How to remove stool from the intestine?

Gross stone or coprolite is a fairly dense formation that is located in the intestine and is formed under the influence of regular constipation, individual anatomy of the bowel or malnutrition. Such multiple clusters can quickly lead to a dangerous complication in the form of obstruction. In this regard, the patient, who is experiencing this deviation, urgently needs to start treatment to remove coprolites.

In order to remove stool from the intestine, the following ingredients and attributes may be needed:

  • castor oil;
  • vegetable oil;
  • of Esmarch's mug;
  • microclysters;
  • magnesia;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • laxative herbs;
  • sodium chloride;
  • glycerin suppositories;
  • acetic acid;Freshly squeezed juice from
  • .

How to get rid of fecal stones: several effective methods of

1. To remove coprolites, many doctors recommend taking castor oil before going to bed for 1 or 2 large spoons. This drug will help to soften the stool, which in the future will have a mild laxative effect, which usually comes in 6-9 hours.

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2. Cucumber is well excreted if glycerin suppositories are used. They can be injected into the rectum to both adults and children. If the constipation lasts long enough, you feel some kind of heaviness and discomfort in the intestines, as well as constant gas formation and not very pleasant smell from the mouth, it is desirable to use 2 candles at once and put them in the morning and before going to bed. The effect of this drug comes in about 10-35 minutes.

3. Quite quickly to clean the intestines from stool stones with the help of the drug "Norgalax".Usually it is sold in pharmacies in the form of a gel-like mass for one microclyster. Enter such a medicine into the rectum should be up to 2 times a day.

4. Also from the formed coprolites effectively rescues the drug "Enamax", which is sold to pharmacies in the form of plastic enemas with a volume of up to 120 milliliters. He is quite good at removing stool stones, and also helps to get rid of constipation for a long time. It is recommended to put an enema in the morning and in the evenings.

5. If you do not have enough money to buy a drug to remove coprolites, then such an effective solution can be done on your own. To do this, mix 3 large spoons of juice, squeezed out of fresh beets, half a dessert spoon of apple cider vinegar and 2 liters of broth, which must be made from 5 gr.mountaineer bird, 5 gr.dry chamomile, 5 gr.motherwort and 5 g.lime trees. After this, the resulting mixture needs to fill the Esmarch mug and immediately make a cleansing enema.

6. Stool can be removed from the intestine and with an enema with a solution of magnesia, as well as the addition of sunflower, olive, linseed, hemp or vaseline oil.

7. If the attending physician advised you to make Ognyev microclysters, then it is desirable to mix 30 ml of a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide, 50 ml of 10% sodium chloride and 100 ml of glycerin. Such purifying procedures should preferably be done in the mornings and evenings.