What helps sulfuric ointment? Sulfur ointment for acne

What helps sulfuric ointment? The answer to this medical question can be found further.

General Information

What is sulfuric ointment? What helps this tool is only known to experienced doctors. Therefore, it is highly discouraged to use it at your discretion. from which helps sulfuric ointment

Specialists claim that this drug is a pharmacopeia ointment. In other words, it is a medicinal product that is actively used to combat scabies in people, as well as in veterinary practice.

Description of medication

A sulfuric ointment helps against acne. Only a few know this. After all, most often to eliminate acne eruptions patients use more expensive and advertised drugs.

According to specialists, this medication is a suspension ointment on an emulsion basis. It is forbidden to make it on ordinary vaseline. Some pharmaceutical companies use pig fat to produce this medicine.

Production technology

Before you tell us about what helps sulfuric ointment, you should tell us how it is manufactured.

This ointment can be produced on one of the hydrophobic bases:

  • Pork fat. In a warm mortar, sulfur is strongly pulverized and dispersed according to Deryagin's technology with 5 grams of pork fat. Next, the remaining fat is added to the resulting mixture and mixed thoroughly until it is homogeneous.
  • The basis of Kutumova. With such production in a porcelain bowl on a water bath, the emulsifier T-2 is slowly melted, and then Vaseline is added to it. The finished melt is transferred to a warm mortar. When it is stirred, hot water is poured into the dishes. As for sulfur, it is introduced by the type of suspension( according to Deryagin's technology).

Composition and packaging

Does sulfuric ointment help against hair loss? This you will find out below.

According to the instructions, this medication contains precipitated sulfur, and also auxiliary ingredients such as T-2 emulsifier, purified water and white petrolatum.

This medicine is sold in 40 grams of aluminum tubes, which, together with the instructions, are placed in cardboard packs.

Pharmacological features of the external preparation

Does sulfuric ointment help skin diseases? According to doctors, such a drug is very often used to treat acne and the destruction of ectoparasites, including scabies mite.

For external application, the active substance of this agent has a moderate antiseptic, keratolytic, antiparasitic and moderate antifungal effect.

In the interaction of organic substances with sulfur on the human skin, sulfides and pentathic acid are formed. It is these elements that determine all of the above properties of the drug.

Kinetic properties of

Is sulfuric ointment absorbed into the systemic bloodstream( what does this medicine help, we'll tell you later)?Experts say that this product is intended for external application only. In this regard, its active ingredient is practically not absorbed into the blood, and accordingly, it has no systemic effect.

does sulfuric ointment help

What helps sulfuric ointment?

According to the instructions, indications for the use of this remedy are parasitic, bacterial and fungal infections of the skin. Thus, this drug is very often used for scabies, acne, seborrhea, dandruff, mycosis, psoriasis and other diseases.

Contraindications of the drug

Sulfur ointment helps with hair loss, however it should be prescribed only by a doctor. This is due to the fact that in the presence of hypersensitivity to the elements of the drug and with sulfur intolerance, this drug can have a detrimental effect on the human body.

Way of application of external preparation

Now you know, from what the sulfuric ointment helps. According to the instruction, the means in question can be used in several ways. Their choice depends on the type and severity of the skin disease.

  • The first method of

In deprivation, psoriasis, acne, etc., the affected skin is treated every day. The drug is rubbed gently and lightly. To carry out such procedures is better before going to bed.

Specialists say that to achieve a stable therapeutic result, the drug should be rubbed into the covers for 10 minutes.

sulfuric ointment helps with depriving

This product is not applied to the face and scalp. Elbows, abdomen, brushes, wrists and other places on the body, where the rashes are localized, are treated with a longer duration and a special intensity.

A day after the application of the medicine it is required to take a shower, change linens and outerwear.

  • The second method of

For scabies and other skin diseases on the first day of treatment, the skin is carefully treated, and then the clothes and underwear are changed.

On the second and third day of therapy, the drug is not used and the bath is not taken. On the fourth day, wash under a hot shower using soap. On the same day, the skin is treated again with ointment and clothes, linen are replaced.

After this procedure, hands are not washed for three hours. If the product is accidentally washed off from the skin, it should be applied again.

On the fifth day of treatment, the medicinal ointment is completely removed from the surface of the body under a hot shower.

Pectoral regions, inguinal-femoral folds, genitalia and other areas with delicate skin should be treated with extreme caution.

Does sulfuric ointment help with acne? Acne is very effective in removing this pimple. The course of treatment of such skin disease is 7-9 days. To achieve maximum success, you must follow all the recommendations of the doctor.

sulfuric ointment helps with acne

Gray ointment from acne should be applied to clean and completely dried skin. It is evenly and thinly rubbed in the area of ​​the rashes. Do this only before bedtime, once a day.

Treatment of lichen

To eliminate such an ailment, sulfuric ointment must be carefully rubbed into infected areas of skin. Before this, they should be dried with salicylic alcohol. If you do not have such an opportunity, you need to take a shower with soap and get wet with a towel.

Sulfur ointment from lichen is applied to the skin once a day, before bedtime. It is forbidden to wet the treated areas during the whole subsequent day.

During the treatment of such a disease one condition must be observed - the patient's bed linen and bed linen must always be clean. It is strictly forbidden to wear clothes that have already been in contact with the patient.

After therapy, you need to discard all things.

When sulfuric remedy is started, it is necessary to apply sulfuric ointment twice a day - in the morning and before bedtime. The course of treatment for this disease is seven days.

According to specialists, this preparation is very effective at the initial stages of the disease. For large foci of lichen, antibiotics and other medicinal products must be taken.

Side effects

What helps sulfuric ointment is simple, we described above. However, this is not all that the patient needs to know before using the agent in question. helps whether sulfuric ointment from lichens

Experts believe that if the product is used improperly, the patient may develop such undesirable effects as dermatitis, skin irritation and local hypersensitivity reactions. At the first side symptoms you should immediately consult a dermatologist.

Overdose and Interaction

To date, no reports of cases of sulfuric ointment overdose have been reported.

It should also be noted that with topical application of this drug no interaction with other drugs has been identified. However, this does not mean that the medication in question can be used uncontrolled and in combination with other drugs.

Special recommendations

Sulfur is an element that is part of many local facilities. Therefore, when buying an ointment, you should pay special attention to its name. For example, some patients confuse said drug with sulfur-salicylic cream, sulfur tar, etc. It should be remembered that the percentage of this substance in such preparations is much lower.

When using sulfuric ointment, avoid contact with mucous membranes and eyes.

Store this medication preferably in a cool place out of the reach of children. The expiration date of the opened tube is reduced by half.

Comments from consumers

About sulfuric ointment there are quite a lot of consumer reviews. Most of them are positive. Patients say that this is a universal remedy that can be used for various skin conditions. It is very effective against demodicosis, acne, depriving and even psoriasis. With such lesions, the preparation significantly reduces the amount of rashes and accelerates wound healing. helps whether sulfuric ointment from acne

In addition to positive reports, negative reactions can be found about this medicine. They say that the effect of this drug is temporary. In some cases, the symptoms return after a few months.

According to specialists, for a stable and long-lasting effect, the drug should be combined with other methods of treatment.