Useful Protein Products: List( Table)

Today, the focus of our attention is on protein products. The list, the table help to perceive the material, so we will try to structure it as much as possible. In fact, you will have to print them out and put them on the door of your refrigerator. Now you will know exactly which of the products are useful, necessary and important for you in the morning, in the evening, on holiday and unloading days. And now let's move directly to our topic. protein products list table

The practical use of the

list Everyone who wants to be healthy and full of strength, those who are engaged in heavy physical or mental labor, and those who want to lose excess weight, is needed by him. Such a diet positively affects the health of each person, and in particular determines half the success of an athlete, the normal state of health of a pregnant woman, and also creates favorable conditions for weight loss. Here I want to make a reservation that the protein is present in all foods without exception. However, we are only interested in those where these figures are significant. For example, chicken breast and cottage cheese are protein products. The list( table) always displays them in the first positions. Whereas a similar portion of bread will give you very little protein. That is, it is always possible to select several products, which, being similar in size, give different amounts of energy and nutrients.

protein products list table for losing weight

Protein diet

It is clear that not all people care about their diet and specifically allocate protein products for themselves. The list, the table that you compose for yourself, serve certain purposes, and most often it is either a set of muscle mass, or a reduction in the fatty layer. Why is the protein diet so popular? First of all, because its diet consists of a large number of products and has no strict limitations. If you do not tolerate fasting days on vegetable salads and constantly want to eat, then this is the right option for you. Meat, eggs and milk perfectly saturate, which means that hunger will not bother you. In this case, it is the protein that is necessary for the "dry" muscle mass, it is also a source of energy. What is still very important, the protein is digested long enough, which contributes to the breakdown of subcutaneous fat. Of course, this rule works if the protein products( list, table below) are consumed without significant fat content. An example is fatty meat with cheese and mayonnaise, with French fries. protein food list of products table

Mix of proteins

Let's take a closer look at what protein food is. The list of products( table) gives us an idea of ​​what is needed per day to consume 1.5 to 2 g of protein per kilogram of body weight. It should be remembered that protein is not just meat. The most valuable for our body are proteins of animal origin.

Sources of protein from vegetables and cereals, fruits and nuts are defective. They lack one or more amino acids, which are necessary for the creation of new proteins. That is, the body disassembles them into "bricks", which must unite with amino acids from other products to make a new protein.

When choosing products in the supermarket, be sure to read the information on the back of the package. It is desirable that the protein content in 100 g of the product is maximum, but fat is, on the contrary, minimal.

Useful advices for

Below we will look at what we will consider individually as protein products. The list, the table for losing weight - this is something that is very useful to both the athlete and the housewife. However, I want to spend some more time on some practical advice. If you are looking for vegetable analogues of protein foods, then pay attention to soy. It is a high-grade protein, which is an alternative to red meat. Soybeans or tofu very well raise the level of protein in the diet. These are very nutritious foods, a piece of tofu can become an excellent snack during the day.

It is necessary to consider the diet not only from the position of protein content. Nuts, beans and whole grains contain a lot of fiber. Dietary fibers allow products to be better absorbed, and also dull the feeling of hunger. You need to think about the fact that beef and whole milk contain a lot of saturated fats, so it's better to choose chicken and skim milk. But semi-finished products, sausages and sausages should be avoided. The protein in them is small, but the salt and preservatives are more than enough.

Another important rule is the balance between consumed carbohydrates and proteins. Carbohydrates should account for about 55% of the diet, and for protein - 30%.Finally, it is very important to draw up a meal schedule. This is what the protein diet is based on. The list of products( table) should be studied, from which a menu is made, which is broken by the hour. So you avoid private snacks and long breaks between meals. protein food for pregnant women list of products table

Products to which you must pay attention

This, of course, protein food. The list of products( table) should hang for everyone on the refrigerator, and in order to make it, you need to understand this issue well. It is customary to isolate several sources of protein, in particular meat and fish, fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, eggs and dairy products. They are presented in descending order of nutritional value. We will walk through each group of these products, so that it's easier for you to make a truly balanced diet.

Meat and poultry

On the one hand, many people consider meat to be a bad source of protein because of its high fat content. On the other hand, who prevents you to choose low-fat varieties? That is, first of all it is recommended to include in your diet lean beef and chicken. These are steaks, as well as chicken breast. A great option for you will be turkey fillet and rabbit meat. Diet is also deer meat, although in urban conditions it is more a luxury than a product for the daily diet. Let's compare these protein products( list).The calorie distribution table is as follows. The beef steak contains 28 g of protein and 11 g of fat per 100 g of product. For befstroganov this ratio is 18/6, for a turkey fillet - 19/3, for a chicken breast - 23/2, for a chicken fillet - 23/1, rabbit meat - 21/11, venison - 19/8.That is, the more protein and the less fat, the more attractive this product will be. protein diet product list table

Fish and seafood

Does not lag behind the meat in terms of protein and fish content. This is probably the best food. The table indicates that this is the best source of amino acids that are necessary for the recovery and growth of muscle tissue. At the same time, muscle growth does not mean that you need huge bumps as an athlete. A normally developed muscular corset makes it possible to accelerate the metabolism and thereby improve the condition of your figure. By themselves, the tightened muscles will make the figure more harmonious.

So, the fish. It contains six times more protein than dairy products. This makes it one of the richest sources of building material for every cell of our body. In the first place you can put natural tuna: per 100 grams of product you have 23 grams of protein and only 1 gram of fat. Next comes the salmon fillet: the ratio of protein and fat - 20/6.Then, sardines - 19/10, mackerel - 18/3, anchovies - 20/6, mullet - 17/2, tilapia - 20/2, shrimps - 17/2, squids - 18/7, lobsters - 19/1.protein food list of products table

Irreplaceable sources of fiber and vitamins

These are fruits and vegetables, about which we so often forget. Cutlets and pasta are often the basic diet, and sweets are the most popular dessert. It is necessary to change the emphasis, eat more vegetables on the side dish, and fruit instead of dessert. In addition, these foods contain protein and other nutrients. In the first place you need to put soy asparagus: the ratio of protein and fat is 45/20.On the second place is tofu - 8/4, then soybeans - 13/7, chickpeas - 19/6, beans - 21/2, brown rice - 6/4, spinach - 3 / 0.5, asparagus - 2 / 0.1, dried apricots- 5 / 0.3, banana - 1.5 / 0.1.

Tasty and useful nuts

Their peculiarity is that it is enough to eat 5 nuts - and it's very difficult to stop, and a handful of nuts is already a daily quantity of calories. The fact is that they contain not only a lot of protein, but also a huge amount of fats, which are useful for the brain and nervous system. About 60% of the brain consists precisely of these fats. Therefore, to eat them must be constantly, but gradually. On the first place you need to put pumpkin seeds: the ratio of protein and fat - 42/46.Then come sunflower seeds - 21/53, peanut oil - 25/50, almonds - 21/49, hazelnuts - 16/67, walnuts - 15/65, Brazil nut - 14/66.protein products list calorie table

Dairy products and eggs

Another huge group, which is an excellent source of protein. Egg protein is necessary for building muscle mass, and dairy products contain a lot of calcium and vitamin D. So, eggs contain 13 g of protein and 11 g of fat per 100 g of product. Cottage cheese - up to 5%, ratio 16/5, skimmed yogurt - 3 / 0.5, skim milk - 33/1, finally, cheese is considered the most fat. Even the most dietary 9% variant contains 31 g of protein and 9 g of fat per 100 g of product.

The Importance of Protein Products for Pregnant

They are needed by all people without exception, however, during the bearing of the baby this question is especially acute. Therefore, we will separately consider what is the ideal protein food for pregnant women. The list of products, the table will be your good help when going to the supermarket. The main products that you need are rice and beans, meat and fish. In a day you need about 100 g of protein, you can get this amount easily by eating 2 large eggs, 70-90 g of meat or fish, 70 g of hard cheese, a glass of boiled beans or lentils and ½ cup of cottage cheese.

The most popular Dukan diet today is

. Let's look at what exactly it includes protein products. The list and table for Dyukan are regulated by a number of rules, but the main one is to give preference to protein products and not use them when cooking fat. At the first stage, it is necessary to load the body with proteins to stimulate a change in metabolism. This is primarily a chicken fillet, low-fat veal and pork, liver and tongue. In addition, the diet contains eggs and seafood, cheese and cottage cheese. It should be remembered that there are no restrictions on food, most importantly - to adhere to the allowed diet.

In the second stage, the listed protein products are also present in the diet, but it is allowed to introduce fresh and stewed vegetables into it. Prohibited potatoes and corn, beans and soybeans, carrots and beets. At the third stage, the menu becomes more diverse, because it is allowed to enter one portion of starchy foods and roasted meat. Once a week you can arrange a holiday for yourself, on this day you can allow yourself any products. The basis of this diet are protein foods. The table above will allow you to select the optimal set of products.