Maca Peruvian: reviews, properties, uses, efficiency

Currently, people prefer natural remedies. As a rule, the herbal preparation acts as effectively as the medicinal product, but it has fewer side effects. One such means is the Peruvian poppy. Reviews of this plant say that it increases libido, gives strength, relieves many diseases, including from infertility and impotence. Is a natural aphrodisiac.

Distribution area

The Peruvian poppy comes from the genus Cabbage family Cabbage. It grows on the high plateaus of Peru and Bolivia, as well as in the northwestern latitudes of Argentina at an altitude of 3,500-4,450 meters above sea level. The plant has been cultivated in South America since ancient times. Only in Peru, poppy plantations occupy up to 50 hectares. It is grown on plateaus subject to a sharp temperature drop, and easily tolerates a similar climate( including freezing).When grown on other soils and under other climatic conditions, it does not form root crops.

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The plant is a success with the local population. Here it is eaten and treated by various diseases. In recycled form, the Peruvian poppy( reviews of men claim that after the intake of her potency increased, the desire for sexual relations appeared, and the sensations after the sexual act became brighter) is most often used as a biologically active additive to food.

The chemical composition of the plant

The Peruvian Maca is distinguished by its valuable composition, which includes 60% carbohydrates, 10% proteins, 8.5% fiber, 2.2% lipids. Especially positively affects the sexuality of man. Such a result is achieved due to the content in the root of the special proteins and nutrients necessary for normal activity of the organism. The composition of maki is enriched with amino acids, among which are: phenylalanine, arginine, tyrosine, histidine. They are involved in many processes in the body and are responsible for the transmission of nerve impulses involved in sexual attraction and in reproductive functions.

What other valuable substances does the Peruvian poppy contain? Comments of some men, by the way, indicate the uselessness and inefficiency of the plant. They say that after his admission no improvement in the intimate sphere occurred. Why is that? We will talk about this below. In the meantime, we note that poppy is rich in fatty acids. The main ones are linoleic, palmitic and oleic. Styrenes, tannins and sanonins, vitamins( E, C, B12, B2 and B1) and minerals( iron, calcium, copper, zinc, phosphorus) are present in the chemical composition of the root crop.

In addition, the plant includes substances with characteristics of aphrodisiac. Alkaloids plants have a beneficial effect on the genitourinary system, and thiocyanates and glucosinolates have antitumor effect.

Peruvian poppy reviews

Application of the plant

Peruvian poppy( reviews of some people claim that after the first week of use increased performance, fatigue went away) is used for food in raw, fried, boiled and dried. Dry the root soak for several hours, and then cook until softened. Used for making cereals, jams, juice and various cocktails. The leaves of the plant are added to the tea.

The root gave the Inca warriors strength and endurance, thereby helping to win battles. Women of South America use poppies for several millennia to relieve fatigue, increase endurance and stress resistance.

The properties of root crops have been used in folk medicine for more than two thousand years.

Exposure to the body

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Peruvian poppy( reviews of some women say that the plant should be used carefully, otherwise you can achieve a decrease in the libido to zero and lose all your energy) is the strongest aphrodisiac. It affects the entire body. The root is used to restore energy and strength. Supplement them with diet and sports nutrition. The plant has a positive effect in the therapy of impotence and infertility. It has a restorative effect. To all of the above, it should be added that the Peruvian poppy:

  • replenishes the vitamin-mineral deficiency;
  • inhibits the aging of cells;
  • prevents the appearance of tumors, including cancer;
  • strengthens the circulatory system;
  • increases the protective functions of the body;
  • regulates metabolic processes;
  • normalizes the hormonal background;
  • helps to overcome stress, anxiety and depression;
  • relieves fatigue and improves performance;
  • increases libido;
  • helps build muscle mass;
  • improves the functioning of sexual and reproductive systems.

According to folk healers, the correct application of the plant will help get rid of not only a number of diseases, but also strengthen immunity, potency, and positively affect health.

Indications for use

The Peruvian poppy plant is used to enhance sexual desire and increase potency. Indications are infertility in women and impaired prostate gland function in men.

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Use root vegetables for chronic fatigue and to normalize the menstrual cycle. Partly reduces the symptoms of menopause and helps fight insomnia. It is used for malnutrition and amnesia. Maca is useful in the period of physical and mental weakness. Performs as a substitute for anabolic steroids, as it stimulates the growth of muscle mass without changing the hormonal background.

Root is given to animals to increase fertility.


Peruvian poppy is safe and therefore has virtually no contraindications. However, doctors warn: do not use the plant in case of its individual intolerance. Abstain from taking follows pregnant and lactating women, since the poppy can change the hormonal background.

No side effects are observed if the dosages described in the instruction are adhered to. In case of an overdose, symptoms such as diarrhea, flatulence, and abdominal pain may appear.

Poppy for men

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What good is the Peruvian poppy for men? Reviews say that after using this plant, stress resistance has appeared and sexual impotence has disappeared, so this remedy has a positive effect on the stronger sex. Increases sexuality. Regulates the production of testosterone. Strengthens libido, strengthens the erection, promotes a longer sexual intercourse. Increases the percentage of successful conception, as it improves sperm quality and stimulates sperm motility.

Root should be consumed with:

  • prolonged nerve tension;
  • decreased potency;
  • of an unstable erection;
  • premature ejaculation;
  • of urinary tract diseases;
  • the difficulty of conceiving a child.

Peruvian poppy is widely used in sports nutrition. According to some athletes and coaches, plant-based supplements make exercise more effective, restore strength, increase endurance and help build muscle.

The following preparations with the addition of root vegetables are widely used: Masa on Now, "Viagra Maca"( Maca).The reviews claim that it can significantly prolong the sexual intercourse and dietary supplements "Maka Vibe".

The root has the strongest healing effect. Powder and dietary supplements with an extract of poppies have a lower concentration and less effective. The Peruvian poppy keeps its properties well in powder( raw organic).

How to take a plant

Knowing people say that the Peruvian poppy( properties, reviews, application described above) for the greatest effect should be eaten raw, but most often it is sold as a dry powder.

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Root can accelerate the heartbeat, so its use begins with small doses. For the prevention take from 1 to 3 teaspoons of powder a day. If the plant is used in complex therapy, the norm is 10-12 g per day. The remedy is taken within six days, and on the seventh take a break. The full course is three months. Before the second course they give the body a rest for a couple of months.

Powder for ingestion is added to drinks and food. If the plant is used as an aphrodisiac, then it is used two hours before sexual intercourse.

Maca Peruvian: reviews of

This plant has gathered a lot of different opinions about itself. Someone argues that powder from poppies helps to solve problems with potency. In addition, people note the improvement of health, increased vitality, libido. It is said that they forgot about stress, and the sexual act became more vivid, and the sex-making itself became more frequent. Increased efficiency. Increased tone and immunity. Many homeopaths note that the plant is safe and does not cause side effects.

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At the same time, some men believe that the Peruvian poppy( reviews about it, so there are also negative ones) does not always give the desired result. Some people did not experience any changes in the intimate sphere, even after a monthly intake. Such people argue that the potency has not increased, and believe that this is another "divorce."There are those who, after consuming the powder, had a headache, drowsiness, there was a loss of vitality and libido. What can be said about this? In general, adherents of alternative medicine refer to the individual characteristics of each person and the intolerance to people of any components in the composition of the remedy.