Yellow complexion: causes of skin tone changes

Chinese doctors claim that the human skin is an open book on which it is possible to read the existing malfunctions in the body. It's like a primer, the main thing is to learn the alphabet and learn how to fold letters into syllables. After that, use the received letter with a good sense. Also, our skin supplements the functional activity of internal organs and mutates with the emergence of pathologies.

An unreasonable change in the color of the epithelial cover often signals the presence of disturbances in the human body. Many simply do not pay attention to reddening, pallor and yellowness of the skin, continuing to think that everything is in order, due to the absence of other clinical manifestations. Ignore and write off everything for nedosyp or diet can not. Can talk about serious problems earthy or yellow complexion. The reasons are due to a number of factors that we will discuss today.

Liver failure

yellow face color

Liver disease does not give itself out because there are no nerve endings in this organ. Painful sensations arise only with cirrhosis and oncology( the last stage).The main filter of our body is responsible for purification from the products of vital activity. When the functional activity of the liver deteriorates against a background of various pathologies, the filtration system is violated. As a result, accumulation of harmful toxins and substances takes place.

About the malfunction in the liver can be judged by the yellowish-dirty and gray shade of the skin. People start to ask more often: "Are you sick?" Skin covers not only change color, but still there is excessive fat content or dryness. Often yellow eye proteins due to increased bilirubin, there are brown spots on the body in the form of pigmentation.

All this is supplemented by irritability, apathy, weakening of the immune system. These signs may indicate the diseases of the gallbladder and intestinal tract. Toxins entering the lymphatic system carry them to internal organs, as a result of intoxication the whole organism is exposed.

What the yellow-green complexion of

says The most dangerous sign, characterized by an earthy tinge of the skin. Such a deviation should alert a person and encourage him to visit a gastroenterologist. In the course of the examination, pathology of the digestive system, cyst or malignant formations is often diagnosed. When the stones appear in the kidneys, a yellow complexion appears. The reasons can be varied, but do not prematurely rush into panic. Please note that it is possible to detect a pathological process after a complete laboratory examination.

Chronic lack of sleep

yellow complexion

After a stormy night or with insomnia, our skin is in a stressful state. The yellowed face, swollen eyelids, dark circles and bags under the eyes, a violation of blood flow - all this is not the norm and indicates a problem with sleep. None of us wants to look bad and constantly hear: "You're sick", so you need to fight with a lack of sleep, so as not to start premature fading of the body.

If there is no possibility to visit an experienced doctor, then start with the right way of life. First of all go to bed at one time and get up early. Active physical training is well reflected in health, you can replace a two-hour walk. Be sure to give up harmful products that depress the nervous system. Drink sedatives on a herbal basis.

If for some reason your skin has experienced a "fun" night, in this case make a lymph drainage massage to improve microcirculation and enrichment with oxygen. Remove puffiness, swelling, improve the color will help lotions based on algae and chamomile. Remember that regular lack of sleep will negatively affect the skin condition, accelerate the death of cells.

Contaminated environment

yellow-green complexion

People living in contaminated areas with increased radioactivity often have gray, earthy and yellow complexion. There is dullness, a tendency to peeling, dryness. The fault is bad ecology, lack of fresh air and vegetation.

There is a way out - more often go outside the contaminated city. At home, make fruit masks, apply natural extracts for the face. Also use inside absorbing agents that purify from harmful toxins.

Addiction to addictions

Excessive consumption of sweet, floury, fried, and also taking alcoholic beverages and smoking reduce the tone of our epithelium. The skin looks inflamed, stale, its elasticity decreases, and a yellow complexion appears. The reasons that prompted a man to addictions are necessarily to be exterminated. In addition to external unattractiveness, serious health problems arise.

why face yellow

Often, psychological discomfort, stressful situations "tie" us to smoking, alcohol, sweets. If it is difficult to get out of the web of negativity yourself - you should consult a specialist. The main thing is not to give up!

How to improve the skin condition

How to remove yellow complexion? The reasons - this is the main task, which must be identified, after already beginning to heal the skin. To begin with, give up the addictions, restore the sleep regime, give more time to exercise and yoga. Observing the basic rules, you keep the skin young, supple and beautiful.

you are sick

To improve its shade, you can resort to the help of a professional cosmetologist. The modern beauty industry allows you to achieve a positive result in a short time. A simple action algorithm will solve the existing problems. The material presented answered the question: "Why is the face yellow?" Never give up and do not panic, there is a way out.