Prevention of vascular thrombosis: advice from specialists

Thrombosis is an extremely unpleasant and dangerous disease, which in the absence of treatment leads to a mass of complications. In some cases, it is much easier to prevent the development of the disease than to undergo a course of treatment. Prophylaxis of thrombosis is a permanent process. But subject to certain recommendations, you will be able to protect yourself from this disease. Since the main preventive measures look like and how do you determine if you are at risk?

What is thrombosis and how dangerous is it?

thrombosis prevention and treatment

Today, many people are interested in what constitutes a thrombosis. Prevention and treatment of this ailment is also no less urgent. A similar disease is accompanied by the formation of blood clots( thrombi) inside the vessels. Sometimes such formations dissolve by themselves, but in some cases they are attached to the wall of the vessel and gradually increase in size.

As a rule, thrombosis affects the veins of the lower extremities. The presence of a clot breaks the normal circulation. In the absence of treatment, inflammation, trophism of tissues can develop. Sometimes a part of the thrombus can come off. Moving along with the blood flow, the clot is able to clog the vital vessels. For example, a dangerous complication of thrombosis is thromboembolism, which often ends with the death of a sick person.

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Who is at risk?

prophylaxis of thrombosis

There are people who are more prone to blood clots. It is for such categories of the population that prophylaxis of thrombosis is extremely important. So who is at risk?

  • Males are over 40 years old.
  • A woman in the menopause period.
  • People suffering from obesity.
  • Patients suffering from cardiovascular disease, including stroke, heart attack, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis.
  • Risk factors include hemorrhoids.
  • Thrombosis often develops after surgery.
  • Improper nutrition in a certain condition is also a risk factor.
  • This also includes patients suffering from various diseases, which are accompanied by a thickening of the blood.
  • Smokers and people who abuse alcohol.
  • Leading sedentary lifestyle.
  • Patients with oncological diseases.
  • People who are exposed to constant stress, which affect the hormonal background.

Prophylaxis of thrombosis: preparations

prevention of thrombosis drugs

Naturally, if you suspect a possibility of developing this disease, you should contact your doctor. Prevention of deep vein thrombosis includes the periodic intake of certain drugs. Typically, this treatment involves several key points, namely:

  • blood thinning( for this purpose, patients are usually prescribed drugs containing acetylsalicylic acid, it should be noted that such drugs should never be prescribed to oneself, as thisdangerous for health);
  • strengthening of blood vessels( quite often doctors recommend the use of the drug "Ascorutin", which, along with other components, contains ascorbic acid or vitamin C);
  • purification of blood( effectively coped with the drug "Flebodia").

As a rule, various drugs help reduce the risk of developing thrombosis. Nevertheless, some other rules must be followed.

Proper nutrition with a risk of developing thrombosis

prevention of venous thrombosis

Prophylaxis of venous thrombosis includes proper nutrition. The diet in this case is quite simple and corresponds to the basic norms of proper nutrition. It is necessary to sharply limit the amount of salt, smoked products, fatty and fried foods, pickles, sausages, etc. You need to replace them with vegetable and fruit dishes, lean fish and meat.

You need to eat berries - blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, cherries, cherries, cranberries. Also useful is oatmeal, rice broth, olive and flaxseed oil, lemons and other citrus fruits, ginger.

It is also very important to consume enough water. Speech in this case is about water, and not about liquids. Doctors recommend drinking 1.5-2 liters of pure still water( coffee, tea is not taken into account).

What can not be?

prevention of vascular thrombosis

In addition to useful products, there is also food, the use of which should be limited. Prevention of thrombosis involves reducing the number of smoked products, meat broths, white bread, cream, fried and excessively fatty foods.

To the list of food that thickens the blood, you can include various sausages and even some fruits, in particular, mangoes and bananas. There are they can, but in small quantities. Also, do not consume too much salt.

It is not recommended to abuse decoctions of dog-rose, St. John's wort, nettle, valerian and some other herbs. Medicinal plants, of course, are useful, but only if you comply with the dosage and drink them in courses. The constant, uncontrolled use of vegetable decoctions can lead to the opposite effect.

The abuse of alcohol affects the vascular status in the hematopoiesis system. It is also worth giving up smoking, since it increases the risk of developing thrombosis. The risk factors include uncontrolled use of hormonal, diuretics and contraceptives.

Sport and physical activity

prevention of venous thrombosis

Unfortunately, many people, by virtue of their profession or for other reasons, have to spend a lot of time in the same pose, sitting or standing during the day. This applies primarily to office staff, drivers, sellers, etc. This can not but affect the condition of the body and often leads to stagnation of blood, which greatly increases the risk of blood clots.

Refuse from work or change the scope of activities, of course, not everyone can. But the prevention of vascular thrombosis must necessarily include physical activity, special therapeutic gymnastics, regular exercise.

For example, if you have a sedentary job, then every hour you need to do at least a 5-minute break. Of course, there is not always the opportunity to do gymnastics in the workplace, but an easy walk to stretch your legs is enough.

Vaginal tonus can be maintained by dancing, cycling, swimming. Positively on the condition of the vessels affect walking, morning jogging, walking at a fast pace. You can also book gymnastics classes.

On the other hand, experts recommend avoiding those sports that involve a load on the arch of the foot. These include jumping, aerobics, tennis, weightlifting, squash and some others. Be sure to consult with your doctor in this regard. The specialist will tell you about how such procedures look like proper prevention of thrombosis and vascular diseases, strengthening of blood vessels.

How to prevent blood congestion? Useful recommendations

prevention of deep vein thrombosis

In addition to proper nutrition, taking medications and an active lifestyle, there are other, equally useful ways. For example, if you are overweight, you should seek advice from a nutritionist and try to gradually reduce your body weight to the norm.

It is also worth noting that the risk of developing thrombosis is contra-indicated the effect on the body of high temperatures. Therefore, it is worth to give up sunbathing and tanning salons, visiting saunas, baths, taking hot baths, using hot wax for epilation.

Specialists also pay attention to the difficulty of normal venous circulation, which is observed when wearing too tight jeans, underwear, shoes, which strongly compresses the ankle, etc. But the use of special compression knitwear that prevents the stagnation of blood, but does not disrupt the circulation invessels, sometimes very useful. The heel on the shoes should be wide and comfortable, do not exceed 3-4 cm in height. It will be useful to purchase special orthopedic insoles.

And during sleep people are advised to put a small pillow under their feet so as to facilitate the outflow of blood from the limbs. Positive on the condition of the vessels will affect the contrast shower.

Vascular strengthening with traditional medicine

Prevention of thrombosis may include the use of traditional medicine. For example, cranberries are often used to dilute blood. The fruit of the plant must be mixed with honey. This medicine is recommended to take twice a day for two teaspoons.

Positive on the state of health will affect the infusion of mint. Cook it simply - chopped plant leaves in a glass or cup, pour boiling water, cover the container and let it brew. Infuse the infusion. Take about half a glass of sutra. The course of treatment is 2-3 months, after which it is recommended to take a break.

In any case, you should not take any medications, even if it's a decoction of plants, without consulting a doctor.

Prevention of venous thrombosis during pregnancy

Unfortunately, quite often the victims of thrombosis become pregnant women. Such statistics are associated with hormonal changes in the body, an additional burden on the cardiovascular system, weight gain and some other factors.

Drug-induced prophylaxis of thrombosis is possible only if there are appropriate indications, and it is carried out with extreme caution. First of all, pregnant women are recommended to change their lifestyle, make the right diet, wear compression stockings, take walks in fresh air and, of course, monitor any changes in their state of health.