street it is correct to dress him and lubricate handles with baby cream.

As for antihistamines, they can be given to a child only as prescribed by a doctor. In this case the baby needs not only to heal, but also to strengthen his immunity.

Application of folk remedies

Nature has given us many natural products that can help eliminate allergies to cold on the hands( symptoms).And treatment in adults( as well as in children) will be safe and effective enough.

So, a great folk remedy is raspberry. Its dry and shredded roots in the amount of 50 g should be poured into 0.5 liters of water, and then puffed for 30-40 minutes over low heat. The broth thus obtained is cooled and filtered. Drink the drug should be 2 tbsp.spoons in the morning, in the afternoon hours and at bedtime. The course of treatment for raspberries is two months. Such a decoction can be used for prevention purposes. In this case, it should be drunk two months before the onset of cold weather.

Red beet and sunflower seeds help with allergies. These foods must be eaten in winter in any quantity and in all kinds. Effective from the ailment is freshly squeezed beet juice. It should be drunk three times a day for half a glass. Will help with allergies and freshly squeezed celery juice. It is taken for 0.5 h. Spoons three times a day before eating.

From the symptoms of cold allergies the solution prepared from 1 g of mummy and 1 liter of boiling water perfectly helps. Raw materials dissolved in water without sediment, adults are recommended to 100 ml in the morning, 50 ml to kids, and junior schoolchildren to 70 ml. The same drug, only a higher concentration( 1 g per 100 ml), is recommended as an external agent. They smear the skin of the hands.

hand cold allergy Folk healers recommend using blueberries and berries. They should be grinded and applied as a compress to the lesion.

In order to eliminate the dryness, flaking, itching and reddening of the skin in cold allergies, the children prepare a solution from pine shoots in vegetable oil. To do this, pre-harvest the raw materials. Pine shoots should only be young. They are taken in a ratio of 1: 1 to vegetable oil and insist the mixture for five months in a dark place. The resulting drug is rubbed into the baby's skin.

Allergic edema is perfectly eliminated when using birch sap. This drink is an excellent fortifying agent, which also regulates water-salt metabolism in the body, producing a mild diuretic effect. You can consume juice in any amount, but for an adult it should not exceed one liter per day, and for children - from 200 to 500 ml( depending on the age).

If on returning from a cold street to a warm room a person does not feel restful, a strong itch caused by a cold allergy, then the hands and other parts of the body can be gently wiped with the juice obtained from Schisandra.