Eye drops "Albutsid": analogues and reviews about them

In case of inflammation of the eyes, antiviral drops are used. The defeat manifests itself in the form of conjunctivitis, blepharitis, keratitis. The main effect of the action that drops in the eyes is antiviral and antibacterial. They contribute to the production of interferon in the cornea. Thanks to this, the immune system begins to fight the infection caused by the viruses. Interferon contributes to the destruction of pathogens.

albucid analog There are drops that contain interferon obtained from the human body. It is necessary to know that viral eye damage is a very serious pathology. It requires examination and treatment from a professional specialist in this field. Only an ophthalmologist will be able to appoint after the examination necessary for treatment of antiviral drops. The "Albucid" drops are very popular. The analogue can also be used, having consulted with the oculist beforehand.

Form of preparation and its composition

The drug "Albucid" is very often used in the treatment and prevention of inflammatory diseases of the eyes. The medicine can be used for such ailments as conjunctivitis, blepharitis, keratitis. After the surgical interventions on the eyes, you also need to drip these drops, so that there are no complications of an infectious nature. The reviews show that they have a reasonable price for the "Albucid" drop. Analogues of this drug are much more expensive.

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albucid analogues The main substance that is a part of the "Albucid" drops is sulfacetamide. Additional ingredients of the drug are distilled water, sodium thiosulfate, hydrochloric acid. Diluted drops in plastic bottles of 10 and 5 ml. The dispenser in the form of a small dropper was made from above.

Therapeutic effect of eye drops "Albucid"

Sulfacetamide, which is the basis of the drug, has a bright antimicrobial effect. This substance belongs to the group of sulfonamides. Perfectly penetrates the tissue of the eye and is absorbed well there. Sulfacetamide destroys the multiplication of pathogens. Albucid excellently copes with staphylococcus, streptococcus and Escherichia coli.

The eyeballs are quite unique in their composition. Analogues of the drug do not contain sulfacetamide, which has not only antiviral, but also antibacterial properties. Drops of "Albucid" are applied to the anterior parts of the eye.

Indications for use

The drug is used to treat and prevent infectious and anti-inflammatory eye diseases that are caused by bacteria that are susceptible to the substance of sulfacetamide. The drug for treatment of purulent inflammations in newborns has proved to be very useful. Such antibacterial drops professionally cope with the treatment of purulent ulcers of the cornea of ​​the eye. Drops of "Albucid" are applied to the anterior parts of the eye.

How to use

Drops with a 30% solution of sulfacetamide are used only for eye treatment in adults. For children and adolescents apply a 20-percent solution of drops of "Albucid".The dose is established after a preliminary examination of the patient and determining the degree of inflammation. In a sharp form, 2-3 drops drop every four hours a day. After a pronounced therapeutic effect, the dose is reduced to 2 drops once per day.

drops albucid analogues It should be taken before the complete disappearance of the inflammatory process of "Albucid"( eye drops).Analogues of it have the same methods of application for the treatment of diseases of the cornea.

Contraindications and side effects of eye drops Albucid

It is not recommended for use with hypersensitivity to the drug components. In exceptional cases, drops may cause eye irritation. This will be manifested in abundant lacrimation, itching and burning. If such symptoms occur, stop using the drug and seek additional help from a doctor. Such side effects are very rare in the eye antibacterial drops "Albucid".

albucide ophthalmic analogues Analogs of the drug have similar side effects and contraindications. Below you will find the most popular medicines, which you can replace the drug "Albucid".

Antibacterial and antiviral drops "Aktipol"

The drug has an antiviral and immunomodulatory effect on the eyes, it helps stimulate the production of its own interferon. In a short time, antiviral drops for the eyes restore the inflamed cornea. The product is suitable for topical use. Specialists note that the medicine can also be prescribed for children.

The composition of the drops includes para-aminobenzoic acid. Additional substances are saline and water for injections. Drops are available in plastic or glass bottles of 5 ml. When the agent is instilled in the eye, para-aminobenzoic acid, which is part of its composition, is rapidly absorbed and begins to act. Drops "Aktipol" have the same indications for use as the "Albucid".Analogues of drugs can perfectly replace each other in the treatment of many viral diseases.

You should instill 2 antiviral drops directly into the conjunctival sac. Treatment is 5-6 times a day. After improving the condition, you need to drip 3 drops once a day for about one week.

Patients may experience local reactions that manifest reddening of the conjunctiva of the eye. In very rare cases, there may be an allergy. It requires the withdrawal of the drug and the appointment of additional treatment.

Contraindications are the individual intolerance of certain drugs that are part of these drops. In general, the drug is well tolerated and does not cause allergies, as well as eye drops "Albucid", an analog of which is suitable for the treatment of inflammation of the cornea in adults and children.

Drops "Ophthalmoferon"

This medicine can become an excellent substitute for the drug "Albucid".An analogue can be found in any pharmacy. It is an excellent antiviral drug. Apply it locally in ophthalmology."Ophthalmoferon" has a high anti-inflammatory, antiviral, immunomodulatory effect, has a good local anesthetic and regenerating effect.

albucid eye drops analogs The medication is used for various types of conjunctivitis, adenovirus and herpetic keratitis, uveitis, keratoconjunctivitis. In the acute stage of the disease, you need to drip in the eye 2 drops every three hours during the day. Further, with the onset of a positive therapeutic effect, continue treatment for a week. Burying in the eye should be done once a day for 2-3 drops. The treatment follows the same pattern as that of the "Albucid" drops. The analogue of these drops is considered to be the same popular medicine among the population.

Reviews show that the drops "Ophthalmoferon" quickly remove the inflammatory process. Patients note that the improvement is already the day after the start of therapy.