Inhalation for a child with "Lazolvanom.""Lazolvan" for inhalations for children: instructions for use, dosage, feedback

Modern medicine provides for the use of medicines not only orally. Often doctors prescribe rectal administration of medications or injections. In recent years, it has become popular to prescribe medications inhalation. This approach to treatment allows the medicine to immediately enter the respiratory tract, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract. The undoubted advantage of such procedures is their high efficiency and speed of action. Often physicians prescribe the drug "Lazolvan" for inhalation. Reviews for children recommend this method of treatment with a drug. Parents' opinions about its effectiveness will be presented to your attention in the article. Also you can find out how inhalation is carried out for a child with Lazolvan.

inhalation for a child with a lasagna

When is the procedure necessary?

Inhalation for a child with "Lazolvanom" is indicated with an unproductive cough. The drug promotes the dilution of sputum and its subsequent excretion from the bronchi. As a result, the child is able to freely cough up the accumulated mucus. The described agent has a secretory, expectorant and secretolitic action. The instructions for use indicate the following indications for the use of the medication:

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  • chronic and acute bronchitis;
  • pneumonia of viral or bacterial origin;
  • is an obstructive illness of the respiratory system, in particular of the lungs;
  • bronchiectasis and asthma( with impaired sputum discharge).

Before using the medication for children it is necessary to show the child to the doctor. Only a specialist can reasonably assess the condition of the baby. Also, the doctor will tell you about how the inhalation for a child with "Lazolvan" is carried out.

lazolvan for inhalations reviews for children

Contraindications that must always be considered

Like any other drug, this solution has its contraindications and limitations. Thus, the composition is never assigned to children who are highly sensitive to ambroxol and other components of the medication. It is forbidden to prescribe the medicine to children with acute renal or hepatic insufficiency.

Composition is also not used in pregnant and lactating women. It is strictly forbidden to use the medication independently in children of the first year of life.

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How to apply?

Inhalation for a child with Lazolvan requires a certain nebulizer device. Before applying the formulation, it needs to be poured into a separate container, which is intended for medicines. After that the device is included in the electrical network( if necessary), and inhalation begins. After the procedure is completed, it is worth wiping the face of the child to avoid rashes and redness.

Dosage of medication

The proportions of "Lazolvan" and saline for inhalation to children are prescribed by the doctor individually. Much depends on the weight of the child, his age and the nature of the cough. If the doctor did not give specific instructions, then it is worth keeping to the information from the instructions for use. What does the abstract say to the consumer?

For children after six years and adults, the medication is prescribed for 2-3 milliliters of the drug up to three times a day. Babies up to six years of age prescribed 2 milliliters. If your child is less than a year, then the drug can be administered at a dose of 0.5 milliliters twice.

The peculiarity of using the medicine is that it must be diluted with saline first. For this, a proportion of one to one is usually used if the other is not recommended by a doctor. However, some specialists prescribe to the kids a medicine in a dose of one part of the medicine to three saline solutions.

lazolvan for inhalation instructions for children

Features of using

You already know which dosage "Lazolvan" is chosen for inhalation to children. However, this is not enough. Be sure to check with the doctor at what hours it is better to manipulate. Usually, doctors recommend using the medicine after a while after eating. However, this condition is not necessary, because the child will not take the formulation orally.

An important feature of the use of the drug, which is often silenced by specialists, is the refusal of its use several hours before bedtime. Physicians are advised to conduct the procedure no later than sixteen hours after noon. After all, the composition has the property of provoking spitting and causing cough. As a result, your baby simply can not sleep properly.

lazolvan instructions for inhalation for children

Negative feedback on the drug

There are parents who say that they performed the manipulation correctly. The instructions for use were thoroughly studied and observed for the Lazolvan preparation. Inhalations to children did not simply not help, but also caused a negative reaction.

Some children developed an allergy after using the drug in the form of skin rash, itching and urticaria. Also, parents testify to the appearance of coughing spasms, from which vomiting began. Doctors report that in these cases correction of the chosen therapy is necessary. If you are allergic to ambroxol, you should choose an alternative medicine with a similar effect. When coughing, similar to spasm, before inhalation you need to take medications that relax bronchi. It is worth noting that often these are prescribed by inhalation.

Positive opinions of

Consumers say that almost immediately after use, the medication begins to act. Due to the fact that the composition enters the respiratory tract, the effect is immediate. The medicine helps to increase the amount of bronchial mucus and its further dilution. Also the composition provokes cough reflexes. After its use, even the smallest children, who do not yet understand how to cough, begin to expectorate phlegm.

The drug "Lazolvan" has a rather unpleasant taste. Instruction for use informs you that it can be used orally. However, many babies refuse to drink this solution, while they tolerate inhalation well.

Consumers also report on the cost-effectiveness of this medication. So, one bottle of the drug "Lazolvan" suffices for a long time. Under the condition of frequent illnesses, you can use it for six months. The cost of the medication is about 400 rubles. If you make a comparison with similar drugs that need to be taken orally, then the medicine described is more profitable.

Doctors report that to increase the action of the medication for inhalation can be through abundant drinking. Simple water helps to quickly moisturize the respiratory tract and mucus. Doctors say that you should not worry if the child does not spit out phlegm. If swallowing mucus, it will be excreted through the intestine.

proportions of mucus and saline solution for inhalation to children

A brief summary of the results of

You learned about the use of the drug "Lazolvan" for inhalations. Instruction for children recommends using the medication only after consulting a doctor. Remember that the treatment of babies should be treated especially responsibly. Never prescribe to your child this or that drug alone. Address to experts. If necessary, the pediatrician will perform a series of tests and recommend the correct remedy for cough correction. A speedy recovery for you!