Wen on labia: treatment

Many people know firsthand about what weners are. Usually these formations are localized on the face, arms and legs. However, they can appear in hard-to-reach places, for example in the field of female genital organs. What are the causes of this phenomenon? Is it really dangerous? What methods of treatment does modern medicine offer?

General Information

A grease is the common name of the neoplasm that occurs on the body. They are of two types: lipomas and atheromas. What is the difference? Lipoma is a neoplasm from the subcutaneous adipose tissue, which is localized under the epidermis layer. Atheroma is a benign tumor that occurs as a result of occlusion of the sebaceous glands. They are located on the skin all over the body. Therefore, adolescents on the labia are considered a natural phenomenon. adipose labia

Causes of the ailment

There are many factors that influence the occurrence of this problem. We list the most basic:

  • Oily skin. Excessive activity of the sebaceous glands gradually leads to their blockage.
  • Increased sweating.
  • Hormonal disorders. Some of them provoke an increased secretion of the glands, which also makes the skin greasy.
  • Excess body weight.
  • Harmful habits.
  • Incorrect food( consumption of spicy and sweet food).
  • Ignoring the rules of personal hygiene.
  • Metabolic disorders on the background of chronic diseases( diabetes, hypothyroidism).
  • Mechanical damage to the sebaceous gland.

Sometimes, adolescents on the labia are the result of several reasons. Therefore, observance of elementary rules of personal hygiene and rational nutrition can minimize the likelihood of developing this ailment. adipose on small labia

Clinical picture

By itself, the fatty grease is the result of clogging of the sebaceous duct. Such neoplasms often cause discomfort and shame in women. Lipoma and some other diseases are manifested in a similar way, so without the help of a doctor can not do. The specialist will determine the etiology of the problem and prompt correct treatment.

What do the adipes look like on the labia? The photo of the lipoma is presented in this article. It shows that the formation resembles a small seal. If it is located close to the skin, you can consider its contents. The diameter of the wenrope usually does not exceed a few millimeters, but there are exceptions. Such seals are not accompanied by painful discomfort, so they can go unnoticed for a long time. Swelling and redness of the skin appear after the attachment of the inflammatory process.

zhenoviki on the labia scissors photo

Are dummies dangerous?

Lipomas and atheromas do not pose a threat to their health. Wenbergs on the labia bring an aesthetic discomfort. However, to ignore this problem is not worth it. Education is very easy to injure and damage. Its contents are an excellent nutrient medium for pathogenic flora. When bacteria enter the capsule, inflammation develops and pus appears. The secret can break or spread under the skin, thus provoking phlegmon of soft tissues.

The epidermis on the genitals is very thin and delicate, constantly exposed to mechanical stress( friction about underwear or liner).Therefore, the probability of injuries to the wen are high. Some women try to open the lipoma and squeeze out its contents. To go to such a step is by no means impossible. The subsequent inflammation can spread to neighboring tissues and organs. There is another clear threat that makes a woman go to the doctor. If the fatty lips on the labia regularly increase in size and become painful, they may be hiding malignant formations. The final diagnosis should be the doctor and prescribe the treatment.

white adolescents on the labia

Basic principles of therapy

Do not squeeze out grease or smear them with creams. This can only aggravate the problem. To permanently get rid of these formations on the skin, you need to see a doctor. The specialist will be able to choose the most appropriate treatment option. Usually it implies surgical intervention. In total there are several options. Next, consider each procedure in more detail.

Surgical Options

In the initial stages, in the absence of an inflammatory process, the treatment of the wen on the labia is performed with the help of medications. They are administered subcutaneously and promote the resorption of the contents. The effect of such therapy is not immediately noticeable. It comes about 2-3 months after the manipulations. on the labia of the fatty than treated

The second option is the opening and extrusion of the wen together with its capsule. After this procedure, self-absorbing seams are applied to the affected area. If the lipoma continues to increase in size and becomes inflamed, it is removed along with a part of the tissues. This procedure avoids relapse in the future, but has a number of side effects. For example, there are always scars after the operation.

Endoscopic intervention possible. The operation is performed using a special device - an endoscope. The doctor removes the atheroma by sucking the formation or excising. This method is characterized by low traumatism and does not leave scars on the skin. Small adipocytes are also removed with a laser. The procedure does not require prolonged anesthesia, excludes infection of the body.

Nontraditional approaches in the treatment of adipose

Recipes of folk healers are actively used in the fight against lipomas. If appeared on the labia of a fatty than treating it? Most often, the mother-and-stepmother leaves are used to cover the affected areas. However, such procedures are not easy to conduct in the genital area. You can make lotions from the infusion of burdock root or chopped baked onions. Such methods of treatment are effective only at the initial stage of the development of the disease. In case of joining the inflammatory process, their use is not recommended. treatment of wen on labia

Preventive measures

Remove white adipes on the labia are half of the matter. Women who had to face this problem are concerned about the prevention of tumors. Its basis is the hygiene of the genital organs. Doctors recommend taking a shower twice a day, regularly changing underwear. If the skin is prone to rashes, and greens appear not only on the genitals, you need to adjust the diet. For some time it is better to exclude fat and carbohydrate food. The diet should be varied with raw vegetables and fruits, porridges. If the adipose on the small labia continue to appear, it is necessary to visit the endocrinologist. Failures in the thyroid gland are often the cause of lyme formation, which are difficult to treat.