"Eutiroks" or "L-thyroxine" - what is better? The difference between "Eutirox" and "L-thyroxine"

Modern medicine has several million medicines. At the same time, more and more various analogues and generics have been produced recently. Often patients ask their doctor: "Eutiroks" or "L-thyroxine" - which is better "?The answer to this question can not be given immediately. After all, both medicines contain the same active substance - levothyroxine sodium. However, there is still a difference in medicines. That's about it you will learn from the article.

Similarity of

drugs If you are prescribed Eutirox or L-thyroxine, then you have a thyroid disorder. Indications for the use of medications are any pathology associated with the appearance of goiter. Both compounds are recommended for use in thyroid cancer or after surgery in this area.

The first and second medicine is taken orally before meals. It is advisable to use tablets on an empty stomach, drinking them with water. In this case, do not crush the drug( except for the treatment of small children).For babies it is possible to dissolve the medicine in a small amount of liquid. Both compositions are taken once a day. Dosage of drugs is selected based on patient complaints and after laboratory diagnosis. Self-administration of tablets of both kinds is strictly forbidden. Otherwise, there may be deplorable consequences.

the difference between eutirox and l thyroxine

Dosage and packaging of

"Eutirox" or "L-thyroxine" - which is better? The first drug is available in a wide variety of dosages. The drug can contain 25, 50, 75, 88, 100, 112, 125, 137 and 150 μg of levothyroxine. A medication of 25 capsules is produced in a blister pack. The drug "L-thyroxine" contains 50 and 100 μg of active substance. The medication is sold for 10 and 50 capsules per package.

As you can see, there is a difference between these medicines. It should be noted that tablets "Eutiroks" are more convenient to use. After all, you can choose the individual dosage that is right for you.

thyroxine or euthyrox how to choose

The price category of tablets

"L-thyroxine" and "Eutiroks" - what is better for the price? The cost of drugs is different. It depends on the dosage and the number of tablets in the package. The medicine "Eutiroks" will cost you from 100 to 200 rubles. The drug "L-thyroxine" costs approximately the same( 100-140 rubles).When choosing a medicine, it is worth comparing the price of the same dosage of medicines.

The preparation "Eutiroks" in a dose of 50 mcg( 100 pcs) costs 130 rubles. The same amount of medicine "L-thyroxine" will cost you 240 rubles. As you can see, tablets "Eutiroks" have a more favorable price category.

Side effects of

"Eutirox" or "L-thyroxine" - what is better from side effects of drugs? The instructions for use of both medicines state that they do not cause negative reactions. However, consumers and doctors express a different point of view.

Eutirox is usually well tolerated by even the most sensitive patients. Only when the dose is exceeded, the drug can cause allergies. The agent "L-thyroxine" has much more probability of development of by-effects. Tablets often cause problems with weight, deterioration in overall well-being. Often there are baldness or increased hairiness.

eutiroks or l thyroxine

Contraindications to the use of

Tablets "Thyroxine" or "Eutirox"?How to choose the right medicine that suits you? A recommendation for the use of the drug should be given by a doctor. Also, before the start of therapy, you should always read the contraindications. What is the difference between these drugs?

Eutirox should not be used during pregnancy without appropriate recommendations. Also, during breastfeeding, the issue of treatment is decided exclusively by a specialist. The drug "L-thyroxine" is contraindicated in case of myocardial infarction. While its analog can also be used in this case.

"Eutiroks" or "L-thyroxine" - what is better?

Summing up all of the above, we can draw the following conclusions. The medicine "Eutiroks" is cheaper. It is better tolerated by patients of all ages. It is convenient to take, as the drug is produced in different dosages.

The medication "L-thyroxine" is a more popular remedy. It is more often prescribed by physicians. The doctor decides exactly which medicine to choose. However, the expert relies on the patient's condition and complaints.

l thyroxine and eutiroks which is better

Patient opinion

What about the described drugs consumers say? The majority of patients have the opinion that both drugs are the same. However, it is not. As you can see, there is a difference. Note that you can not replace one medication yourself with another. Before this you need to see the endocrinologist.

Consumers are usually satisfied with the means that they were assigned. Some people say that the medicine "L-thyroxine" caused a lot of unpleasant reactions. Then, after replacing the drug with Eutirox tablets, the condition returned to normal.

An important point to be said about is the effect of therapy. Patients say that the result of the application of "Eutirox" is visible only after a few weeks. While his analog "L-thyroxine" positively manifests itself on the third day of treatment. The results are noticeable in general health, laboratory tests and ultrasound. After the cancellation of both drugs, the effect persists for some time.

Future mothers who took medication of both trade names, say that during the period of bearing a child, you need to increase the dose of the medicine. This is necessary for the normal development of the embryo. Selection of the appropriate portion of tablets makes the doctor after a certain diagnosis.

Eutiroks or l thyroxine that is better

A short summary of the article: conclusion

If you are interested in knowing the difference between "Eutirox" and "L-thyroxine," then ask your doctor about it. It is worth recalling that both compounds are assigned exclusively after laboratory tests. Based on the data obtained, an individual dose of the drug is selected. If necessary, during the treatment, the dose of the drug can be adjusted. Strong to you health and well-being!