"Barsuchok", balm for children( warming, from cough): reviews. Instructions for use and price

Each parent is concerned about the health of the child. Especially mom and dad start to worry at the appearance of a cough. After all, such symptoms in the baby can talk about a rather dangerous pathology. One of the remedies often prescribed by doctors is "Badger"( baby warming balm, from cough).Reviews this medication has different. However, most of the opinions are still positive. You will learn about them from this article.

badger balm for children warming up from cough отзывы

Composition of the medicine and the opinion of doctors about it

What is the medicine "Badger"( baby warming balm, from cough) reviews? Doctors say that this preparation contains only natural ingredients. This is an undoubted advantage. After all, preparations based on herbal ingredients have much less influence on the liver of the patient, his kidneys and other organs.

The composition of the medicine includes the following components: badger fat, camphor, red pepper extract, wax, perfume oil, paraffin, etc.

Information from the instruction on the use of medication and the opinion of doctors about it

In what situations should you use the medicine "Badger" balm for children(warming up, from a cough)?Physicians' comments and instructions for use inform the following data.

Composition is assigned by hypothermia. Also, the medicine can be used at the first sign of a cold. Ointment is prescribed for carrying out massages and other manipulations. The composition is recommended for use in contusions, injuries, and also apply to the skin after exercise. The drug can be used for weathering and frostbite of the dermis.

Specialists report that information about the testimony is not enough. Before using the medication, you should also take into account the prohibitions to prescribe the medication. So, the drug should not be used when hypersensitivity to its components. This is exactly what the instruction says. Doctors also add that it is forbidden to apply the medication independently in children of the first year of life, children prone to an allergic reaction. The drug is not recommended to be applied during a fever and with painful sensations of unknown origin.

badger balm as much as possible

"Badger", balm for children( warming, from coughing): feedback on the way of application

Consumers report that before using the ointment, you must wash your hands. Precisely so it is necessary to act and after the procedure. Do not allow the medication to reach the mucous membranes and eyes. The composition is applied strictly according to the instructions, unless other recommendations have been given by a specialist.

Apply the medication with a massage on a suitable area. When hypothermia and runny nose you need to process the feet, then put on woolen socks. If you are suffering from cough, doctors recommend rubbing the upper back and sternum. When carrying out preventive measures, treat the area between the blades. If the child bruises the joint, then a small amount of cream should be applied to the affected area.

To enhance the effect, you can wrap up after using the drug. It is worth noting that consumers are not advised to apply the substance directly after the bath. After all, at this moment the skin becomes soft and sensitive.

What else do they say about the drug "Barsuchok"( balm)?How much medicine can I use? In each case, the specialist selects an individual application scheme. If it is not found, then treatment can be continued on its own for no longer than one week.

balm badger instruction

Price, reviews

How much is Balsouc balm worth? The price of the medication, according to the patients, is quite attractive. Unlike other warming ointments, which cost about 400 rubles, the described remedy can be bought in just 70-90.This is an undoubted advantage.

Patients report that the composition does not dry the skin, it gently warms the body without causing any discomfort. Immediately after application, a pleasant heat is distributed on the treated area. The medicine is liked by children. Ointment has a pleasant aroma and a light consistency.

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You have learned about an affordable, natural and effective medication with the trade name "Barsuchok" balm. Instructions for use of this ointment are presented to your attention. Very rarely, but still the drug can cause an allergic reaction. If you do not want to face side effects, always consult a specialist before applying this or that medicine.