Aromatase inhibitors: reviews, prices. Inhibitors of aromatase in bodybuilding

Aromatase inhibitors, or blockers, are a kind of medicinal products that are used to reduce the concentration of estrogens in the blood and increase the level of gonadotropic hormones and own testosterone. These substances are also used to treat and prevent male gynecomastia.

aromatase inhibitors

Aromatase inhibitors in bodybuilding are very often used in the course of anabolic steroids course for:

  • increasing the indices of hormones anabolic in the blood;
  • prophylaxis of gynecomastia;
  • preventing hypertension;
  • increased relief( by eliminating the negative effects of estrogens);
  • reduced estrogenic destruction of the axis of the testicle-pituitary-hypothalamus, which leads to an early reconstruction.

Building a course, it is necessary to reckon with the fact that not all anabolic steroids are susceptible to aromatization. Use is justified with the use of products such as methandrostenolone, methyltestosterone, testosterone and its derivatives. Slightly flavored halotestin, boldenone.


The most affordable and preferred aromatase inhibitors( in terms of fruitfulness are almost similar):


( worldwide name)

Brand( sold by pharmacies)

Approximate price


Preventive use in bodybuilding

When gynecomastia



1600 rub.

30 tab. For 25 mg

2.5 mg( 1/2 tablet) every other day

For 25 mg daily until elimination of symptoms. Then reduce the dosage to preventative.


Letromara( pharmac.)



3200 rub.

1000 rub.

30 tab.2.5 mg

0.5 mg( 1/5 tablets) every other day

2.5 mg daily until elimination of symptoms. Then reduce the dosage to preventive.




"Anastrozole Kabi"

1500 rub.

350 rub.

1300 rub.

28 tab.1 mg

0.5 mg( 1/2 tablet) every other day

1 mg daily until elimination of symptoms. Then reduce the dosage to preventative.

It should be noted that a moderate estrogen concentration is useful for muscle growth, so preventive dosages are indicated in volumes that affect the maintenance of physiologically necessary levels of male estrogens.

Usage on the

course Most domestic athletes, using aromatase inhibitors, use the following tactics: drugs are used only when the first signs of gynecomastia( itching in the nipple, swelling, redness) appeared. Unfortunately, this approach can not be called optimal.

aromatase inhibitors in bodybuilding

The most rational solution is the testing of estradiol in about ten days of the use of anabolic steroids with a short half-life( Methandrostenolone, Testosterone propionate) or three to four weeks after the use of oblong ethers( Sustanon, Enantat, Cypionate).Further, the average portion of "Anastrozole" is prescribed - 0.5 mg every other day. After ten days, a control analysis of estradiol is carried out and the dosage is adjusted according to the results.

A compromise option is the use of low and moderate servings of "Anastrozola", focused on personal impressions. If after such treatment there is depression, a breakdown in erectile function, a drop in libido, then you need to lower the dose.


The emergence of the publicly traded brand Letrazol has brought this product to the forefront. There are many tests that prove the high efficacy of this remedy in men. The introduction of the substance was accompanied by a marked increase in gonadotropin( LH).The productive dosage starts at 0.02 mg( below the therapeutic dose by 100 times): with it one can reduce the concentration of estrogen by a third.50% of Letrozole is excreted from the body for 2-4 days, which allows it to be drunk every other day. The basic disadvantage is his ability to reduce the level of estrogens even by small dosages.

aromatase inhibitors drugs

"Anastrozole" is popular in bodybuilding: it was remarkably studied in men as a means of reducing estradiol. Experienced it was shown that a dose of 1-0.5 mg can reduce the level of estradiol by approximately 50%.Dealers can buy this product almost ten times cheaper than in the pharmacy. In megacities, there is a cheap "Anastrozol Kabi".

In his book, Dr. Mauro G. De Pascale wrote: "It is assumed that estrogens, formed as a result of aromatization of testosterone and other anabolic steroids in the hypothalamus and brain, reduce the secretion of luteinizing hormone, and, consequently, the production of testosterone."Gilmann and Hudmann inform that the feedback is activated more by the accumulation of estrogens than testosterone. In this way, it is explained that aromatase inhibitors can significantly reduce the inhibitory effect of anabolic substances on the release of personal sex hormones.

Third-party effects of

What are the dangerous aromatase inhibitors for men? We know that estrogens in small doses have a positive effect on the male body. Estrogen hormones increase both the effectiveness of the course, and the susceptibility of androgen receptors. In addition, they themselves have a protective and anabolic effect.

aromatase inhibitor price

The importance of muscular estrogen receptors is thoroughly described in the thesis of Anna Wiik. In fact, in fact, impressive doses of blockers can unnecessarily reduce the level of estrogen, which contributes to the occurrence of such side effects as:

  • inhibition of muscle growth;
  • articular pain( arthralgia);
  • deterioration of well-being and falling of a libido;
  • depression;
  • disorder of lipid profile( increased cholesterol);
  • decrease in strength of bones.

Subjectively, drugs are better tolerated than "Tamoxifen."

Natural inhibitors of

The following are distinguished:

  • caffeine;
  • resveratrol;
  • zinc;
  • nicotine;
  • apigenin;
  • catechins;
  • Eriodictiol.

Application of "Anastrozole"

What else are aromatase inhibitors good for? Drugs data are widely used in bodybuilding. For example, "Anastrozole" is necessary to delay water in the human body and prevent the occurrence of gynecomastia( often in combination with androgens such as testosterone and dianobol or in combination with finasteride).But in this case, the athlete also receives an impressive set of forbidden preparations from the "List of prohibited methods and substances", moreover, they have their own spectrum of secondary effects.

aromatase inhibitors drugs price

An uncontrolled application of "Anastrozole" by athletes who are keen, in particular, for bodybuilding, can lead to arthralgia, asthenia, or to decreased joint mobility, headache, drowsiness. Of course, occasionally there may be thromboembolic problems and develop strokes.

About "Anastrozole" a lot is written in the literature for athletes as a very harmless drug. But the distant and immediate effects of its reception can be the most unpredictable and tragic. After all, if you take only one tablet( 1 mg) daily, you can get a pronounced hormonal surge. By the way, this phenomenon is observed in more than 80% of people who used this product.

In general, aromatase inhibitors are well known drugs. Samples of the third generation of blockers Anastrozol and, later, Vorozol and
Letrozol, were created as first and second line products for treating scattered receptor-positive breast cancer.


For weightlifters, the pharmacological market also offers 5,7-dihydroxyflavone( "Krizin"), which athletes use in very high doses. It has anti-aromatase properties and is produced in two forms - MRM-Chrysin, containing 500 mg of a perfect crisin on a capsule, and SciFit-Chrysin ES, which contains half the active substance.

Developers do not describe side effects, but it should be remembered that all substances and preparations with antiaromatase action can cause significant harm to the athlete's body. In addition, they are in the "List of prohibited methods and substances".


Many bodybuilders say that, based on experience with the use of Letrozole( "Femara"), they concluded: this product, solving one task( an increased estrogen index), contributes to the emergence of many other problems. Of course, aromatase inhibitors for men are important. After all, the body( including men) uses estrogens to preserve the health of the immune system, the work of the brain, normal cholesterol, healthy joints, ligaments, and so on.

Athletes say that estrogen triggers a muscle growth mechanism in the body. Taking 2.5 mg of Letrozole per day, they begin to feel serious injuries of the joint and ligament apparatus and become vulnerable to infectious and viral diseases.

aromatase inhibitors in the pharmacy

Many athletes are confident that Letrozol can only be used by professional bodybuilders in preparation for competitions. Thanks to him, they get rid of excess fluid in the body( professionals do not feel sorry for the victory of health).They are happy to acquire this aromatase inhibitor. The price of them is quite satisfactory.

Some athletes say that Letrozol positively affects the body even at a dosage of 0.1-0.5 mg. They report that its secondary effect is not worse than other inhibitors and is standard for this type of medication. They assure that subjective sensations, the product quickly reconstructs the volume of testicles, than "Tamoxifen" and "Clomid".They also argue that aromatase inhibitors are drugs whose price justifies the quality.

Other athletes report that any blocker can be used, but considering the high productivity of Letrozole in small doses, it turns out to be the most inexpensive.


Today, "Anastrozole" is the most popular blocker. The cheapest is considered to be Selana. Some aromatase inhibitors in the pharmacy are rare, for example, "Anastrozole Kabi."

Many people do not save on their health and choose quality.

aromatase inhibitors for men

Take "Anastrozole" according to its own level of estradiol. Therefore, the level of estradiol is first tested to adjust the portion based on the analysis. The average classical dosage is 0.5 mg per day.

After ten days again, you need to take tests. If the level of estradiol is standard, you can reduce dosage to 0.5 mg twice a week. If it is still high, the reception must be continued. And this should be done until the level of estradiol is completely restored.