What causes warts on your hands? Why do warts appear on the fingers of children?

The appearance of warts on the fingers at first glance seems a minor problem. Is it possible to seriously worry about this scourge? Why get rid of them? And why such a small trouble gives so much trouble, because it's not always remembered? If you think so, then you are lucky: you are not the owner of this unpleasant defect. So, we will consider, from what there are warts on arms or hand? Are such formations dangerous?

from which there are warts on the hands

What are warts

Initially, let's see what kind of defect it is. And only then we will consider, from what there are warts on hands.

Every person represents what a defect looks like. In appearance it resembles a nodule or papilla. From the point of view of medicine, a wart is a normal( benign) formation that has a viral nature.

Most often, such a misfortune is formed on the fingers of children entering adolescence - 12-15 years.

It is impossible to ignore these data. There are several reasons for this:

  1. Warts do not adorn anyone. If they are many or they are large, children, and even adults, can develop complexes and develop psychological problems.
  2. Education can bring discomfort to the owner, because sometimes it starts to bleed and hurt. In addition, the wart may hamper certain actions that occur daily.
  3. An unpleasant defect is usually located on the fingers of the hands. In other words, the wart is constantly visible. Every minute contemplation of such ugliness returns to thoughts about the problem that has arisen.
  4. Provokes a wart virus. Therefore, it should be noted that this education is contagious.

And now let's analyze why warts appear on the hands?

why there are warts on the hands

The main reason

Noticing the formation of an unpleasant defect, a person is surprised that warts on the fingers appear? Modern medicine with an absolute guarantee has established that it is the basis for the formation of such a defect. The source of warts is the human papillomavirus. Abbreviated in medical terminology, it is called HPV.

There are many known versions of this virus. But only some of them can lead to the formation of warts.

Why there are warts on my hands, it's understandable. The culprit is the virus. But how does it get into the body? The virus penetrates through contact. Typically, infection occurs in childhood, about 3-5 years. However, babies are rarely seen in babies. Doctors say that the child has enough strong immunity to resist this viral skin infection. But after 10 years, when the baby enters adolescence, warts start to form. Most often they are localized on the hands. But sometimes can be observed on the feet.

Why do children have warts on their hands? The reason for their formation is in the activation of the virus. Thus, for 10 years, HPV was in the body, but just slept. He did not appear. But as soon as the child's immunity decreases, the infection immediately makes itself felt.

Toddlers in children

What causes warts on the fingers of the hands of adolescents? Above we talked about reducing immunity. To understand what the mechanism of formation of unpleasant defects is hidden in, it is necessary to recall adolescence.

from which there are warts on the fingers

In the body there is a hormonal reconstruction. The child is intensively growing. During this period, there is often a lack of vitamins. In addition, not the least role is played by constant overloads( school, circles), stresses, colds, neuroses. Against the background of such causes, a variety of diseases can develop, including warts.

It is difficult to derive such formations, as they grow deep into the skin. Often, after removing the wart, a new defect appears, but it is already considerably larger. Sometimes not even one.

To protect the child's body from such formations, immunity should be strengthened in a timely manner.

Variety of warts

Before touching the factors that trigger the mechanism of the formation of defects, it is necessary to consider what formations most often appear on children's fingers.

Often, the following types of warts occur:

  1. Ordinary. They look like an outgrowth, differing in a domed shape. The color of such defects is gray-brown. The consistency of the formation is solid. Often, parents notice that the baby has small warts on his hands. They can be many, and they are able to merge with each other. In addition to the hands, such defects appear on the neck, head, face. In the general mass, it is often possible to consider the maternal wart - the largest. If it is removed, all small formations will pass independently.
  2. Flat. These defects are distinguished by a smooth surface and a flat top. The color scheme of warts varies from light brown to pink. Similar formations often appear in children older than 10 years. They are localized mainly on the back of the hand or face.
  3. Filiform. These are warts characterized by a fingerlike shape. They are distinguished by flesh coloring.

why there are warts on the fingers

Basically, warts are safe formations that do not complicate the pathological process. However, some growths can become carcinogenic. Therefore, contacting a doctor with such defects is a mandatory procedure.

There are many ways to get rid of warts with the help of folk methods. Parents should be aware that such removal of formations very often leaves scars and scars in the hands of children.

Mechanisms of infection

So, let's see why there are warts on the fingers?

Infection can result from:

  1. Personal contact with the carrier of the virus. If the child touches the hands, let alone the formations of the infected person, then he exposes himself to a high risk of infection.
  2. Use of personal care items. Do not use someone else's soap, a towel, or a toothbrush. In addition, the virus can persist on surfaces to which the infected person touched.
  3. Ignoring the rules for visiting public places. Bathrooms, bathrooms, showers, saunas, swimming pools, saunas - all these rooms are the most likely sources of HPV.
  4. Minor injuries. Small cuts, wounds open up access to bacteria.

Predisposing factors in children

why children have warts on their hands

If you notice that the baby has warts on his hands, the reasons that trigger the mechanism of their formation, look for the following:

  • weakening of immunity;
  • lack of vitamins;
  • non-observance of the correct mode of rest and work;
  • defective food;
  • lack of fresh air( no walks);
  • appearance on the skin of microcracks and micro-traumas;
  • ignoring hygiene rules;
  • disturbed hormonal background;
  • increased sweating on the palms;
  • high level of radiation;
  • negative environmental background.

Premises characterized by high air humidity and temperature create favorable conditions for the formation of warts.

Reasons for the formation of a defect in adults

In general, you already understand what warts appear on the hands. But such formations can arise not only in adolescence. Sometimes unpleasant defects appear in adults.

Most often, the following factors trigger the progression of the virus:

  1. Microtrauma. These are small cuts, wound marks, scratches, abrasions. Warts are often formed in the hands of people whose work is associated with periodic injuries.
  2. Contact with poisonous substances. If you are constantly in contact with such components, then periodically monitor the size of the growth. Poisonous substances can lead to the degeneration of warts in malignant.
  3. Nervous overvoltage. Constant stress condition greatly reduces immune defense. As a result, the virus is activated by a favorable environment.
  4. Decreased immunity. This condition can be observed for various reasons. Often the basis is the wrong way of life or developing diseases.
  5. Increased sweating. It can provoke tight shoes, synthetic clothes, high air temperature. Sometimes at the heart of this symptomatology lies the ailment.

small warts appeared on the hands

Results of

It is necessary to know not only what warts appear on the hands, but also how to deal with them. And this information, in spite of the fact that there are many national recipes, is best obtained from a doctor.