Rinser SV12 for the oral cavity: composition, action, reviews

Bad smell from the mouth - this is a problem that everyone can face unexpectedly. The cause may be diseases of internal organs, as well as the multiplication of bacteria. If the first case will help the doctor, then in the second will save the conditioner SV12.It not only freshens breath, but also has antibacterial and antiseptic action, prevents the development of caries, acts on the cause that caused the ailment.

Ingredients for the oral cavity

The rinsing agent CB12 contains the following active ingredients: zinc acetate dihydrate, which removes a bad smell, chlorhexidine, which has antiseptic effect, sodium fluoride, which protects teeth from caries. Secondary agents in the composition are: water, glycerin, alcohol, sorbitol, sodium fluoride, castor oil, citric acid, perfume.

rinse conditioner 12

Liquid conditioner is packaged in 250 ml polyethylene bottles. This amount is enough for twenty-five "pshikov", that is, for one application, approximately 10 ml of this remedy are consumed.

CB12 - this is a special patented formula, which for one use freshens breath for twelve hours. Begins to act immediately. It has a light aroma of menthol and mint. Contains 0.05% sodium fluoride.

Action of the preparation

The CB12 rinse aid differs from other similar preparations by the interaction of two main components. These are zinc acetate and chlorohexidine diacetate. They twelve hours in a row neutralize the release of volatile sulfur dioxide in any form. After all, they often become the cause of an unpleasant odor in the oral cavity. The combined effect of these active substances is several times more effective than using each ingredient separately.

Chlorhexidine in the composition of the drug has a sufficiently low concentration, so it does not cause darkening of the tooth enamel and does not kill the beneficial microflora of the oral mucosa. Also, it does not destroy the natural biocoenosis. The component destroys the outer shell of the sulfur molecule. Promotes the further work of zinc with the sulfur-forming substance. It has a unique property to come into close relationship with the mucous membrane of the mouth, tooth enamel and the surface of the tongue, thus ensuring a lasting result for twelve hours.

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Zinc acetate is the best zinc formula for controlling volatile sulfur compounds, which are all badly smelling substances arising from the decomposition of food residues in the oral cavity. This space between the teeth, the area in the gingival pockets, the surface of the tongue.

Sodium fluoride in the product strengthens the enamel on the teeth and prevents the appearance of caries. Rinser CB12 is an excellent addition to the toothpaste containing fluoride.

How to use and dosage

The odor control agent reduces the effect of volatile sulfur compounds. The rinse mouth conditioner CB12 acts instantly and freshens breath for twelve hours.

The use of automatic dispensing bottles on which the red button is located should proceed as follows:

  • Remove the lid from the rinse aid.
  • Remove the protective ring.
  • Bubble tilt to the oral cavity at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • Press the red button, which should be held until the solution from the bottle stops flowing. Automatically, the drug gives a dose of 10 ml.

The liquid should be rinsed for 30 seconds. Then you need to spit it out. Do not ingest this solution.

mouthwash rinse 12

Rinser for mouth is also available in vials without a dispenser. Its application includes the following steps:

  • Remove the cover and remove the protective locking ring.
  • Pour the preparation into the measuring cup to a mark of 10 ml.
  • Rinse the mouth with a refreshing fluid and spit it out. Do not swallow.

Apply CB12 in the morning in order to remove a bad odor from the mouth for twelve hours. The remedy should be treated with a mouth for 30-60 seconds, after which it should be spit out. The solution can not be swallowed. Can be used twice a day in the morning and in the evening.

The expiry date is indicated on the lid of the vial. You can not use the tool after the specified date. Store the product at a temperature of 5 to 25 degrees.

Indications and contraindications

It has high efficiency and for a long time freshens the cavity of the mouth SV12.Rinse aid should not be used if there is a hypersensitivity to at least one of the components found in the product. It is necessary to refuse the use of funds for children under the age of fourteen.

mouthwash rinse 12

CB12 is designed for the prevention of dental diseases. The rinse aid can be used during pregnancy and lactation, but after consulting a doctor. The product contains 1.7% alcohol, which is eroded after 17 minutes. After this time you can get behind the wheel of the car.


The price for a conditioner for mouth CB12 fluctuates around 600-850 rubles. It is influenced by the markup of the outlet. The product is sold through the pharmacy network. Also, it can be purchased in many online markets. The supplier is ZAO CV Protek. The manufacturer is the Swiss company Unumedic AB SE.

Rinser CB12: reviews

This product has gathered around itself a lot of positive reviews. It acts on everyone in different ways. Someone helps him to get rid of the smell from his mouth for twelve hours, and someone's action ends after 6-8 hours. They say that this difference depends on the composition of saliva, which is individual for each person. The remedy not only disinfects, but also struggles with the remains of food, which could not be removed as a result of hygienic cleaning of teeth. People note that the drug well removes inflammation from the gums and strengthens the teeth. Has a pronounced mint flavor, is economical and has a convenient packaging. For a long time, it refreshes the breath.

conditioner r12 reviews

Of the drawbacks, users note a slight burning sensation in the cheek area, an acidic aftertaste in the mouth after using the rinse aid and a fairly high price. They say that with regular use of the product is not enough even for a month. The presence of sodium fluoride makes it impossible to constantly use it, since this substance is poisonous, and preparations with its content can only be used from time to time.

The CB12 rinse aid is the only remedy at the moment, which relieves bad smell from the mouth for such a long period. At the moment, the drug has no analogues in the world.