MyProtein: customer reviews, composition and performance

Folk wisdom says: "Healthy everything is great."Such a person is externally beautiful, he is pleasant to communicate with, he easily solves all problems, knows how to work hard and organize a proper rest. If only there was health.

The main value of

Health is the most important component of human happiness. Among the needs of man it stands at one of the first places. This is the most important condition for the successful existence of every member of society. It includes many components: from the absence of disease and physical defects to complete spiritual and social well-being. Health is based on innate prerequisites, and is also influenced by various factors.

Modern life puts forward increased demands on human health. Sometimes, due to the influence of negative factors, the body needs additional care, which can manifest itself in the intake of various vitamins and supplements that improve the performance of all human systems.

Myprotein. Reviews

Means for prevention and treatment, supplements

Health should be protected. And it is better to save it than to treat various diseases later. To do this, not so much is required: one must rationally eat, include in the regime of the day the necessary physical activity, develop the habit of walking outdoors and, most importantly, to believe in the best.

Excellent state of health, mood and performance should not be a dream, but a reality. This is possible in the case when the body receives everything necessary for normal functioning. One of the ways of replenishing our diet with the necessary substances is the use of vitamins and biologically active additives. Among them is MyProtein. Reviews of people who include this product in their diet, note the positive results of its use. Myprotein. Reviews about the protein

MyProtein: composition

MyProtein is a world brand of sports nutrition. The assortment of the brand includes products of only high quality. And the prices for these products are lower than those of other companies. All the novelties that appear on the sports nutrition market are immediately offered by the brand MyProtein. Feedback about this product is marked by high quality and balanced composition.

The composition of protein mixtures can be different: whey protein, consisting of 80% protein;soy protein;pea protein;egg white;protein of brown rice;whole egg powder.

A flavored and non-flavored powder is produced.

How to take?

The way of using these additives is indicated on the packaging. Usually one measuring spoon of the product is diluted to 150-250 ml of liquid. You can dilute the powder with plain water or juice. Very good protein protein is combined with milk.

Protein is used two to three times a day, depending on what the end result should be. Also takes into account the physical state of the body. If the protein is taken against the background of physical exertion, it is advisable to consult a fitness trainer about the dose and the number of doses per day.

People who are actively engaged in fitness, use MyProtein as an additional food. Reviews about the protein confirm the effectiveness of this supplement.

Types of MyProtein

There are several varieties of MyProtein.

  • MyProtein Alpha Men. Myprotein alpha men. Reviews about the protein

This is a strong multivitamin complex for men. The daily dose of this product contains the optimal doses of minerals and essential vitamins, which are required by the body. One capsule includes vitamins of group B, and also E, D, A, K;minerals of potassium, selenium, calcium, chromium, manganese.

Promotes the strengthening of immunity, has an antioxidant effect, normalizes metabolism and cardiac function, participates in the formation of red blood cells.

Successfully complements any diet, ideal for increased physical exertion, and also suitable for people with poor health.

Uses 2 capsules in the morning and in the evening.

If the body is weakened or is experiencing great physical exertion, it is possible to use MyProtein Alpha Men. The reviews note the positive effect of using this product.

  • MyProtein Tribulus Pro. Myprotein tribulus pro. Reviews

This is a capsule with a mass fraction of saponin of 95%.Tribulus extract was used in ancient Greece, Africa, India to increase fertility and rejuvenate the body.

Modern studies have shown that it can increase the level of the hormone responsible for the work of the ovaries in the female body, and in the male body for the production of testosterone.

The inclusion of this product in the daily diet of athletes helps to increase muscle strength by producing testosterone.

It is used for 1 capsule from one to three times a day, depending on the body's needs. May cause an allergic reaction, so use with caution.

It is noted that MyProtein Tribulus Pro is actively used in sports practice. Athletes' reviews contain recommendations for the use of the product for building muscle mass.

  • MyProtein Creatine. Myprotein creatine. Reviews

This is a food supplement for athletes who are engaged in power sports. The action of the product is based on the work of the phosphate group of substances.

Muscle growth is possible at a sufficient level in the body of creatine. MyProtein Creatine is able to provide cells of the body with energy, especially after active physical exertion.

Also this product accelerates the synthesis of proteins, which also contributes to the increase of muscle mass.

Produced in the form of tablets, capsules, powders. It is applied on a single portion dose once a day. Milk, juice or water can be used to prepare the mixture. For a day you need to drink an additional three liters of water.

The positive practice of using MyProtein Creatine is known. The reviews mark a significant increase in muscle mass.


Sports nutrition stores offer a wide range of food additives. Among them is MyProtein. Reviews of this product reflect different aspects of its application. Here are some of these statements.

Some users mark an acceptable price, in addition, there are no claims for quality. Others have noticed that training in the gym against the background of using a protein cocktail have become much more effective. Endurance for training increases several times, along the accelerated metabolism, which gives an increase in muscle.

Also, users note that the visible effect comes after two weeks of using the product: the fat disappears, the cubes and biceps are seen.

This is only part of the statements about the use of MyProtein. Reviews, as we see, only the best.