"Roks" - remineralizing gel for teeth and oral cavity

Everyone has a problem with their teeth. As a rule, they develop as a result of adverse effects of both external and internal factors. boxing remineralizing gel

In case of untimely treatment of dental diseases, the patient may develop inflammatory complications.

So how to get rid of dental problems? To do this, the Rox gel remineralizing is often used. Reviews about it and its features will be presented later.

General information

"Rox" - remineralizing gel, which was developed to restore the structure of enamel at home. An important feature of this tool is its versatility. It can be used by adults and elderly people, as well as young children.

It should also be noted that such a gel is applied on a regular basis.

Safety & Assignment

"Rox" is a remineralizing gel with components that are completely safe for human health. This tool is used to strengthen the teeth, as well as for quality care for the mouth and enamel.

Using such a dental product, patients very quickly note its effective effect. According to the opinions of patients, it has the following effects:

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  • bleaches the enamel;
  • returns natural whiteness and shine to the teeth;
  • reduces tooth sensitivity, especially when exposed to heat, cold and acidity;gel rox remineralizing testimonials
  • is struggling with already developed caries;
  • improves the quality and appearance of the enamel;
  • improves the flora in the oral cavity.

Properties of the preparation

"Rox" is a remineralizing gel that can be used by all patients. Regular application of such a tool forms a special film on the surface of the teeth, which protects the enamel from the effects of external negative factors.

Manufacturers of this unique pasta claim that it contains xylitol. It is an effective preventative against caries. In addition, this substance improves the flora in the oral cavity.

"Rems" remineralizing gel( reviewed hereinafter) includes biological compounds rich in calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. It is these elements that strengthen the enamel and reduce the risk of developing dental diseases.

The drug is often prescribed to patients who are not allowed to use fluoride-containing pastes. To this category of patients are people with kidney stone disease, broken metabolism of minerals, various forms of osteoporosis, thyroid gland diseases, kidney failure, etc. gel rox remineralizing instruction

"Rocks" remineralizing gel for children

As mentioned above, such a tool is often used by young children. Due to the fact that it does not contain fluoride, this product is absolutely safe for the health of the child. In other words, if swallowed accidentally, it does not cause poisoning.

"Rox" - remineralizing gel for children has a pleasant aroma and fruity taste. Thanks to this tool, the increase in caries in a child is reduced to 4 times.

How to use

How should I use the "Rox" remineralizing gel? The instruction of this tool is enclosed in a cardboard box together with a tube.

You can apply such a dental product on a permanent basis or as a course treatment.

If you chose the latter option, then the gel should be used at least three times in 12 months. The duration of the drug is two weeks. gel rox remineralizing for children

Since it is necessary to use the gel "Rox" remineralizing? The instruction says that before using the said preparation, the teeth are first cleaned with ordinary paste, and then the medicinal preparation is applied. Repeatedly performing hygiene procedures, it is held for some time in the mouth( for 40 minutes).

The agent should be used twice a day. It must be used in the morning and before bedtime.

After applying the gel on the teeth, it is forbidden to drink and eat food. If you want a more pronounced effect, then the drug can be applied to the kapy. Such cleansing and treatment procedures should be performed within half an hour.

Price of the facility

Do you know about how much "Rocks"( gel "Medical") remineralizing costs? It should be noted that such a drug is sold not only in pharmacies. Often it can be found in large supermarkets.

Recall that the drug in question is sold in tubes and sachets for single use. The latter option is very convenient for those who often travel on business trips and travel. Although even ordinary people recommend using a gel in bags. This is due to the fact that it is protected from the oxidizing effects of the environment.

Today the drug under consideration is produced with a neutral taste, mint and fruit. The latter two are very often used by children.

The price of this gel for one tube is 290-380 rubles. Before using it, the patient should remember that such a remedy does not replace the professional and deep cleaning of teeth that is made in the dentist's office. However, this drug is able to maintain the health of your teeth.

Reviews of the

gel Most consumers of the product in question claim that their teeth become less sensitive after use. They no longer react to the aggressive environment, but also become white and strong. boxing gel remineralizing gel

In addition, it is believed that this drug restores damaged enamel and eliminates bad breath.

Some users of this gel report that it acts only with prolonged use, which is not always affordable.