"Citrosept": analogues, instructions for use, testimonials. The best substitute for "Citrocept:"

Biological food additives are being filled more and more by homemade first-aid kits. This is the bulk of those drugs that are made from natural ingredients. One of these is the Citrocept drug. Instruction, application, reviews about it will be presented to you further. Also you can get acquainted with the opinion of doctors about this drug. It is worthwhile to explain separately what "Citrosept" analogs have.

citratept analogues

Composition and type of food additive

"Citrosept" is an extract of grapefruit seeds. Drug is available in the form of drops for use inside and outside use. What is a part of the medicine?

The bulk of the drug is vitamin C. Its in the described means contains not less than 5 grams. Also there are bioflavonoids. Among the additional ingredients can be noted grapefruit extract, palm glycerin and pure water. The medicine is produced in vials that have a so-called dropper. The capacity of the container is 10, 20, 50 or 100 milliliters. The instructions for use are attached to each package of the Citrocept product. Reviews about the drug say that its undeniable convenience lies in the ability to acquire the right size of the bottle.

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citrosept instructions for use review

How can I replace the described drug?

What does the Citrocept analogue have on the pharmacological market? One of the substitutes for the described agent is the "Citrostar" preparation. It is made on the basis of an extract of grapefruit seeds, as well as the original medication. Also, the composition can be replaced with "Citrolife" drops. This remedy, as in the previous case, has in its composition vitamin C, isolated from an extract of natural grapefruit.

There are analogues relative to the Citrocept drug. These funds are similar in effect, but have a completely different composition. Among these, you can identify "Anaferon", "Cycloferon", "Tamiflu", "Isoprinozin", "Amoxicillin", "Azithromycin" and many others.

"Citrosept": analogues( doctors' opinion about preparations)

What do experienced and qualified specialists say about the described medication and its substitutes? Citrolife and Citrotar medicines are the closest in composition to the original medication. They all contain bioflavonoids and a large amount of vitamin C. Preparations have a fairly high cost. Doctors say that the drops of "Citrostar" will cost you about 600 rubles. The drug "Citrolife" and does cost twice as much. The original tool, which is described above, has a price category from 700 rubles to 3000.

Doctors say that absolute substitutes for the drug can be taken alone.such a biologically active additive to food will only benefit a person. In this case, it is necessary to take into account contraindications, which are reported by the instruction. If you ask doctors about the relative analogues of the described means, then the opinion will be unanimous. Such funds are categorically prohibited to use on their own. Undoubtedly, they help to increase immunity, to overcome the virus and cope with the bacterial complication. However, all these medicines should be prescribed exclusively by a specialist after the diagnosis.

medicine cytrosepet instruction application reviews

Indications for the use of the described additive

What does the instruction for the use of the Citrosecept medication tell us? The doctors say that this drug has a wide application. It can be used for prophylaxis or for treatment. Often the composition is prescribed in complex therapy. The main indications for the use of drops will be frequent cold and viral diseases. The composition helps to improve immunity and improve the body's resistance.

Also described means are prescribed for the treatment of such diseases as influenza of different strains, ARI, ARVI and so on. In this case, the sooner you start using the medication, the sooner the positive effect will come. Drops are prescribed for bacterial complications, as well as for its prevention. The composition is used to treat the skin to eliminate the inflammatory process.


The described medication, like its absolute analogs, is never prescribed if it is possible to develop an allergic reaction to citrus components. Also, the composition is not prescribed in the case of an increased sensitivity to additional components. That is why doctors advise to carefully study the composition of the drug.

Drops are not given to pregnant women due to the lack of clinical data for such use. Also, the use of "Citrosept" and its analogues during breastfeeding can cause an unexpected reaction from the baby's body. Do not rely on the effectiveness of the medication for serious bacterial complications. Despite antibacterial properties of the drug, in this case additional therapy is required in the form of suitable antimicrobial agents.

citrosept instructions for the use of contraindications

Method of using drops

For oral use, the drug must be preliminarily dissolved. To do this, you can use any liquid. However, its temperature should not be high. Adult patients with chronic diseases and during a viral illness are prescribed from 25 to 50 drops per day. If desired, you can divide the portion into several receptions. The course of treatment should be at least one month. If necessary and on the recommendation of a doctor, this time can be extended.

For preventive purposes, the formulation is prescribed 5-10 drops twice a day. To children the medicine is appointed depending on weight of a body. In this case, one drop should fall on a kilogram of weight. The total amount of the biological additive should be divided into three applications.

When used on skin, you must first clean the area to be treated and wash your hands. Before use, dilute the drug in a one-to-one ratio. After that, treat the damaged surface.

The composition is also prescribed in gynecology, cosmetology, dentistry, dermatology and other branches of modern medicine. The described medicine lubricates the skin, produces irrigation or rinsing, women are prescribed syringing. In each case, a separate scheme and dose is selected.

citrosepit reviews from buyers and doctors

Citrocept: customer and physician feedback

Consumers say that this drug is quite expensive. Doctors also testify that he is worth such money. After all, the composition is able to improve immunity, fight viruses. When using medicament in the early stages of the disease, the composition helps to avoid the development of a bacterial complication.

Many consumers provide a medicine for prevention to their children who attend educational institutions. And this is very important, because it is in a large team that most often there is a virus infection. The drug "Citrosept" activates the protective functions of the body and provides it with flavonoids. Children with pleasure accept divorced drops, because the drug has a pleasant aroma and taste.

citratept extract of grapefruit seeds


You learned about a natural preparation called "Citrosept".Instructions for use and the presentation are presented in your article. Despite all the positive qualities, the medicine can cause allergies. That is why its use should begin with minimal doses. For more information, contact your physician.