Ginger tincture on vodka: the recipe of preparation, features of application, advantage and responses

This amazing oriental spice is used today not only in cooking. Today, the medicinal properties of ginger are well known. Infusions, decoctions and teas from ancient times were used by man as a reliable natural remedy.

Perhaps not all of our readers know how to cook ginger tincture on vodka. What is its use? Are there any contraindications? How to take a medical composition? We will try to answer these and many other questions in the article.

Useful properties of ginger

This plant is an integrated multifaceted impact. It has anti-inflammatory properties, stabilizes blood circulation, has excellent effects on the liver and GI tract as a whole. With some diseases of the digestive tract, ginger can be used to relieve acute pain syndrome and prevent spasms, improve the digestive system. In addition, ginger effectively eliminates stagnation in the gallbladder and bile ducts.

ginger tincture

Use of

tincture Before we tell you how to make a ginger tincture of vodka, we will tell you about its medicinal properties. Many patients suffering from a violation of cholesterol metabolism, have appreciated the properties of such tincture. After regular intake, the process of fat metabolism is accelerated, a person gets rid of excess weight, which is a preventive measure against atherosclerosis, heart diseases( ischemia, in particular) and blood vessels.

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Traditional healers believe that ginger tincture on vodka is irreplaceable for viral and seasonal colds. The use of this healing agent quickly reduces inflammation. It is impossible not to mention that ginger tincture on vodka is an excellent analgesic. Its use is indicated for dental and headaches, muscular and joint ailments, osteochondrosis.

ginger tincture recipe for vodka

Ginger tincture: recipe for vodka preparation

I must say that it is not difficult to prepare such a medicinal composition on its own. You will need a root of ginger( 150 g), which must be thoroughly washed, cleaned, cut into small slices( some healers recommend rubbing it on a large grater).The received weight to half to fill a glass container, and to fill in with qualitative vodka( 500 ml).

ginger tincture on vodka reception

Vodka should reach the neck itself. After that, the dishes are sealed. Put a jar of tincture in a dry and dark place, and leave to infuse for fifteen days. But do not forget to shake it periodically. When the put time expires, tincture should be filtered. Keep the finished product in a cool and dark place. Shelf life should not exceed twelve months.

How to use the tincture?

If you want to use the tincture for preventive purposes, add a few drops of lemon juice and a spoonful of honey. This will improve its taste and become an essential vitamin supplement.

For colds and sore throat, ginger tincture on vodka is suitable for gargling. To do this, in 125 ml of warm water, dilute one teaspoon of tincture.

To strengthen the immunity of

And now we will present you a recipe of ginger tincture on vodka for strengthening immunity. This composition will strengthen the body, give strength. To prepare the tincture, you will need:

  • 500 ml of vodka;
  • two lemons;
  • fresh ginger root( 100 g);
  • 4 tablespoons of sugar;
  • 1/2 tablespoons( tea) cinnamon.

ginger tincture recipe for vodka

Grind lemons in the blender, add all the other ingredients( except vodka) to them and beat again. The resulting mass is placed in a jar and filled with vodka.

The ginger root should be washed, peeled, cut or grated finely, add it to the container with vodka and lemon. Close the jar tightly and put it in the refrigerator for 24 hours. After this, the composition can be filtered. So, you got a ginger tincture on vodka. Admission of such a composition is recommended for problems with biliary tract and certain liver diseases( consultation with a doctor is necessary).

Take the drug should be 1 spoon( tea), diluted in 150 ml of warm water, twice a day after meals.

Tibetan recipe

To prepare, you need 250 grams of ginger root( peeled and chopped).Put the processed raw materials in a glass jar, fill it with vodka( to the top of the jar) tightly close the lid and put it in a dark place for two weeks. Regularly shake the root.

ginger tincture on vodka отзывы

Then the infusion is filtered and filled with vodka to the original volume. You can add a little natural honey, but not more than one tablespoon. Ginger tincture on vodka according to the recipe of Tibetan monks is effective not only for angina and colds. It increases the immunity of a person, cleanses the blood, increases vitality. In addition, it is a very effective tool for improving potency.

Take the medical composition in the morning and evening for thirty minutes before eating 5 ml( a teaspoon).

For weight loss

Tincture of ginger on vodka has often been used by people to correct their weight. In this case, the tincture, prepared according to one of the above-described recipes, is taken by a teaspoon in the morning and day for thirty days. Then, there is a break for a month, after which the course can be repeated.

Undoubtedly, ginger tincture on vodka - an effective tool that reduces appetite and tonic. Nevertheless, nutritionists recommend a comprehensive approach to the problem of overweight. The use of tincture will be more effective if the patient excludes from his diet excessive consumption of sweets, fatty foods, will increase physical activity. High-calorie foods are recommended to replace fruits, vegetables, reduce appetite with a glass of water.

Tincture for alcohol

An alternative to vodka tincture can be a product made with alcohol. Naturally, it will have to be diluted with water to make it less strong. After you have dissolved alcohol, prepare the tincture according to the first recipe. An additional ingredient to this tincture may be ground red pepper. Adding a spoonful( teaspoonful) of this pepper to the throat gargle, you will quickly cope with the cold, and internal application will improve the digestive process.

how to cook ginger tincture on vodka


Like all medicines, ginger tincture has contraindications. The main ones are:

  • stomach ulcer;
  • hepatitis;
  • cirrhosis;
  • gastritis;
  • high blood pressure;
  • individual intolerance;
  • some skin diseases;
  • uterine bleeding.

It is not recommended to use vodka ginger tincture for the treatment of children under 12 years of age. The same can be said about pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Interesting facts

In conclusion, we should not underestimate this amazing remedy. The effectiveness of ginger tincture is confirmed by the manuscripts of Tibetan monks who used tincture to treat various diseases for centuries. Ancient wisdom still helps a person survive, when the amount of falsified drugs is too rapidly increasing.

how to make a ginger tincture of vodka

Ginger tincture has become famous in Tibet as an effective tonic and cleanser. According to folk doctors, ginger is able to cope even with infertility. There is also an unconfirmed hypothesis that the drink restores and improves vision. Mixed with raspberry, raspberry jam or syrup tincture doubles the healing properties. This composition is especially effective for colds, sore throats and exhausting dental pains.

Ginger tincture on vodka: reviews

Many believe that this is really an effective tool - ginger tincture on vodka. The patients' testimonies indicate a significant improvement in the state of health, in the treatment of bile ducts and the liver( certain diseases).However, everyone who used this drug, talk about the need for prior consultation of a specialist and strict compliance with the dosage.

Most women who took tincture of ginger for weight loss, recognize that this is not a radical way to lose weight. To get the desired result, you must abandon the buns and sweets and increase the physical load. Those who are not ready for this, tincture will help unlikely.

The positive effect of complex treatment of viral and colds is noted. At the same time, drug treatment should not be abandoned.